Lightship Nantucket

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  • The Andrea Doria And The Collisions Of The Andrea Doria

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    The night of July 25, 1956 the Stockholm, a Swedish passenger liner, collided into the Andrea Doria, Italian luxury liner, south of Nantucket. The collision claimed 46 lives onboard the Andrea Doria and five lives onboard the Stockholm. This was the world’s first RADAR assisted collision at sea (Halpern, 2008). However, the collision was not caused by a RADAR malfunction. The collision was a result from the incompetence of the crew with the RADAR and the overall misconduct of the crew. The fog

  • Descriptive Essay On Nantucketu

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    I am fortunate enough to live on the beautiful island of Nantucket. Growing up here in such a close knit community, has put me aside from your average high schooler in the best way possible. Nantucket is full of incredible wildlife and conservation land that is so unique it looks untouched. Wintertime, when all the summer people leave, you know everybody on the island. It's literally impossible to drive through town without seeing a familiar face. But by the time summer comes the island explodes

  • An Effective Retail Design That Maximize Success For Juice Guys At The East Coast Market

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    Guys in the east coast market. After reaching triumph in the west coast market, Juice Guys is looking to expand firstly into the Boston neighbourhoods. Boston consumers had a strong likeness for Nantucket Nectars but the market was different: metropolitan city (year round) versus summer only in Nantucket Island. To accomplish this feat, the company must decide how to target and position the stores given the differential differences in demographic and environmental traits. Furthermore, Juice Guys

  • Essay on Juice Guys Case Study Analysis

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    Juice Guys™ In the summer of 1998, Nantucket Nectar created a subsidiary of their brand called Juice Guys. This new product was comprised of fresh juice and fruit smoothie drinks that were taking over the West Coast. Within three-and-a-half months, Juice Guys had sold a total of 175,000 items ranging from smoothies, yogurts, sorbets, Nantucket Nectar drinks and fresh squeezed juices. Juice Guys’ revenue went up to 91% and they made a profit of $227,000 in sales. Noticing the tremendous success

  • Nantucket Nectars Case Study

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    Nantucket Nectars' "Juice Guys" Bottle Formula for Success With Quality Ingredients The island of Nantucket is known for its entrepreneurial spirit. Tom Scott and Tom First caught that fever nine years ago when they started peddling Nantucket Nectars in the island's harbor. Now the self-proclaimed "juice guys" hold the number-two spot in the New Age beverage market. To say the juice guys started their company, Nantucket Nectars, on a shoestring budget would be an understatement. The two Toms

  • Essay about The History and Development of Dennisport

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    onto our sandy shores one fateful night, Dennisport has a way of hooking you in and bringing you back. In the grand scheme of things, the tourism era of Dennisport's history started relatively recently, but the part of town between Route 28 and Nantucket Sound has a rich history dating back to the colonial era. The first settlers descended on the land that was to become Dennis and Dennis Port in 1639. As a matter of background, the land that is now Dennis was selected not for its proximity

  • Life of Pi - Why Does Pi Survive?

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    Piscine Molitor Patel says it himself that his survival is “hard to believe” and can hardly comprehend it looking back. Yet, the readers are promised with a happy ending, and a happy ending with Pi’s survival is what we get. However, it raises the incredible question of just how Pi managed to survive the hardships, loss, pain and suffering, all in the Pacific Ocean’s harsh, unforgiving environment. The first explanation involves Pi’s inborn desire to survive at all cost and to resist giving up. Also

  • Life Of Pi By Ang Lee

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    “Life of Pi” Film Analysis Everyone grows up. Some sooner than others. It may be subtle, and it could be traumatizing. In “The Life of Pi” produced by Ang Lee, Pi got the latter. The major running theme throughout the movie is that the loss of innocence is something everyone goes through. Ang Lee shows this in the use of lighting, angles, and sound effects in multiple scenes. When Pi has to change his name because the kids at school were making fun of him, when he is forced to watch the tiger eat

  • Morality Of Animals In Life Of Pi, By Yann Martel

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    Life of Pi, written by Yann Martel, follows the life of Piscine Molitor Patel who physically endured over two hundred days on a directionless lifeboat with only a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker as a companion. When Pi is first recovered and put into a hospital, he is forced to recount his detailed story to a couple of judgemental Japanese correspondents, Mr.Okamoto and Mr.Chiba, who not only do not believe his story, but laugh in his face as he vocalizes it. They believe Pi’s tale is nothing more

  • Compare And Contrast I Am Legend And Life Of Pi

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    I Am Legend and Life of Pi are two dramatic tragedies that center around the main characters Dr. Robert Neville and Piscine “Pi” Patel while they attempt to survive in the devastating world around them. In I Am Legend, Dr. Krippin finds a cure for Cancer by modifying the measles virus into a vaccine. For years, one hundred percent of the patients are cancer-free, thankful that they get a second chance at life. All of a sudden, the cure rapidly mutates into an extremely deadly virus that is equivalent