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  • Persuasive Speech On Leptin Food

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    Secret Leptin Foods You Should Eat and How to Do It: The Best Recipes What do you know about leptin? Would it surprise you to know there’s a whole diet inspired by this one tiny hormone? Yeah, me either! There’s a diet for everything. Listen, I know that when you want to lose weight, you’ll try anything. Eventually, you might get around to trying pretty unhealthy things (cookie diet, anyone?). Even though I (mostly) stick to one diet that’s right for me, I’m not stopping. After all, I know a lot

  • Serum Leptin Levels and Body Weight

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    Because serum leptin levels were positively correlated with body weight, BMI and fat mass, we can reason that higher serum leptin levels are associated with an increased biochemical desire to consume food. Although leptin levels were positively correlated with wrist width, one can reason that this is a result of the adolescents flesh being more abundant, and not the bone size itself. There are many factors that contributed to the hunger levels, weights and bone sizes of the swimmers and their classmates

  • The Effects Of Leptin On The Metabolic Function Of Mammals

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    Leptin is a hormone that mainly regulates the metabolic function of mammals. It is produced by adipocytes and was first discovered by Zhang et al.(21) in 1994. The ob/ob mouse was leptin deficient and suffered from obesity and was severely hyperphagic. But it was also noted that the ob/ob mouse suffered from HH. There is a human homologue(21) of this gene, which was discovered in children who suffered from morbid obesity. Leptin replacement in both the ob/ob mouse and these leptin-deficient patients

  • The Role Of Leptin And Its Effects On The Reproductive System Essay

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    Role of leptin in PCOS. Leptin is a hormone secreted mainly from the adipose tissue, serum levels of which are influenced by obesity, insulin resistance and the levels of sex steroids (androgens and estrogens) and insulin. It is mainly involved in the regulation of body weight by decreasing appetite and increasing energy expenditure. Besides regulating the energy metabolism of the body, leptin has important actions on the reproductive system, which makes it an important link between the adipose tissue

  • The Effects Of Leptin On Other Human Obese Gene Located On Chromosome 7q31.3 Essay

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    Leptin is a protein containing 166 amino acids and is the product of human obese gene located on chromosome 7q31.3. Leptin is produced mainly by adipose tissue. It is also synthesized in small amounts in other human tissues such as the stomach, heart, mammary epithelium , placenta, ovaries, skeletal muscle, pituitary, and liver (Muoio et al., 2002). After leptin is secreted by the adipose tissue, it enters the brain through the bloodstream. Gastric leptin may also reach hypothalamus through

  • Leptin Receptor Gene g223r Polymorphism in Young Urban Sri Lankan Women

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    Leptin receptor gene q223r polymorphism in young urban Sri Lankan women Introduction Overweight and obesity result from fat accumulation in adipose tissue which is an important fact occur in result of energy imbalance and associated with many chronic diseases. The risk of becoming overweight/obese with this fat accumulation increases across all socio-economic classes as a result of urbanization, which expose them to an obesogenic environment. A relatively high prevalence of overweight and obesity

  • Mechanisms By Which Obesity Affect Ovarian Function

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    have demonstrated that obesity leads to ovarian dysfunction through oxidative and ER stress and inflammation (26,65,66,74-78). Obesity leads to excess lipids, glucose, insulin, and leptin in variety of ovarian cells including: granulosa cells, cumulus cells, oocytes, and early embryos (ref more;(65,79,80)). Because leptin contributes to follicular growth, steroidogenesis, oocyte maturation and embryo development, hyperleptinemia seen in obese women may disrupt these processes (30,58,70,75,78,81-96)

  • Persuasive Essay On Sleep Deprivation

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    Introduction: Sleep is as essential to the human body as food and water, but sometimes sleep quality and quantity is inadequate and this is known as sleep deprivation (SD). Sleep deprived people are sleepy and fatigued making them prone to accidents, impairing their judgement and they are more likely to make mistakes and bad decisions. Not sleeping for 24 hours reduces hand-to-eye coordination, which can be compared to having a blood alcohol content of 0.1 and contributes to road accidents and work

  • The Baseline Study Of The Elderly Study Sample Essay

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    Biochemical features     Total-to-HDL cholesterol ratio (mg/dl) 4.54 ± 1.51     Leptin (ng/ml) 12.8 (7.0, 22,7)     Log-Leptin 2.51 ± 0.81 The Clinical Correlation of Leptin and its Relation to the Antecedent BMI Leptin was found to strongly correlate to the BMI at the index of examination where it was found that r = 0.67, P < 0.0001. In the case of multivariable analyses testing the clinical correlates of the log-Leptin, BMI with a partial R2 = 0.26 and sex with a partial R2 = 0.28 were found to be

  • The Alarmingly Increasing Rates of Obesity in the United States

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    results they desire. This lack of self-efficacy combined with the innate tendency humans have to be defensive when they feel they are being attacked is why I have developed a new weight loss drug, PILLARS, an acronym which stands for, “Pill to Increase Leptin Levels And Receptor Sensitivity.” This pill is to be taken once per day in the morning before an individual ingests any calories. This product targets those who are overweight or obese who wish to lose weight in a safe and effective way, without