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  • The Legal Implications Of Euthanasia

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    person asks her friend to assist her to be euthanized. This case study will focus on the legal implications as well as the ethical principles for both the patient and friend who may accompany her friend to Switzerland at Dignitas to be euthanatized. It will also explore the arguments in favour and against euthanasia and the course of action. To be more precise the patient will be referred as Mary. Legal Implications The current Australian law prohibits euthanasia and it is illegal to assist anyone with

  • Legal And Ethical Implications

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    1.2: Regulatory, legal and ethical implications on recruitment and selection The job description and personal specifications are the part of job advertising, which is the step of recruitment process. However, recruitment and selection process includes many more steps, continue even after the selection of a candidate. The proper documentation is needed to be maintained as directed by the data protection act at every step of recruitment and selection process. In addition to this there are some other

  • The Legal Implications Of Surrogacy

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    women sign surrogacy contracts that legally bind them to be implanted with another woman’s egg, grow the baby, give birth to the child, and then hand over the baby and all her rights to the biological parents (Sandel, p.91). Even with surrogacy being legal, there is much debate about the ethical ramifications it brings to society. All three sources believe that surrogacy acts as “wombs for rent” for the wealthy families of the western hemisphere (Warner, p.2, Gentleman, p.2). Sandel argues the ethicality

  • Job Analysis and Legal Implications

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    Job Analysis & Legal Implications A job analysis is a process to identify, to determine in detail, the particular job duties and the relative importance of the duties for a given job (Job Analysis: Overview, 1999). Judgments are made in the process about the data collected on a job. The purpose is to establish 'job relatedness' of the employment procedures. This would include training, selection, compensation, and performance appraisal. The job analysis is used to develop training needs, compensation

  • The Legal Implications of Nursing Shortage

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    The Legal Implications of the Nursing Shortage The global healthcare industry is facing a wide array of pressing challenges at present, many of which can carry grave consequences for the quality and accessibility of medical treatment in the immediate future. The high cost of healthcare, the large proportion of individuals who are currently uninsured and the great variance of health outcomes across different facilities in the field are all conditions that carry significant repercussions if left

  • Legal Implications Of In Nursing Essay

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    Legal Implications of Understaffing in Nursing Noa Schwartz Hunter College Abstract A shortage of nursing staff in a healthcare center is a great burden for all involved. For the nurse, it is overwhelming and even potentially dangerous to take on the grand responsibility of many patients to care for. For the patients, the burden lies in getting the care they deserve. For the hospital it is the burden of staying afloat financially and utilizing resources to the fullest. This tug-of-war

  • Moral And Legal Implications Of Abortion

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    Moral and Legal Implications of Abortion What would a child choose if given a voice in the womb, abortion or a chance at life? With ceaseless controversy over abortion, it is crucial to take into account both the moral and legal implications. A unborn child’s personhood has a considerable effect on the views of the morality of abortion. Legally, it is critical to consider parental rights and regulations placed on abortion. This contentious debate has been involved in the United State’s

  • The Legal And Social Implications Of Prostitution

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    The legal and social implications of prostitution have been a topic of much concern over the past few decades. Although the issue has been heavily debated, a proper answer to its legalization or criminalization has not yet been defined in many countries throughout the world. While some view that “sex work” is a justifiable occupation that should be protected under human rights, others argue that it’s legalization would do more harm than good. According to the Health and Human Rights Journal (2014)

  • Legal Issues and Its Implications in Fdi

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    Abstract This paper examines and discusses how major legal factor directly relate to foreign investment; Board of Investment Regulations and its role affect ownership and operation of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Thailand. This paper also provides brief background of Thailand and comprehensive information on the above legal concerns. Furthermore, it illustrates how the outcome of these regulations is in favor of FDI and; therefore, attract foreign investors to invest in Thailand. Introduction

  • Legal Implications Of Medical Malpractice

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    Legal ramifications can also be an outcome of medical errors that can occur due to healthcare workers working long shifts and being fatigued. Medical malpractice claims have been increasing and the reason cited in the claims were “medical errors that was precipitated by physician and nurse fatigue (MEDSURG Nursing, 2005). Additional studies suggest that a medical provider that averaged 5 hours or less of sleep are more likely to have a serious medical error that could result in he or she being