Let's Go Crazy

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  • Purple Rain Analysis

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    In 1984's Purple Rain, the title track is fictionally written and arranged by the women in Prince's character's (simply known as "The Kid") nightclub band. Out of egotism, The Kid refuses to play any of their compositions. After stage flubs and personal trauma, a humbled Kid performs "Purple Rain" in dedication to his father. He moves the audience, and regains the respect of his peers. It's considered his finest moment (and a defining point in the film). Art imitates life, because if I had to name

  • Lenz V. Let's Go Crazy

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    In February 7, 2007, Stephanie Lenz posted on YouTube a twenty-nine-second clip of her young son dancing to Prince's song "Let's Go Crazy". The audio was poor quality, and the song was audible for only part of the twenty-nine second video. In June 2007, Universal, the copyright holder for "Let's Go Crazy", sent YouTube a takedown notice claiming the video was a copyright violation. YouTube removed the video and notified Lenz of the removal and the suspected infringement. In June 2007, Lenz sent YouTube

  • Free Narrative Essays: The Epilogue To Lexi's House

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    “Hmm and what’s that?” Lexi asked. “Let’s go get breakfast at the Waffle House.” “Alright let me go get my shoes.” Lexi said. Mr. and Mrs. Harris were both still asleep but they wouldn’t mind if we went and got breakfast. I grabbed Lexi’s keys and walked outside and got into the car. A few minutes later Lexi walked out and got into the passenger side of the car. She closed her door. Clicked in her seat belt and looked at me. “You ready Lex?” “Yep. Let's go get some breakfast.” She said. I put the

  • Memorable Vacation Essay : My Most Memorable Trip To Dubai

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    bustle of the city. However, that isn’t always the case. My most memorable vacation happens to be a trip to the city of Dubai in the summer of 2013. I remember packing for this trip I was so excited. I couldn’t explain why so happy and enthusiastic to go, because this would be my umpteenth time of going to Dubai. I was probably excited about shopping but little did I know I was in for a suprise. We arrived in Dubai in the early hours of the morning at around 7am local time. When we stepped out of the

  • Pokemon Go Pullover Video Games

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    Pokemon Go Pullover Video games! Video games are stress relievers for many people. They take people away from reality and into a world where they can do anything that they can not do in the real world. Video games copy the real world, and people enjoy the virtual reality where they are important and not just some nobody who does nothing but live a boring life. Video games are a virtual escape, sort of like a vacation without a worry in the world. It was the same for me too. I would always

  • State Museum Essay

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    According to the research I did on the website before coming to the State Museum of Pennsylvania, ever since it was created in 1905, this museum has both collected and preserved the history of the State of Pennsylvania.(n.d., About Section, para. 1). This peaked my interest on the museum so on Sunday morning my Dad gave me a ride to the State Museum of Pennsylvania. The weather conditions were particularly colder than usual. It felt like ice cubes were rubbing on my skin. I saw a couple of people

  • Racial Identity And Gender Identity

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    In a recent South Park episode, titles “The Cissy”, in order for his own personal gain to use the girls’ bathroom and later to receive his own bathroom, Cartman dons a pink bow on his head to become “Erica.” Meanwhile, Randy Marsh (as known as Lorde to most and Stan’s dad) must battle with his gender identity and that of his music as women at his work are uncomfortable with sharing a bathroom with him, therefore he must receive his own against his wishes. While both Cartman’s and Randy Marsh’s struggles

  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Wall '

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    exclaimed Rikki. “Ohh yeah! Where is he?” “Here he comes! Finally I was getting worried! If only my cousin wouldn’t believe in communism though, but thank God he is one of the communist guards, so he can help us like this” “Hey here, I must go quickly, hide these in the floorboard now. Guards might come check up on you if you know what I mean.” said Dodge as he dropped the guns down and left. “I got Kaan, my brother, to send the rifles, and I am going to run down the hall really quick

  • The Conspiracy Theory: The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

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    time of the assassination. (Patterson, 2013) I on the other hand do not believe in the conspiracy theory yahoo bull whatever. Simple enough, Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F. Kennedy because he was affiliated with communist and he was just plain old crazy. And forgive me here, but I actually have faith in humanity. John F. Kennedy was our president during a part of our country’s history where we were at war with the idea of communism. (Wall, 2015) Lee Harvey Oswald, the guy who shot Kennedy, just so

  • Don T Act Crazy Analysis

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    In Don’t Act Crazy, Mindy the author takes a look at women characters in television. Character after character, we as readers start to notice an alarming pattern. Most of the women of these shows have some kind of “crazy” in them. We realize that their strengths and abilities in fact go hand in hand with their flaws. One of the characters that the author brings up is Leslie Knope, from Parks and Rec. First off let me begin by saying how much I enjoy that show, not only is a funny but the writing