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  • Gay Women And The Stereotypes Of Lesbians And Lesbians

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    anticipate that lesbian women appear masculine. Lesbians are stereotyped to have short hair, wear striped flannels and boyfriend jeans, and not wear makeup. Masculine-appearing women are assumed to be gay; however, there is a group of lesbian women who dress femininely. Lipstick lesbians, or LLs, are a part of the feminine lesbian community. The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community has built up recently and an abundance of stereotypes as well. Contrary to popular belief, lesbians are not

  • Disadvantages Of Lesbian Art

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    term “lesbian artists”, is to do them and their art a disservice. Lesbian artists are just as varied in their work as any other group of artists. Possibly it is just easier for people to have labels so as to easily identify what they like or dislike. It seems as though for some, it has been a selling point or marketing tool, for better or worse. According to Sadie Lee in her essay for Outlooks, “This means there exists a certain amount of tokenism where if someone were in need of a lesbian artist

  • The Socialization Of Lesbian Clients

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    One of the issues that should be addressed in treatment is the socialization that lesbian clients participate in. In treatment, it is necessary to give any client tools for recovery. These tools should include alternative activities that do not revolve around the getting and using of alcohol and drugs. This may be a difficultly task when dealing with LGBT clients especially since there are not many options for socialization besides bars, clubs, or parties. In Oklahoma there are about 333 thousand

  • Essay on Gays/Lesbians Normalization in America

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    there are trends indicating an increased normalization of the gay/lesbian lifestyle. According to Lee Condon (2001), the Census 2000 should be remembered as the first gay and lesbian census. During this census, the federal head-counters made an attempt to count gay and lesbian households for the first time. When the data was released, it showed that 1.2 million same-sex, unmarried partners had been identified. Single gays and lesbians were left out of this part of the census count, but a study commissioned

  • The Metaphorical Lesbian in Chopin’s The Awakening Essay

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    Metaphorical Lesbian in Chopin’s The Awakening In “The Metaphorical Lesbian: Edna Pontellier in The Awakening” Elizabeth LeBlanc asserts that the character Edna Pontellier is an example of what Bonnie Zimmerman calls the “metaphorical lesbian.” It’s important to distinguish between Zimmerman’s concept of the “metaphorical lesbian” and lesbianism. The “metaphorical lesbian” does not have to act on lesbian feelings or even become conscious of herself as a lesbian. Instead, the “metaphorical lesbian” creates

  • Class Society, Marriage, Affairs, Adventures, And Lesbians

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    affairs, adventures, and… lesbians? Written in 1936, this novel changed gay and lesbian fiction and feminist literature in times where being different was not accepted as readily as it is now. Djuna Barnes was a 20th century writer with 21st century notions about sexuality and society. She was a great thinker for her time and through her writing, became a type of leader to the alienated and a role model for feminists everywhere. Nightwood shows the opaqueness of lesbian relationships in high-society

  • The Lesbian Experience Of The Early And Mid Twentieth Century Essay

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    The Lesbian experience in the early and mid-twentieth century seemed to be more obscured than the queer male subcultures. For many lesbians of the early and mid-twentieth century, to live as a queer woman and to still maintain social respectability meant that lesbians often had to live in the closet. I believe that that lesbian subculture was unknown and ignored because it was impossible for women to claim their identity as a lesbian; they were frequently viewed from the outside as sick, confused

  • Life And Struggle Of Lesbians At Work, School And On Television

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    chose to study the life and struggle of Lesbians at work, school and on television. For this paper I will refer to the people that I interviewed by different names so that no one can be offended or embarrassed. The main focus of this ethnographic essay is to compare the lives on the television show the “L” word to the lesbians in real life and to focus on the feelings lesbians have as mothers. In “Gender, Genetics and Generation: Reformulating Biology in Lesbian Kinship” by Connie P. Hayden which focuses

  • Top 5 Lesbian Cougar Dating Sites Essay

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    Top 5 Lesbian Cougar Dating Sites It is easy to get a young lesbian lover if you are an older, mature woman. There are new lesbian cougar dating sites you could join and find a pretty younger woman. Alternatively, you could join these websites to find yourself a cougar for any reason: marriage, short-term dating, long-term dating or romance. We have created a list of top 5 sites for lesbians who are younger or older and want to find each other. So it won’t be so difficult to start out and enjoy

  • Living As A Lesbian, And August Jordan 's A New Politics Of Sexuality

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    The articles that stood out the most to me were Cheryl Clarke’s “Living As a Lesbian” and June Jordan’s “A New Politics of Sexuality”. These articles stood out, because while given a similar topic (lesbians) they both possessed very different, yet similar arguments. I found this interesting because it is a prime example of societies different views on controversial topics. Cheryl and June’s articles contain many differences, similarities and information to be reflected on. Cheryl’s main arguments