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  • Lake Forest College Essay

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    Lake Forest University, an integrated community, consisting of various races was later renamed Lake Forest College. Founded in 1857, this liberal arts college was established by Presbyterian ministers and leaders who were also involved in the designs of most of the campus buildings standing today. Campus buildings such as the Deerpath Hall, a residence hall, and the still in process Lillard Science Center are what contribute to the representation of this private institution. The Deerpath Hall was

  • Interest Group Research Paper

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    Sherry Sharrifian GOVT 2305 09 April 2017 My Interest Group Our constitution and strong independent judiciary have given us the freedom and power to argue on certain matters and raise the voice towards it. I, as a college student, is disturbed by the expensive cost of attending colleges. So, to raise voice against it, I am going to create an Interest group called National Organization of Collegiate American Students Needing Help. As the name suggests, we will use less or no cash, hence will use the

  • Campus Size And Its Impact On Student 's Education

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    especially those who are preparing for college, don’t fully understand the differences between and public and private university. They don’t realize that they are quite some similarities between the two, but also have different characteristics that distinguish them apart. Public universities, like ASU, are known for having a higher acceptance rate, but could not always be good since they’re not precise on what students they accept. Private university Lake Forest College, who has higher academic requirements

  • Save The Trees: Deforestation.

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    extinction of so many species throughout the world. To understand deforestation though, one must know exactly what it is first. Therefore, deforestation is defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica Online as "The cutting down and clearing of trees from forests, usually causing ecological harm. The process has occurred as long as wood has been used as an energy source." Furthermore, "In the 1990's, the deforestation of tropical rainforests threatened to increase Earth's

  • The Road Towards The School

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    As you ride the PACE bus for the first time to get to Oakton Community College, you start to think that the bus driver has probably lost his mind and entered a random forest preserve, but as you keep wondering, you see from far away, a building that seems to get closer and closer. That is when it hits you and realize you are the one going crazy and you are thirty seconds away from arriving at your destination. The road towards the school is beautiful during the summer. As you enter, you see green

  • Study On Socio Ecological Resources Of The Place Of My Residence

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    Personalities, Monuments, & Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Libraries etc. 4. Geography- roads, rivers, canals. 5. Natural and community resources, (flora, fauna, parks, ponds/lakes, community forest etc). 6. Demography: Race, Religion, Caste, Education, Income etc. 7. Traditional/community/local knowledge (traditional medicine, folksong, food, crafts, festivals, events/ fairs etc. 8. Local economy. Introduction:- I stay in Salt lake which has a historical importance as it

  • College Essay About Sacrifice

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    I stand with our torches lit at the shorefront of Buck Lake Conservation camp watching as the wide-eyed campers we have been tutoring for the past week timidly walk forward. The canoes sitting in the lake water roll in like fog and the junior counselors within them disembark with their torches marching to the beat of the drums and light the wooden pyre in front of the campers. This ceremony signifies the ending of a typical week at Buck Lake Conservation camp in Hardwick, Vermont during which middle-school

  • Reflection Paper

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    Central Lakes College, and more specifically to Kent Montgomery, by the S.W.C.D. (the Soil Water Conservation District). In this project / grant I worked with Kevin Gohman and we were asked to go to a set list of lakes in Crow Wing County, and one river in Aitkin county, to take samples of the water and to record data from the lake including: Phosphorus levels, conductivity, temperature, and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. We were also asked to record the clarity of the lake using a

  • An Analysis Of James A. Reed

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    businessman during the weeks and a wildlife admirer on the weekends. Reed was born in 1861 on a little farm in Richland County, Ohio. He always enjoyed the outdoors as a child and grew up hunting to provide for his family. Later on in life he attended Coe College where he became a lawyer and moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1887. Ten years later he served as a city councilor of Kansas City for a year; and then served as a prosecutor of Jackson County for two years after that. His popularity grew substantially

  • My Local History Project On Dowagiac

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    County, and Sister Lakes. The price was free admission, and I got lost in history for well over an hour. I learned a great deal about the geography, the original settlers, economic factors, religion, ethnicity, and other interesting facts. I did conduct additional information online research along with the information I received from Dowagiac History Museum. GEOGRAPHY Like most rural areas in Michigan, agriculture industry had a major impact on Cass County and the Sister Lakes region. Cass County