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  • Leonard Bernstein As A Renaissance Man Of Music

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    Leonard Bernstein was a Renaissance man of music: he “[conducted], [recorded], [played] piano . . . and [composed] several first-rate Broadway musicals that produced a number of pop hits” (Peyser 32). Through his achievements and works from varying aspects of the music field, Bernstein, the American musician, not only demonstrated that genius had no limits, but also fundamentally altered the future of musicals, conducting, and classical music. Bernstein composed the music for the musical West Side

  • The Man Called Leonard Bernstein

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    Leonard Bernstein was born in Massachusetts to Ukrainian Jewish parents in 1918 and was commissioned to write a Catholic mass. Political and religious unrest was rife in the life of Leonard Bernstein during the 1960s and 1970s while he worked on his composition entitled Mass: A Theater Piece for Singers, Players, and Dancers (later shortened to Mass). Mass was commissioned by Jacqueline Kennedy in 1966 to celebrate the opening of the Opera House at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Mass was

  • West Side Story Analysis

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    training films and programs for the Army. Leonard Bernstein was the composer for ‘West Side Story.’ Leonard Bernstein is most famous for helping compose the score for West Side Story. He learned to play piano when he was only 10. Dmitri Mitropoulos, a conductor for the Boston Symphony, was Leonard's mentor for a week. Afterwards, he had a love for music, and wanted to center his life around it. Serge Koussevitzky was also his mentor, and a father figure to Leonard. He first met Serge, when he was one

  • Essay on Leonard Bernstien: A Legendary Composer

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    Leonard Bernstein is seen as one of the greatest composers in America. Bernstein composed great music, conducted great music, and also preformed great music as a pianist. Bernstein is probably most known for his film score in the production West Side Story. According to The New York Times, he was "one of the most prodigiously talented and successful musicians in American history.” Being born and educated in the United States, Bernstein was the first American to obtain worldwide acclaim. He is also

  • Analysis Of Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story

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    Leonard Bernstein worked with Arthur Laurents, Jerome Robbins, and Stephen Sondheim to produce the 1957 Broadway musical West Side Story, a Romeo and Juliet-like love story between Polish American Tony and Puerto Rican Maria in New York’s West Side (Peyser 261; Fishko). Bernstein composed the music for the production. Each artist was renowned and therefore understood that their unique, artistic approaches were successful, essentially ensuring that there would be disagreements in the creation of the

  • Power and Influence

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    have to be somewhat separated. STAMBERG: Marin Alsop, your mentor was the great Leonard Bernstein. You went to one of his Young People's Concerts when you were 10 years old and then you had the chance to work with him at Tanglewood. What did you learn from him about establishing power, authority, as a conductor? Ms. ALSOP: Well, listen, you know, that was the most fascinating relationship to watch, Bernstein with any orchestra. It didn't matter if

  • West Side Story The Musical Essay

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    1949. He began discussions with librettist Arthur Laurents and composer Leonard Bernstein of a musical called East Side Story, with a plot concentrating on a Catholic girl and a Jewish boy. Other projects forced the work aside for six years, and when they returned to it, times had changed. Their idea became West Side Story, (another early title was Gangway!) and the Montague-Capulet

  • Baltimore Symphony Orchestr The Only Major American Orchestra

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    Baltimore Symphony Orchestra: Founded in 1916, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is the only major American orchestra originally established as a branch of the municipal government. It was later reorganized as a private institution in 1942. The orchestra’s primary venue is the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, with the Music Center at Strathmore in Bethesda as a secondary; making it the nation’s first orchestra with year-round venues in two metropolitan areas. The ensemble performs more than 130 concerts

  • The Concert Hall, Raleigh, Concert, By Paul Randall And Composed By Bill Evans

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    The concert took place on November 4, 2016 in Meymandi Concert Hall, Raleigh. In concert, I had enjoyed a lot. Especially the Saxophone and a piano subsequently switched the tune of the tune as if they were dancing like two lovers. As the saxophone took the airs as well as the piano and other instruments within the ensemble were in accompaniment for the love of the tune the texture altered within the tune. The tempo, which was always steady appeared to get quicker like a pulse by the climax of the

  • Candide Analysis

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    Through music and interpretation, Bernstein's Candide offered a range of entertainment. From the happiness to the sadness this rollercoaster of a plot gave the viewer a performance to be remembered. How Bernstein's uses his costumes and props helps the development of the characterization in Bernstein's Candide. Since the costumes did not follow any time period, each one of them was created to fit each character's personality or attributes. As a result of this Candide’s costume of lederhosen