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  • R : A History And Overview

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    R: A History and Overview The idea for R was first conceived in the early 1990’s by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, two professors at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Although Ihaka had contemplated the idea of developing a programming language before meeting Gentleman. He references a book entitled The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs as one inspiration that led to R. The book was meant to teach programming to engineering students through Scheme. The book provided

  • Social And Social Data Analysis

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    Abstract—Social data analysis could be a kind of analysis during Which individuals add a social, cooperative context to form sense of knowledge Social data analysis includes 2 main constituent parts: 1) knowledge generated from social networking sites (or through social applications), and 2) refined analysis of that knowledge, in several cases requiring period (or close to real-time) knowledge analytic, measurements that perceive and suitably weigh factors like influence, reach, and contentedness

  • Personal Narrative Essay : What I Did This Summer

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    What I did this summer. That`s a good question to be honest, I did a lot of things that were considered fun for me, like shopping, hanging out with my family, hanging out with my friends, going to the beach, the water park and much more. But I will only break it down to two or three of my favorite things I did this Summer, so stick around to see what my favorite things about this Summer were. Like I said in my introduction, this paragraph will be about when I went shopping multiple times with my

  • Negative Effects Of Smartphones

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    to “a device that combines a cell phone with a handheld computer, typically offering internet access, data storage, email capability, etc.” ( the uprising of such devices has brought attention to many researchers and scholars into learning about the integration of smartphones into our lives. Researcher Ling, R lists the many functions of a smartphone and he has made it apparent that smartphones play a big role in our lives, stating that: “mobile communication is becoming a structural

  • Reflection Paper Personality

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    During this week I learned about the many personality types people have and I found out what my personality type is. There are 16 personality types total and I took two personality tests to see what my personality type is. The first test told me I had an ISFP personality type and the second test informed me that I had an INFP personality. The ISFP personality is readier for a new experience or adventure and is very imaginative. The INFP personality is always ready to help a good cause and are very

  • The Qualities Of Becoming A Successful Learner

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    “Learning is the eye of the mind” (French Proverb). Our world wouldn’t be as revolutionized as it is now without curiosity, and by trying new things from our curiosity lead us to learning, Ever since we started learning we became more and more invincible the more we learned the stronger we become as human beings. Now we live in a society where we learn essential skill that are crucial for our future, but what we don’t learn is learning how to learn. The three traits for becoming a successful learner

  • The Effects of Homework on Education

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    2013; Dejka, 2014). While research has been conducted, there is never one concise choice that everyone can agree with. That is why the topic of homework is of such high debate. The idea of homework, though, gives us the opportunity to expand our learning and preparing us for what lies ahead. Background When thinking of homework, we think of the standard definition, “schoolwork that student is required to do at home.” Homework being bad is associated in every student’s mind. Our thinking involves

  • `` Kitchen Controversial `` By Rebecca Traister And The Great Forgetting By Nicholas Carr

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    in the same, both about the importance of learning to be less dependent on something or someone, as well as other subjects. In “Kitchen Controversial,” Traister, an American author and feminist, argued the importance of adolescents taking home

  • Literature Review : Student Beliefs And Disengagement In The Classroom

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    After reviewing the literature, there were seven categories: Student beliefs/willingness, engagement, disengagement, warning signals/signs, motivation, ways teachers can improve motivation, intervention. These themes will be discussed in the order they are listed. Student beliefs/willingness Students are considered to be engaged in class when they are involved in their work, continue trying when challenges arise, and take joy when accomplishing the task at hand (Bomia, Beluzy, Demester, Elander,

  • The Pros And Cons Of Overuse Technology

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    There’s something out there that’s slowly degrading our brains, can you guess what it is? That’s right it’s our lovely and helpful friend technology. A friend we tend to use more often than we should. Technology is a tool that should be used with adequacy and not taken for granted. Unfortunately we overuse it without even thinking about the degrading effect it's having on the way we learn. Overuse is using something past the extent it was intended for and that’s exactly what we’re doing with technology