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  • Aladdin The Musical Reflection

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    The theater was largely attended by children and toddlers. To my surprise, I noticed that there were a decent number of adults attending the show too. I was not sure if they were dragged into the show by their own children or that they came to watch the performance willingly. Unfortunately, I was dragged into the theater to watch Aladdin the Musical with my younger siblings during a family outing in Disneyland. I tried my best to spot other adolescents in the theater. However, it felt like I was

  • The Dreamland Battle : Miss Saigon, Representation And Opportunity

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    productions moved from West End to Broadway, creating numerous casting opportunities for Asian-American actors in New York, where Asian productions are rarely produced. The last Asian Broadway production, Allegiance, ended its run February 2016, starring Lea Salonga, the first Asian actor to win a Tony Award for her groundbreaking performance as Kim in Miss Saigon in 1991 — twenty-six years ago. Not until 2015 had Ruthie Ann Miles won a Tony for The King and I and

  • Aladdin Analysis

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    For our Youth The late comedian Ralphie May once satirically portrayed a Muslim as “the new boogie man,” and that “… One of them stinky, unibrow S.O.B. will show up right behind you with a big a** turbine, beard, genie bottle in one hand, magic carpet in the other, dynamite belt, last thing you’ll smell is couscous, camel hump, and diesel fuel, Boom! Then he blows you up,” (I reiterate, this was 100% satirical, and his morals did parallel with that of a progressive) during a stand-up bit where deconstructing

  • Aladdin Analysis

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    “Aladdin” is a cultural production about a young man, Aladdin, who endures the malicious vizier, Jafar, while attempting to win the heart of Princess Jasmine. Consequently, I will discuss the orientalist portrayal, the source of knowledge, and the effects of American exceptionalism in “Aladdin”. This is done by reviewing the symbols in the film that represent the Middle East, which are depicted through Disney’s lens of intermingling of Arab and American values creating a postcolonial interpretation

  • Disney : The Negative Aspects Of Disney

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    There are many things that define American popular culture. Whether that be Disney, Batman, etc. When thinking of American culture many people tend to focus on the negative aspects such as the racism, sexism, and homophobia we must face each day. This has caused many companies that define America to make an effort to represent themselves and our culture differently. What children are exposed to at a young age help mold their character and beliefs as they grow. Therefore, corporations such as Disney

  • Gender Stereotypes Of The Twentieth Century Entertainment Media

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    Gender stereotypes In the last few decades the daily lives of Americans is revolving around about what the entertainment media has displayed for them. Society has been influenced by the media with movies, advertisements and news that are constantly bombarding us. Entertainment media has given Americans a taste of the films that display a traditional housewife woman and heroic male figures. However, today’s media has offered a new perspective on how a woman or man can act. These stereotypes have been

  • Aladdin Is A Fairytale Of A Scrappy Thief

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    Aladdin is a fairytale of a scrappy thief who gets into harmless hijinks with his best friend and monkey Abu in the fictional city of Agrabrah. The whole point of Aladdin’s narrative is that he, unlike everyone else in Agrabrah, has great potential. Aladdin is worthy enough to enter a cave so magical it is named the Cave of Wonders. Aladdin, as the audience is told, is better than the local merchants selling food tin order to support their families. He is better than the guards, who were hired by

  • World War Between England And France

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    Throughout the course of human history there are countless manifestations of conflicts that prolonged decades, let alone centuries. When one first hears of drawn out European conflicts the foremost one that comes to mind is the Hundred Years War between England and France. However, the Reconquista, or the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula (modern day Spain) fought between Christians and Muslims, was considerably lengthier, spanning 770 years from 722 at the battle of Covadonga and ultimately

  • Compare And Contrast Aztec And Aztecs

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    Sadaf Ebadi HUM2210 Humanities Professor: Wilson Kaiser October 16, 2017 THE AZTEC AND INCA EMPIRES 1300-1550 THE AZTEC AND INCA EMPIRES 1300-1550 During that time as previous, pre-European civilizations in the Americas, the Aztec and Inca empires were separate and distinct civilizations. Both civilizations were without question very advanced and had their own complex but very well-organized society. Polytheism (who beliefs in multiple gods) dominated both empires. They worshiped idols

  • No Tiene Un Gran Significado

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    Penedés, Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Rías Baixas, Navarra, Priorato, Toro, y Rueda. Para algunas personas esta lista de regiones españolas no tiene un gran significado. Sin embargo, estas regiones son muy importantes para España debido a que todas tienen un papel importante en cuanto a la producción de sus vinos y la calidad de ellos. El vino, ya sea vino tinto o blanco (mayormente se toma tinto), fue y es todavía hoy en día uno de los productos más importantes para España. El vino ha existido por