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  • Case Study On Raiders

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    Oakland Raiders Free Agency Preview (3/7/16) Secondary: The Raiders had one of the worst secondaries last year even with future Hall of Famer Charles Woodson. The Raiders were taken advantage of continuously to start the year until surprise acquisition David Amerson stepped up took one of the starting jobs at corner. Once he was moved into the starting lineup the raiders secondary began to clime towards respectability. However, the Raiders still have many decisions to make. They lost Charles

  • Touchdown: A Short Story

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    Touchdown It was halftime and the score is 13-6. We are losing. It’s the first time all year that we have ever been losing at half time. As I look around the locker room, I can see that many of my teammates are distraught. I could smell the sour stench of sweat radiating off of everyone's pads. It was deathly silent in the locker room. Nobody wanted to be the first to speak up. Finally our team leader, Joe Scolari, spoke up. I could see where his face paint had been smeared across his face due to

  • My Passion For My Love For The Love Of Football

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    prepare me for my future. One day I’ll have a job and be very busy too, I can thank football for preparing me for that situation through discipline. Another aspect I have excelled in due to football would be my leadership skills. I play the middle linebacker position on the defense. For the ones who do not know that is the person on the defense that makes the calls and is responsible for making sure

  • The Grueling Days Of Football

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    Michigan in Arlington, TX. Over the next few weeks, the staff of Hail Florida Hail will be analyzing each position group, giving you our thoughts on what's to come this football season. The second segment of this series features the linebacker core. Linebackers A season ago the depth factor at the linebacking position was a huge question mark for the Florida Gators. Entering 2017, that same question is lingering over Jim McElwain's defensive unit. However, the disparity between this year's

  • Personal Narrative Essay : Varsity Football

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    grade for the past eight years. Varsity football was a lot different than freshman team football, and being the smallest kid on the field going against lineman did not help. During my sophomore year we started reading guards, and I got really good at it. From the fifth game on I was the leading tackler for our team. Calling plays for the defensive was a little nerve racking for the first couple of games, but our defensive coaches helped me immensely, and the support from the upperclassman boosted

  • Compare And Contrast Hero And Beowulf

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    viewpoint on a hero’s life can be a completely different than the way another person looks at that same hero. Thomas Davis Sr. can be extremely comparable to Beowulf but they also have major differences. Thomas Davis Sr. is an American football linebacker who currently plays for and represents the Carolina Panthers. Davis is a kindhearted person who helps people of all ages who are less fortunate than he is. Davis is always donating to different organizations and always encourages others to do so

  • Return Man Linebacker Essay

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    The Return Man 4, also known as Return Man Linebacker, is a favorite game that thrills most flash game enthusiasts. It’s an American Football game developed by ESPN. If you’ve tried playing the prior versions of the game, you understand that your team was always placed in the attack position, and that you’ve to try scoring a touchdown. Objective of the game On the contrary, your team will always be in the defense position when it comes to Linebacker. Additionally, your main objective involves stopping

  • Anthony Linebacker Case Study

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    Minnesota Vikings. They were doing good in their game and then the horrible thing happened Rodgers in the shotgun lined his team up getting ready to run their play. “ 319, 319 set hike” Rodgers said. He hiked the ball and out of nowhere Vikings Linebacker Anthony Barr came and blind sided Rodgers and Rodgers fell hard to the ground on his right shoulder. He was still not getting up the training staff ran out onto the field and he got carted off holding his right shoulder. Later, after the X-ray the

  • The Football League

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    is known for creating the 43 defensive schemes. There are special positions that make up of the 43 defense, such as: defensive tackles, defense ends; linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties. The forty three defenses have four down lineman two defensive ends and two defense tackles. “There are three linebackers, a Mike, a Will, and Sam linebacker. This scheme has two Cornerbacks and two safeties.” What is a defense Tackle? According to Joe Daniel football, “A defense tackles in a 4-3 defense will

  • Demario Davis Case Study

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    finally dove into the free agent market by signing linebacker Demario Davis. The two parties agreed to a two year, eight million dollar contract which benefits both sides. Although Davis isn’t a big name free agent, he brings a positive attitude and no off-field baggage. The 27 year old was drafted by the New York Jets in the third round of the 2012 draft. Davis is a solid player who has been described as durable and dependable. He played weakside linebacker in the Jets 3-4 defense and produced 349 tackles