Lighter than air

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  • Miniature Hot Air Balloons and Archimedes's Principle of Buoyancy

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    The history of hot air balloons starts in the Asia. Literary references in China date back to 180ce and cite Chu Ko Liang as the inventor of lighter than air flight (1). Early unmanned balloons were used in China as military signaling lanterns (2). Today ethnic Chinese communities celebrate the end of the Lunar New Year Holidays (3) by launching small hot air balloons ( known as Kung-Ming Lanterns ). The first recorded mathematical description of buoyancy (and thus hot air balloon behavior) was

  • Deflatehate Research Paper

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    the ball farther than normal, having an advantage during slippery weather,

  • How Does Football Give Better Performance?

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    ball can be optimized to give better performance. The objective of this research is to see if lighter gases than air will cause the football to have a longer hang time and if heavier gases than air will cause the ball to have a shorter hang time. Hang time means how long the ball stays in the air before it touches the ground. The researcher filled five footballs with different gases. The gases being air, helium,

  • Making Cars Lighter Cars Safer Cars

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    Making Cars Lighter Cars have been around for many years. The first car to move off its own power was in 1769, and 1989 the average weight of a car was about 3,000 pounds. Overtime, cars have been through many changes and improvements. Car makers are constantly in search of improving cars to be better than the last. Can lighter cars be safer? Can the fuel economy benefit if the production of lighter cars were to increase? And lastly, what are alternative composites car makers can invest in? Making

  • Similarities Between Eather And Climate

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    climate. It's all caused by winds. Weather=changes in the air for a short period of time. Climate = a usual normal pertictuple pattern in the weather that happens often. The sun and climate The source of climate is the sun. It gives off energy for plants and animals need to survive. The suns ray gives warm the air,water and land we need to live. Warm liquids gases are lighter than cold gases and liquid. They are lighter

  • Paint the World White: Global Warming

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    a decrease in food, and low lands are flooded, from melting glaciers. Humans are the major cause of global warming. We use electricity all the time; electricity is made by burning fossil fuels, when this is burnt greenhouse gasses are sent into the air. We are chopping down trees that absorb CO₂ (greenhouse gas.) The world needs to do something about global warming fast, before it is too late. Scientist have suggested many

  • Samoa Air's Honor System

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    Recently, a new policy of Samoa Air, pay-by-your-weight, caused wide public concern. Some passengers are able to understand this rule, because Samoa has a small island-hopping airline and the obesity rates get close to the peak in this region. The others, however, can’t accept this inappropriate idea to discuss people’s weight. In my opinion, I agree with the latter, because weighing the pounds greatly destroys the honor system and the privacy. The honor system is an important tool to build a good

  • Reducing Your Energy Bill : The Study Of The Effects Of Heat On Roofs

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    Abstract Would painting your house a different color change its overall temperature? The project presented is about the studies of the effects of different colored paints when applied to a building’s roof. In the studies it was discovered that a lighter color will not keep the heat trapped so a light colored house will do well in a hot region, such as El Paso. A darker colored house would trap the heat, so a house that is darker will serve a better purpose in a colder region. The materials needed

  • Personal Essay: Moving To Mars

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    with my husband each day, as well. When my schedule permits, I lift weights at the gym or attend a yoga class. These activities are stressful here on Earth and would be stressful on Mars, just in a different way. Mars’ gravitational force is 62% less than that of Earth, which means that instead of 145lbs I would

  • Helium: The Unknown Element

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    essay. Most notably how helium is not found in the air, but in the ground, and how it floats out of our atmosphere upon release. I would research next whether all gases that are lighter than air do that, and also other noble gases to make connections to similar properties between them. If you did not retain anything from this essay, just remember that Helium had two electrons, protons, and neutrons, that helium is that found in the ground, not the air, and that it is found underground as a