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  • When The Power Goes Out

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    his work office and I met his boss, Mr. Reed. I prefer to call him Mr. Boss though. It fit him not only because he was the boss, but because he always had a scowl on his face. My father had been trying to get on the friendly side of his boss for years, but I guess he was naturally grumpy because few things could turn his frown upside down. His wife died two years from a car accident and his only joy in life was his daughter, Lauren. She did not mope as Mr. Reed did because she had knew she still had

  • Being An Alcoholic - Original Writing

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    This time they decided to send me out of town to a program in Arizona. I arrived there on a Friday, however, the program wasn 't to commence until that Monday. There was no way I was going to check in and be on lockdown, knowing that I still had a weekend to play with. I checked into a hotel and prepared myself for, what I thought would turn out, a great time. I learned that things don 't always turn out as planned. I hit the town running at full speed seeking the first bar I could locate to

  • Use Of Pathos And Logos On Children

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    BOOM! Now that I have your attention, take a moment and think of all the advertisements you have seen. There are few that you actually remember in relation to the thousands you have viewed in your lifetime. The advertisements that stick with a person have a certain “wow” factor, that captivates the viewerr and remains in the back of their head. The Learn for Life Foundation produced a commercial for their Set Yourself Free campaign. This ineffective ad was used to scare the teens of Australia away

  • Werewolf Maybe: A Narrative Fiction Essay

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    ‘I’ve been feeling weird all day.’ Shawn thought while lying down on the hospital bed fully awake. Upon hearing a sound, Shawn’s head shot up. ‘Sounds like someone’s coming, wait, it sounds like more than one person. I’m counting two. Huh, that’s weird, it’s 3:30 in the morning and the nurse already went through here on her rounds half an hour ago, strange.’ Shawn mused surprised. The footsteps were coming closer to his room so Shawn closed his eyes feigning sleep. “He’s not asleep,” Said a gravely

  • Evaluation Of The Navy's Mate Launch And Recovery Equipment Specialist

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    In order to have a better understanding for my paper, you may need to have some better understanding of Navy terms. There are only a few, and I hope that they make it easier to read my paper. I know that the paper is detailed and may be considered lengthy, but I feel that the only way to truly answer the questions is to give full disclosure. • ABE- Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Launch and Recovery Equipment Specialist • LPO- Lead Petty Officer (Direct Supervisor) • LCPO- Lead Chief Petty Officer (General

  • What Is Passion And Responsibility

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    Passion vs. Responsibilities The battle between passion and responsibility has been an ongoing. It has been something that incessantly conflicts each other, but also something that could create something amazing when a balance is created between the two. Passion is where you have this strong and barely controlled emotion towards something, whereas responsibility is where you have a duty to do a particular task without fail. In comparison, passion and responsibility exhibit the relationship similarly

  • A Summary Of The Nurse Ratched By William Mcmurphy

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    The happy, easygoing nature that McMurphy carries incites immediate change in the boys’ attitude towards Nurse Ratched. His singing and laughing shocks the others to show that such behavior is not encouraged in the ward. His laughter is described as “free and loud it comes out of his wide grinning mouth and spreads in rings bigger and bigger till its lapping against the walls” (12). This juxtaposition between the Chief’s influence as compared the the Nurse’s ability to fill up the room automatically

  • The Importance Of Discontent In Shakespeare's King Lear

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    Characters are often unsatisfied with their the place they find themselves in society. Discontent is what drives them to gain ambition in their ability to radically change their situation to one that is most favorable in their perspective. These changes differ from character to character, including alterations in their moral conduct, mental capability, or in something as easy as his way of dress. The ambition to change rests deep within the character’s soul, regardless of how simple their actions

  • The Myth Of Beauty Chapter 6 Analysis

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    All humans have an imagination. Frye speaks upon how those who read literature and analyze it has a well-educated imagination. However, those who are left, do not have an imagination or it is easily influenced. In Chapter 6, Frye says “ Advertising is one example, though an obvious one, of the deliberate creation of an illusion in the middle of real life.” (85) Frye interprets advertising as an illusion in life that a purpose. This connects to the beauty industry, specifically cosmetics displays

  • It Bears No Doubt That Coates Isn 't Not So Much With The Point ( S )

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    It bears no doubt that Coates builds quite a cumulative, comprehensive and legible claim, as to the reparations due to the minority community that befell a multitude of misery at the hands of white folk. However, the problem that I wish to bring to light, lies not so much with the point(s) brought forth, but rather with the issue of the practicality and feasibility of the implementation of reparations. Moreover, I would also like to dwell with the future repercussions of going forth with such an