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  • Justice and Love in Hugo's Les Misérables

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    people into hardened criminals because of their status. In Les Misérables, Hugo focuses on society's mistreatment of Valjean in order to show how society in nineteenth century France was defective because it took no notice of the morality of inevitable crime. By incorporating an accurate historical figure into his novel, Hugo highlights the idea that even in miserable conditions, life can be changed through perseverance and effort. In Les Misérables, Jean Valjean escapes his dark criminal past and

  • Fascism And The French Architect Le Corbusier

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    between the individual and modern society. The problem was initially analysed by Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus, whose solutions lasted at the heart of the movement along with those of the Belgian Mies van der Roe and the French architect Le Corbusier. They tried to give life to architecture, prioritising the role of functionality rather than the decorative style, detaching from both the classical and romantic views. The architectural work had to be functional, that is, to have a rational

  • Le Corbusier's Self Endorsed Edict, A State Of Mind For Conceiving Mass Production Housing

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    Moving towards the end of the passage, Le Corbusier’s final assertion in his self endorsed edict “A state of mind for conceiving mass-production housing.” Again one could argue Le Corbusier was inferring more so to a level of thought where there is no pre conceived notion of what a home or tower is, or even can be, only the task at hand and a mind to solve it. For instance, the ‘Dom-Ino’ system (Fig 4.1) he established in 1910 while touring the AEG factory you when applied rigorously and with strict

  • Lei Miserables

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    Louiemar C. Francisco BSA 2-3 “Look down, and show, some mercy if you can. Look down, look down, upon your fellow man” – lei miserables I remember this line at the start of the movie and this make me say “wow” without thinking. My favorite movies are those that there are slaves and they will rise and revenge to their masters, something like that. And with that song, I got a clue that lei miserables would be one of my favorites. Honestly I have not read the story of lei miserables that’s

  • Visual And Design, An Art Of Thought And Communication

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    Design is an art of thought directed to action that’s practiced through persuasiveness of objects and therefore design invades the lively expression of ideas that are competing about social life. One of the good chairs from Design Within Reach, Le Corbusier Style LC2 Petit Comfort Lounge Chair/Armchair, which was originally designed from the 1920’s, has been a design icon for the 80 years. This chair was especially created for an exhibition in Paris and the attention was really on the external

  • Le Corbusier's Church At Ronchamp

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    Le Corbusier was known for designing buildings and his theoretical works, which received considerable attention. His design had a strong impact on twentieth-century architecture and urbanism. Le Corbusier defined the five points (ukases) of good modernist design. His definition of the five point of architectural composition in modern architecture has been reformulated and commented by other famous modern architecture . He was considered to be the first generations of International school of architecture

  • Graphic Imagery And Designs Evolve Until Production

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    The process towards architectural construction takes on many forms, including various design stages. The graphic imagery and designs evolve until production begins. There are undoubtedly many considerations into a building’s design, which stresses their representation as even more important and influential to its potential construction. Elevation drawings and plans lay out the details of construction, they are useful to ensure the structure adheres to any local codes, however more detailed drawings

  • The World Of Architecture And Design

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    selection of Architectural Manifestos, n.d) Le Corbusier believed architecture, sculpture and painting are dependent on space, as he discussed in his manifesto ‘Ineffable Space’ in 1948. (Gargiani Roberto, Rosellini Anna 2011) Louis Kahn, on the other hand, had a different view. In 1965-69 in his writing of ‘Architecture is the thoughtful making of spaces’ Kahn suggests that meaningful form characterises space. (A selection of Architectural Manifestos n.d) Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers for modern

  • Modernism in Architecture

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    Throughout history there have been many styles of architecture such as Greek, Roman, and Gothic which were designed to be suitable and representative to their time periods. As architecture moved towards a more secular epoch and away from the romance and traditions of earlier epochs, modernism became the new style (Rohe, 246). With the rise of this new style people began to wonder how modern architecture should be designed and whether older epochs should be used as precedents. In The Artless Word:

  • Analysing Villa Savoye

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    self-taught architect Le Corbusier was one of the pioneers of what is now called Modern architecture or the International style. He is best known for his architectural projects and theoretical thought. (Liukkonen, P. 2008. Creative Commons Nimeä-Epäkaupallinen-Ei muutettuja teoksia 1.0 Suomi.) Believing that architecture is a combination of simple forms and utilitarian needs he created "a machine for living in". (MATTHEW, K. 1994. GREAT BUILDINGS COLLECTION. Artifice, Inc.) Figure 1: Le Corbusier (JSVisuals