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  • Pacifism In The Dutchman, By Leroi Jones

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    LeRoi Jones is an African-American writer of poetry, drama, fiction, essays and music criticism, born in Newark, New Jersey, on October 7th, 1934. He developed an interest in poetry and jazz in high school and attended Howard University earning an English Degree. His parents were working class, elevator lift operator and social worker. In 1954, Jones joined the U.S Air Force for three years before being dishonorably discharged. After his military service, Jones founded Totem Press, which published

  • Blues People By Leroi Jones

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    In his seminal book, Blues People, Leroi Jones (AKA Amiri Baraka) indicated that at any given time in history you can tell exactly what’s going on in the African American community by listening to their music. This observation was written back 1963 when Black music was still subject to the musicians who drew their much of their inspiration from their life experiences, creating soul-stirring music that connected their listeners on various levels. On a visceral level, music served as a form of primal

  • Animal Farm Journal Entry Analysis

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    of a raven from the days of old and his quest to lead his animal brethren to the religious truth unfolded before the pig’s eyes- the story of Moses. The following are the most significant entries from his account of life on Animal farm. Entry 1: Jones came home today grumbling about the animals and his farmhands again. At least he took the time to throw me some scraps

  • Descriptive Narrative

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    Victoria I woke up and felt sick immediately. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I know I’m pregnant, but I don’t know how to tell my husband. He always tells me about how much he doesn't want kids until we are older. I went to the appointment with my sister a week ago. She was visiting for a week and she left early this morning to go to New Jersey, so she can fly straight back to Pennsylvania. She visits us once a month and it’s always great. When I walked out of the bathroom, he was not in the

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    Everything happened so fast. The door was hardly cracked before it burst open, smacking her in the knee and sending her reeling back. Before Jen had really recovered, one man had her in an arm locked, straining painfully against her shoulder. That was enough reason to panic, but the gleam of the knife turned the terror up to eleven. And yet, even with his threat hanging in the air, she was attempted to scream, if only to give Alyssa a chance of escaping before she could be caught. But the brute who

  • Creative Writing: Fatal Walk In The Oregon Woods

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    On March 21st, 1990 Glenn Randall and Steve Smith began their fatal walk in the Oregon woods. Glenn has been working for National Geographic since he graduated from college 19 years ago. Steve, Glenn's lifelong best friend, had just recently joined his team. Their newest project is to capture pictures for this month's issue. The men has just witnessed a rare brown pelican snatch a copper rockfish out of a nearby waterfall. “Hurry Steve! Get a picture!” Glenn shouted in a panic. “Susan is going to

  • Kagome Alternate Ending

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    As Kagome sat on her bed listening to her best friends, Sango and Rin as they were going on and on about the greatest party of the year next Saturday night. "Come on Kag-chan you know you want to go to the party with us." Sango teased as Rin giggled. Kagome rolled her eyes; "I don't want to go knowing him and his friends will be there" Sango sighed and stood up. "So what it's not like they are going to be looking for us, well Bankotsu is going to be looking for his girl" She smiled evilly at Rin

  • Benjamin Dialectical Journal

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    1 The concrete stairs ascended at a harsh angle, a glistening bronze handrail aside them. At the foot of the stairs was a large, clear landing, void of all but two cracked pots of dying hydrangea and a ratty vending machine that only sold generic ginger ale. There weren't any lights in the landing, nor were there any windows. It was dark and very damp; some green and purple mosses grew in tatters from the ceiling and occasionally stretched across the dusty floor. But, from the head of the stairs

  • Descriptive Essay On The Middle School

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    The sickly sweet smell of hot summer air is so thick I can almost taste it as it enters my nose and I’m instantly transported back to a little North Carolina college town. The radio and air conditioning start to fade away as I open the car door to the sounds of birds chirping and teenagers chatting. I couldn’t tell what is sweeter the freedom of being out of the car or the ice cream threatening to come back up. I walk around the car to meet mom and she just gives me a look that I know means she can

  • Miller's Day: A Fictional Narrative

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    Bennett Miller was not calm.  He was, in fact, further from calm than he had been since he grew out of his tantrum-throwing phase as a toddler.  He tried to keep himself from letting out a sob as he furiously wiped silent tears from his cheeks.  Ben straightened his red bowtie, but wished he had chosen clothes that were less conspicuous.  He didn’t want to be noticed today.  For the first time in months, he regretted coming out of the closet. Everyone in Mr. Fischer's seventh period geometry class