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  • Reflection Essay : Respect For Race And Diversity

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    for Race and Diversity Respect for me is about showing true due regard for someone’s feelings, emotions and rights. Respect is a key attribute that I have gained over the last decade of my life both in and around education. Whilst studying Law at Leeds Beckett University I was set various group tasks, one of the first activities set was a group presentation. The group consisted of 5 people and one of which did not understand nor speak very good English. After a couple of days’ worth of preparation

  • Global Warming And The United Arab Emirates

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    Designing for a sustainable future is no longer a choice but a necessity. The Gulf waters pose an ecological concern due to extensive offshore drilling, as well as the massive oil tanker and merchant shipping traffic, which constitute the life of the region. As development propels population growth along its shore and recreational tourism increases, the ecological well-being of the inter-tidal zones and their sea life need to be safeguarded. Global warming and the predicted rise in water levels will

  • Essay on Ghost Story of the New Jersey Devil

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    legend that is told to citizens of New Jersey; it is mainly told to elementary school aged children. There are a variety of settings that the story has; however, the most common location that is used when retelling the tale is Leeds Point, NJ, which is in the Pine Barrens region of the state. This tale of the Jersey Devil recounts the existence of a supernatural creature that is said to have terrorized the New Jersey Pine Barrens and surrounding areas for the last 260 years. The teller of this version

  • Market Analysis : A Fund Manager For A £ 500m Uk Balanced Property

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    property fund who’s direct property splits currently reflects market weighting with an average lot size of £20m. I have been asked to add an additional £50m to industrial property in London and/or office property in the Northern English provincial cities. I am required to outline and explore the factors that ought to be considered in the decision to purchase properties, the preferred sector for investment and the risks involved both from a fund and an individual property point of view. Firstly I will

  • Urban Sustainability And Its Impact On The Environment

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    important topic that needs to be addressed and focused on so that cities and communities all over the world can change and reduce their harmful impact on the environment. In order to do so, communities must develop sustainably by focusing on how to manage resources in a way that guarantees welfare and promotes equity of current and future generations (Elmqvist, 2013). The impact of urbanization is only going to increase, so cities around the world need to find the means to do it in the most environmentally

  • Marriott : An American Diversified Hospitality Company

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    Marriott is recognized as an American diversified hospitality company. According to Marriott website’s, it was founded by J. Willard Marriott and his wife Alice Marriott. Around the world, Marriott has more than 4,400 properties in 87 countries and territories. Internationally, Marriott operates 19 brands such as The Ritz Carlton, JW Marriott, Delta Hotels and Resorts, Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts etc. In 1957 John and Alice Marriot opened their first hotel in Arlington, Virginia. In 1993, Marriott

  • Torre Titanium La Portada

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    Located in Santiago, Chile, the Torre Titanium La Portada is the tallest fully completed building in the city. Soaring well above its surroundings, the building possesses breathtaking views of the nearby Andes Mountains as well as the city that it dwarves. Not only is the shear height a feat that proclaims this building the greatest high rise structure of the last 50 years, but many other aspects of the building must be taken into account. To adequately measure the greatness, one must begin by looking

  • International Energy And Solar Energy

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    sustainable resource management. Such factors have also contributed to uncertain investment in sustainable energy sources in the City, such as wind and solar power. This paper discusses the approaches scientists take to encourage investment in wind and solar energy and promote the management of sustainable resources. First, the energy demands of the composite parts of the City must be calculated, different technologies assessed for their suitability and the energy potential of London be determined. A

  • The Jersey Devil : The Tale Of The Devil

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    Deborah Leeds who lived wither husband, Daniel, in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Mrs. Leeds was the mother of twelve children. “Daniel was a good provider for his family but was often absent and not very helpful when it came to the responsibilities of taking care of the children” (McCloy, Miller). Mrs. Leeds was having her thirteenth child. Having that many children to look after was, as I could only imagine, very difficult. While giving birth, in a moment of weakness, Mrs. Leeds said, “I

  • Cost Reduction And Revenue Growth

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    a common set of terms of employment and determine redundancy packages which overall will create staff morale issues. Monarch’s Luton headquarters will be shut down, and all administrational functions will be transferred to Jet2’s headquarters in Leeds. Staff training costs will increase significantly as Jet2(b) will look to Jet2-ify Monarch or new staff under Jet2’s existing successful “Take Me There” training programme. According to Amiot et al, employees who are actively involved during times