Lassa fever

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  • Lassa Fever: An Old World Arenavirus Essay

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    Lassa Fever: An Old World Arenavirus ABSTRACT A brief summary of lassa fever, its history, pathology and effects on the indigenous populations. Also, lassa fever in the context of newly emerging diseases. LASSA FEVER      On January 12, 1969, a missionary nun, working in the small town of Lassa, Nigeria, began complaining of a backache. Thinking she had merely pulled a muscle, she ignored the pain and went on about her business. After a week, however, the nurse had a

  • Fallen Societies of Germany, China, Sierra Leone, and the Fictional Society of Ember

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    Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a “perfect” society? Truth is, there are no “perfect” societies due to the many reasons that lead them to fall. So why do societies fall? Many great societies have fallen due to corrupt leaders, scarcity in necessary resources, and sickness. Germany, China, Sierra Leone, and the fictional society of Ember, are all examples of how once great societies fall. All of these societies fell due to corrupt leaders, resource scarcity, and sickness.

  • A Brief Note On Lujo Hemorrhagic Fever

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    Lujo Hemorrhagic Fever is caused by a bi-segmented negative RNA virus that is one of the several viruses known to cause viral hemorrhagic fever. The Lujo virus is part of the Arenaviridae family, that consist of several viruses categorized into two primary groups. The Lujo virus is categorized in the “Old World” group, which signifies that the virus in question was discovered in the Eastern Hemisphere, specifically in Africa. The majority of the arenaviruses that are categorized in the “Old World”

  • Guide To Madagascar

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    Medical Assistants Travel Guide to Madagascar Officially known as the Republic Of Madagascar, this island is the fourth largest island in the world being referred to by some travelers as the “sixth continent”. The island is located in the southern hemisphere, three hundred miles off of the lower east coast of Africa. This country experiences only two seasons consisting of a hot and rainy season and a cool and dry season. The hot and rainy season runs from November through April and the cool

  • Analysis Of Pulmonology Case Study And Plan Of Care

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    course of the last couple of days. Chief Complaint (CC) B.C. complains of an acute, non-productive cough lasting for two weeks that occurs mainly at night requiring her to sit up in order to ease her breathing. Also, she reports having a low grade fever for two days that has reached 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, she reports being short of breath (SOB) with exertion and states that her throat is sore, particularly in the morning time. B.C. reports having a decreased appetite, although she

  • Essay on Global Warming: Implications on Public Health

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    Theories of global warming surfaced in the nineties as the decade proved to be the warmest on record. Since then, nations have come together to attempt to reverse the effects, if that is at all possible. Some refused and some have made great strides in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions hoping that this will lead a reversal in the direction of the temperature pattern. Many nations have a great stake in the future of the World’s climate, as it is the dictator of our very existence. The

  • Mononucleosis Essay

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    age of ten and thirty-five, although a person at any age can get the disease. This disease found in mainly adolescents and adults seems to only occur in those who escaped the Epstein-Barr virus infection in childhood. It is also known as Glandular Fever, because it affects the lymph nodes in the neck, arm pits and groin. It can last anywhere from one to two weeks to six to eight weeks, some people suffer from mononucleosis for months at a time, but as an individual it depends on your personal recuperation

  • Diseases and Its Impact on Humans

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    CSEC BIOLOGY SUMMER RESEARCH PAPER DISEASE & ITS IMPACT ON HUMANS This research is aimed at informing the reader on different types of diseases and the impact it has on humans. Enclosed herein are details on the types, treatments, transmissions and descriptions of different diseases in the region and around the world.

  • Causes And Treatment Of Infective Endocarditis

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    Before discussing Infective Endocarditis, it’s imperative to understand where the endocardium is along with its function because endocarditis affects this area of the heart. The Endocardium is the innermost layer of heart tissue that lines the cavities and valves of the heart and is composed of loose epithelial and connective tissue. The endocardium regulates contractions of the heart and helps regulate the composition of the blood that feeds the tissues of the heart (Kenney, 2015). Infective

  • Social Factors Affecting The Mortality Burden Of Infectious Disease

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    Toronto in 1902 was a city on the cusp of transformation. It was a city marked, like many large Western cities by the high probability of death at a young age. At this time period life in large cities was characterized by many deaths due to infectious disease. According to the death records collected from the year 1902 to 1904 by the city of Toronto, 8.1% of the total population died from gastroenteritis or typhoid. For the purposes of comparison, it is important to note that the mortality burden