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  • Legal Services And The Legal Profession

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    The Legal Services Board was created under the Legal Services Act 2007 to promote particular principles within the legal profession, one of these being to ‘encourage an independent, strong, diverse and effective legal profession’. An important aspect of this is the idea of a ‘diverse’ profession; is this really an issue which can be resolved within the profession, or does the encouragement of diversity have to begin right at the start of a person’s legal education? In this essay I will discuss different

  • The Legal Profession And Legal Education

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    and/or challenges facing lawyers and the legal profession in regard to access to justice for all Australians. The essay will look at how the profession and legal education should respond to these challenges. In society today many industries are facing challenges and problems, including lawyers and the legal profession. The legal profession, in general, is now finding itself having to adapt to changes at a faster rate at any time in its history. The profession faces many challenges such as adapting

  • Personal Marketing Plan For A Business

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    Personal Marketing Plan Name Institution Instructor Date Executive Summary This research undertaking focuses on development of a personal marketing plan for a potential job applicant in a modern organization. Its core indulgence revolves around the overall desire to guarantee positive outcomes in instances where individual intend to secure a job placement in a corporate entity. The introductory segment looks at the situation

  • Legal Advice For A Solicitor

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    A solicitor may give legal advice when it comes to buying a house or renting a flat etc. they also deal with divorce, probate, marriage etc. they also give legal advice based around these areas. A solicitor may even represent their client in court to maximise their chance of being declared as innocent. A solicitor is also responsible for calling in any paper work to help with any case. Solicitors also help deal with any accident that may occur. The Law Society sets down rules and regulations about

  • Code of Ethics in Law Enforcement

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    PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT OF PEACE OFFICERS MODEL POLICY MN STAT 626.8457 I. “POLICY It is the policy of the __________________________________________________ (law enforcement agency) to investigate circumstances that suggest an officer has engaged in unbecoming conduct, and impose disciplinary action when appropriate. II. PROCEDURE This policy applies to all officers of this agency engaged in official duties whether within or outside of the territorial jurisdiction of this

  • The Legal Profession Of A Lawyer

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    wide variety of legal matters for the company. I was happy when I heard this because coincidencedently I also hope to pursue a career in corporate law. However prior to being an in-house counsel he practiced law at a private firm for several years. Because of this he has a fairly large view of the legal field, and thus understands the pros and cons of many aspects of the legal profession. Initially I began the interview with some basic questions that anyone in the legal profession would be able

  • Legal Drnc

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    Legal Memo: Scenario #6 CRJ 550 Legal Issues in Criminal Justice Administration Catherine Scott Saint Leo University Abstract The following memo describes the events that have taken place in Saint Leo Police Department as it relates to the Sheriff’s findings in Officer Narcissus office computer. It will contain a summary of the Sheriff’s and Officer Narcissus’ actions, as well as their reactions to the other’s stance. As the special assistant to the Sheriff, the author of this compilation

  • Observation Of A Courtroom

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    because the defendants waived the right to an attorney on some cases. The judge, prosecutors, and defense attorneys all have detailed qualifications. The most noted qualification is the actors must have completed law school. They must be educated in Legal ethnics to even take the bar to get out of law school. After completing law school, the actors can become attorneys or prosecutors. To become a state judge, one must be appointed to that position by the merit system. And to become a federal judge an

  • Michigan Insurance Company

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    Why is this worker’s compensation insurance option right for you? The Michigan Assisted Living Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund is the only state authorized self-insured fund that was created exclusively for our profession. It sets itself apart from other worker’s compensation sources in the following ways: • Its Board of Trustees is comprised of experienced providers; • Excellent customer service; • Sophisticated claims management; • Highly competitive rates; • Potential for dividend payments;

  • The Importance Of Being A Prosecutor Is An Important Responsibility

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    Being a prosecutor is an extremely important responsibility. Prosecutors are supposed to be the moral compass in the judicial process because they are the ones who decide whether or not a person deserves to be charged with a crime and how much they should be charged. While it is a good thing to demand justice it isn’t right to take advantage of one’s position. There are responsibilities that need to be carried out. The Orange County office had been allegedly involved in years of misconduct