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  • Memorable Vacation Essay : My Most Memorable Trip To Dubai

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    enthusiastic to go, because this would be my umpteenth time of going to Dubai. I was probably excited about shopping but little did I know I was in for a suprise. We arrived in Dubai in the early hours of the morning at around 7am local time. When we stepped out of the airport it was so humid I could hear my skin crack, typical mid-July weather in Dubai. We checked into Kempinski hotel Palm Jumeriah, Dubai. I was starving I couldn’t wait to eat so as soon as my suitcases came up, I dashed to the lobby I ran

  • State Museum Essay

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    State Museum. It smelled different and it felt different as well however, just because it was of a lower caliber, it doesn’t mean that it was a horrendous experience. It had it’s own aesthetic flare-one that I fairly enjoyed. As I paced around the lobby I could hear the floor I was stepping on make a creaking noise. It persisted throughout my entire stay at the building. After that I took some of the chocolate covered peanuts I had and eat some of them. From the outside, it smelled like cocoa. The

  • Persuasive Speech For Cheerleading

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    family! Get ready for a fun-filled year, as well as a great opportunity to represent PJH. Practices: We are planning on having practices every Tuesday and Wednesday, from 3:15-4:30. We will meet in the front lobby prior to each practice to determine where practice will be held. Attendance: All absences must be discussed with the coaches. An excused absence is considered the following: illness, doctor appointment, absence from school, and any other situation approved by the coaches. Failure to report

  • The Delegation is Here

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    we're all on the third floor." Coach Russell begun heading their up towards the guest rooms. "Students, you heard Coach Russell," Ms Loren addressed with a hint of spite saying Coach Russell. She had been with Minister Mike longer than him, yet Coach Russell took control of most situations. Coach even blocked her from the students view. This was not tolerable in her book. Ms Loren approached the stairs with vigor. Ms Loren wanted a word with him away from the others. "Giselle, Let's not delay

  • Homecoming Narrative

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    promise you, I will come back unharmed." Sighing, my mom set her hand back down to her side. "Okay, drive safe. Oh. Wait. Before I forget. I don't want to hear that my baby girl is dancing with a boy! If I find out then your father will find out. Let's just say don't let your father find out. For the boy's own sake." Smiling softly I nod. Over protective parents. They will never change. I climb into my car. Rolling down the window, I look out, and I tell my mom that I love her. Then I drive off

  • Personal Narrative Essay : A Story-A Short Story

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    called. “Jason, Seth, Anyone?” I called again, but no one replied. There I was all alone, my legs were buried in the warm sand. All I could see was waves as high as skyscrapers and the crowded hotel behind me. My heart stopped. I couldn’t help but shed a tear as I started freakishly started running around everywhere looking for my missing parents. In a country I didn’t know, all by myself. They wouldn’t leave me here all alone, I knew they wouldn’t, I just knew it. My tears started to make my vision

  • September 11th, 2001 Right?-Personal Narrative

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    “Let’s go, GET UP I’m not coming in here another time,” I said. Who knew I was going to become a single mom at the age of 29, with two boys. “I’m going, I’m going,” says Caden, he just turned 11 last month. “Hey you too Luke,” I said with a voice that just showed that my blood pressure was rising by the second. “What do you think I’m doing” says Luke a stubborn 6 year old who is now struggling to pull the tangled covers off his face. “The date is September 11th, 2001 right?” says Caden as he starts

  • Narrative Essay About Pirates

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    Little PegLeg Pirate *Flashback* “come on,” I looked at my best friend, Angela, “i do this all the time”. Unsure, she took my hand and I helped her across the old rail bridge.we were halfway across it when we heard the sound of a train coming our way. Quickly we ran as fast as we could to the other side, but it was too late. The train was only 10 feet away. I pushed Angela over the edge and tried to him myself, but my leg got stuck on the railway sleeper. I stretched myself out to limit the damage

  • Personal Narrative: A Day In Florida

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    and my family had just arrived for our week long vacation, but we were in for the biggest shock of our unified life. We had never thought that this dreadful thing could happen at such a beautiful place. First, to start off our day, we decided to go on a dolphin cruise. It was so beautiful to see the dolphins jumping up and down, and watching them swim behind the trail the boat left. It was as if they were little kids playing in the waves on the shore of the beach. Yet they were very elegant and

  • Essay About The Night

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    “Go on,” he said. So I went to my room and got some fancy dress things and came but out.“Good…you still have lots to learn, but for now, let's have some fun.” The room shifted. Months had passed and also my lessons. I've learned to dress to impress, tall and confident posture, when and how to speak and much more. I did not