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  • Contract Law

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    offer, acceptance, and consideration will not guarantee a legally enforceable contract”. Discuss. A contract is an agreement which normally consists of an 'offer ' and an 'acceptance ' and involves the 'meeting of the minds ' or consensus between two or more parties with the intention to create a legally enforceable binding contract. Therefore in this essay, the four core elements needed for the formation of a contract such as offer, acceptance, and consideration and intention to create legal relations

  • The Law of Contract

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    Law of Contract The word "Contract" means a legally binding exchange of agreement or promises between two parties which the law can enforce. Contract law is originated from the Latin phrase know as "pacta sunt servanda" means promises has to be kept. Any kind of violation of any kind of contract is fully recognized by any law of the land and the result of such violation can be provided. In general life, almost every citizen makes contract everyday. For example, when purchasing a house, written contract

  • Contract Law

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    Business Law Assignment; Mistake in contract law, is a factual misunderstanding that may lead to a failure of a meeting of the minds. Unilateral mistake is mean that is only one party is mistaken, but the other party knows, or ought reasonably to be aware of the mistake. Contract may be void or voidable. Void is a contract that is no legal effect. While, voidable is an agreement that may be affirmed or rejected at the option of one of the party. The reason why Lord Denning took the view that these

  • Contract Law For The English Law

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    Contract Law What is a contract? There is no exact definition of a contract stated in the English law, but a contract simply occurs when two or more people comes to an agreement, under the law, to refrain or to do something having a legal relations and not just an exchange of mutual promises. In common English law, there are 3 essential points in order to create a contract, which is, the agreement, contractual intention, and consideration in both parties. Typically, an agreement can happen when

  • Contract Principles Of Contract Law Principles

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    does not know whether he is in a contract with C for these items and is trying to scrutinise if he is entitled to these items. To discover whether there is a valid contract and whether B is able to sue C for breach of any existing contract, facts of the problem must be identified, then laws that are relevant to this case must be deliberated on the basis of contract law principles. Once investigations are completed and if a contract discovered, the terms of this contract must be outlined. B will be then

  • Law 421 Contracts

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    Contracts Contracts are an important part of everyday life. They are an essential part of business. As a student of a business law class, I will discuss in this paper several aspects of contracts. This paper will give a definition of a contract and the essential elements necessary to form a valid contract. It will briefly discuss breach of contract and the difference between a material breach and a nonmaterial breach of contract. Examples of legal and equitable remedies available for breach

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    Contract Law On Monday Samantha offered to sell her oboe to Penny for £1,000. Penny replied “I will buy it if I can raise the money”. Samantha promised that she would not sell the oboe to anyone else before Saturday, and added that Penny could collect the oboe at any time before noon on Saturday. On Wednesday, Penny phoned and left a message with Samantha’s daughter, Anne, saying that she had got the money and would collect the oboe on Saturday morning about

  • M1 contract law

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    whether a valid contract was formed and who it was formed with. As Rick’s girlfriend didn’t buy the laptop and is under the age of 18 she wouldn’t be able to return the laptop as there has been no contract formed with her. However we can assume that her boyfriend is over the age of 18 and as he bought the laptop this means the contract was formed with Rick instead of Rick’s girlfriend. The type of contract that was formed with Rick was a standard form contract this is a type of a contract is a legally

  • Contract & Agency Law

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    elements of a contract. Consideration is something of value in a contract or agreement between two parties. Both parties must be providing something of value to the other party. It is an act or promise to do (or not to do) something in return for value and the value given is enforceable. All the law need is ‘valuable consideration '. For example, if Jack has offered to pay S$10 for a hammer worth S$100, that is considered valuable consideration. There are three types of consideration in law: executory

  • Elements of the Law of Contract

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    Elements of the law of contract Catharine MacMillan Richard Stone 2009 LLB 2650040 Diploma in Law 2690040 page 2 This subject guide was prepared for the University of London External System by: University of London External System Catharine MacMillan BA (Victoria) , LLB (Queen’s, Canada), LLM (Cantab), Lecturer in Law, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London and Richard Stone LLB (Soton), LLM (Hull), Barrister, Professor and Head of Law, Lincoln Law School, University of Lincoln. In