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  • Comparison Of University Vs. Liberty University

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    Even though Liberty and Regent University may have similar belief systems in terms of religion, the class and campus sizes are different. Liberty is a much larger university, but the teachers are less personable. According to Liberty University’s central website, Liberty’s campus covers more than 7,000 acres (Liberty Liberty University). I find it important to attend a university that has a large campus enough campus that students can get away and have space to study or to think if needed. The student

  • Valerie Brock Is Receiving From Liberty University

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    The quality of education that Valerie Brock is receiving from Liberty University in her chosen field is the subject of evaluation. Furthermore, Valerie started her major with Liberty University in the Master of Arts in Executive Leadership program. As a matter of fact, Valerie had no “business” knowledge before she began classes since she has a bachelor’s degree in education. Also, Valerie received an “A” in a bridge class that allowed her to change to the major of Master of Business Administration

  • Summary : ' Liberty University '

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    F & C International Afua Nyamekye Liberty University Summary of F & C International F & C was founded by Jon Fries, a descendant of Alex Fries who migrated from Germany to USA in the early nineteenth century. Jon Fries followed the foot steps of his ancestor was in the flavor industry. He was the president and CEO of F & C and the companies common stock was traded on NASDAQ exchange. Jon Fries realized that the most effective way of increasing the company’s periodic operating

  • Personal Narrative: Liberty University

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    During my two last years of high school, i've been in contact with a lot of colleges and universities. Many of which don’t get my attention. Throughout my whole high school years, there was only one college that i wanted to go to, Liberty University. I have heard so many wonderful things about Liberty and what i loved the most was that it was a christian school. Liberty had the number one thing that i am looking for in a college, that is a christian school, but many of my other things that i look

  • The College Republicans Of Liberty University

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    Final Critique The client that my group chose to work with was the College Republicans of Liberty University. Since this semester was during presidential election cycle, the client was happy to have our assistance with helping promote the club. During this semester, many challenges occurred that both the club and our group faced; however, we were able to accomplish the goals that the client wanted to accomplish from our project. Goal and Organization at Initial Development of Project At the beginning

  • Resident Assistant for Liberty University

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    Initial Interview Research Question: Would the examinee be a good Resident Assistant (RA) for Liberty University? Identifying Information based on (Whiston, 2008). Suzie Jones is a 37 year old female, single, and lives at 457 Elm Road, New York, NY, 10041. Her home phone number is 301-461-5941. She works as a store clerk for Ed's Grocery, phone number 301-462-9434. Her contact for emergency is Jenny Rogers, phone number 301-461-6594. Purpose of Counseling/Presenting Problems Her boss, Ed

  • INTRO101 Liberty University Essay

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    CHARACTRISTICS OF SUCCESSFUL ONLINE LEARNERS Characteristics of Successful Online Learners Liberty University Online INFT 101 There are many characteristics for online learners. My characteristics are scared, overwhelmed, and excited all in the same breath. However there are three main characteristics found in every person, entry characteristics, participation behaviors, and course outcomes. Such characteristics can be broken down into

  • A Research Project On Liberty University

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    Project #2 Eric Kitts Liberty University   Abstract   Introduction Alex, Bill, Carl, and Devon have inherited an organic farm from their father and are interested in restructuring the company to a different business form. The four siblings have no desire to take part in the day-to-day operation of the farm, but they have a cousin named Xavier that is willing to oversee operations. Xavier has been the father’s protégé for the past five years and has fallen in love with farm life. He will continue

  • Summary Of Book ' Liberty University '

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    McMinn Book Review Michelle Meyer Liberty University McMinn Book Review Summary Christian counselors have a responsibility to their clients to integrate psychology and theology in their therapeutic approaches. Incorporating multiple components however is not as straight forward as one might think. In Psychology Theology, and Spirituality (McMinn, 2011) McMinn discusses the benefits of an integrated counseling approach that strives to promote “both spiritual and emotional growth” (McMinn,

  • Case Analysis : Liberty University Essay

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    Case Study 1 LaShondra Wilbon CJUS 530- Dr. P. Webb February 5, 2016 Liberty University Abstract: When a law enforcement officer or other public employee is accused of potentially criminal conduct, they may face three different kinds of interviews or interrogations. If an officer is interviewed as a criminal suspect, they have the absolute right to decline to answer any questions, or to insist that they have a lawyer of their choosing to attend the interview. The first is type is during a criminal