Lesser Sunda Islands

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  • Analysis Of In The Dark By Pico Iyer

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    conception also comes the fake reality that becomes indisputable history. “In the Dark” by, Pico Iyer, accounts the first person journey to a strange magical island where bizarre circumstances take place in the shadowy vale of night. The island in discussion is Bali, an Indonesian Island located on the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, the people are predominantly Hindu and inhabits just about 2,000 square miles. Pico Iyers literary bias leans towards the use of “travel novels” and “crossing

  • Essay About Lombok

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    INTRODUCTION Lombok and the Balinese are similar in many ways such as their religion, their neighboring islands, agriculture, and many more; additionally, their histories are already connected before the 14th century. Both their agriculture is also kind of the same, and the same goes with their unique cultural traditions. In this term paper, the main topic is about Why Lombok is much better than Bali. So many people in Indonesia and tourists from other country keep asking

  • Descriptive Essay About Oro Restaurant

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    Oro Beach Houses and Restaurant: Bungalows In A Secluded Heaven Are you an adventurer and like to travel to remote and mysterious places on earth like Sumba island in Indonesia? Located in the far south of Indonesian archipelago (400 km southeast of Bali), the island is known for its beautiful waterfalls and beaches with very few human visitors. It is also known for the unique traditions of the island's tribe (simply called Sumba tribe) like Pasola festival where some men try to win the contest

  • The World Of The Earth

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    Wave are nothing to the universe, but to us it is a monster. We have no way to escape. Our home will be destroyed just by one wave in a few second. Our family, significant one, friends, and all our joy will be buried under dirt and bricks. Things that we own will be gone, and dreams will be out of reach. Nobody will forget the year 2004; The scenery Indian Ocean Bay has become a hell to those who come for the tours, they no longer have the opportunity to return to their family. That day the earth

  • Essay on Varying Patterns of Speciation

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    Varying Patterns of Speciation Wallace’s line, located in the Malay-Archipelago, is one of the best known and most studied boundaries of zoogeography in the world. It is a transition zone between the islands of Borneo and Sulawesi and the islands of Bali and Lombork, which marks both the convergence and division of the diverse flora and fauna found in the Asian (Borneo, The Philippines, and Western Indonesia), and the Australian regions (Sulawesi, Eastern Indonesia, Australia, and New Guinea)

  • What Is The Komodo Dragon?

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    The Komodo dragon is a carnivore species that lives in Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands for millions of years. This creature can reach up to ten feet in length and more than 300 pounds. It is said that the lizards are the heaviest creatures in earth. This lizard can run up to 11 miles per hour in short burst. They are the dominant predators on the island that they inhabit and they will eat almost anything that is on their way, including carrions, deer, pigs, smaller dragons, and even large water

  • The 1815 Eruption of Mount Tambora

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    Mount Tambora, located on the Island of Sumbawa, Indonesia is classified as a Stratovolcano. Also known as a composite volcano, Tambora is a tall conical volcano (cone like structure) where layers of the walls are built by hardened lava and volcanic ash. The term composite is used to describe the volcano due to the composite layered structure built from sequential outpourings of eruptive materials1. Among the most common types of volcanoes, Tambora also shares its destructive prowess with best-known

  • Doing Business in Australia and New Zealand Compared to Indonesia

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    ralIndonesia is the largest economy in South East Asia and its growth is improving by the day, it appears to be in the top grouping of emerging markets. Many countries found Indonesia to be the country to invest in and/or being an ideal business partner and good market for their businesses / goods. However, countries from different cultures have vast differences from the Indonesian culture, where it is important to recognize that people from different cultures have are different in a variety of