Lips of an Angel

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  • Descriptive Essay Angel

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    “Hello, Angel, you're looking beautiful as always,” Angelo greets me the second I walk through the door. “Is that another dress your boss bought you?” Stunned by his observations and his memory of my dresses, it takes me a moment to reply. “Yes, it is.” I flatten out the wrinkles in my dress from the taxi ride over. “It's a lot like the one you wore for your audition, isn't it?” “It's very similar. I suppose I should come clean, that first dress belonged to Alice, but now I have my own.” “Blue

  • Sandriel Monologue

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    slight smile that came to your lips at the adorable sight. “These are supposed to be white, and a little birdie told me you did laundry last.” Well, you weren't sure if Dean was actually telling the truth but you knew neither of the boys would willingly do laundry- they always forced it on you, a

  • Short Story

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    rises, immediately wrapping his arms around the neck of the other male. He breathes. "Why- Why can't you just let me die?" His words hang heavy in the air. It's quiet, so quiet. Yoongi can't stand it. "It's not your time, remember?" He nods. The angel begins to sing a lullaby, one that his mother used to sing when he was

  • The Gospel According On Isaiah

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    the temple. The image and the symbolic significance of what Isaiah sees upon here, is the outfit of The King like no other (status symbols). Isaiah takes the time to describe the beings that surround the King. He says (Verse2) Why 6 wings? –This Angels serve in the immediate presence of God. God creates every creature according to their environment Why they cover their face? - We see in scripture that no man can see God and live. Even these unfailing hevenly beings are equipped to shield their

  • Synopsis Of ' Jian '

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    Jian They still haunt him. The memories from a long, long time ago, before the holy grounds of Promised Land were painted crimson red and his hands were stained with the blood of his beloved brethren. He can remember the peaceful times, albeit the longer he gazes back into the very depths of his past, the worse the sinner feels and an unbearable agony tugs at his shattered heart, playing an unknown melody that is sorrow. The immensely familiar, yet unknown voices call out for him every now and then

  • Short Story: Literally Forever

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    Castiel was an Angel of the Lord. He was also in love with a demon. He met Dean on his mission in hell. The demon tried to trick him and they fought. To escape him, he tried to leave hell, but he accidently pulled the demon with him. That was the day everything went to hell. Castiel was punished for his mistake. He couldn’t go on any missions. His only duty was Dean. Angels locked the demon into a cell and Castiel became his guard. “You deserve that, Castiel. You wronged us all. You are lucky

  • How Is Shakespeare's Honesty Taken To A Whole New Level

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    Level In relationships from long ago to relationships today, men may call their wives, girlfriends, or mistresses names such as: angel, baby or they may compare them to some of nature’s pure beauties. William Shakespeare supports in Sonnet 130 about insane similes most commonly used in relationships, when men compare their wives,girlfriends, and mistresses to angels, flowers, or any beautiful features of nature. Shakespeare is only being harshly honest to compare his mistress imperfections to some

  • Doing the Dishes

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    A clanging sound from the bunker's kitchen awoke Dean from his slumber. He and Cas had gotten Sammy back a few days ago and they had collectively decided to take sometime to regroup. Dean rubbed his eyes roughly with the backs of his hands and practically rolled out of bed. He sleepily adjusted his pajamas, which consisted of a loose ACDC T-shirt and some plaid pajama pants, and stumbled out of his room and into the hallway. Looking in to the Sammy's room and seeing him eagle spread, taking up

  • I Had The Most Horrible Dreams

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    “You’re no friggin’ angel,” Alex surged ahead. “You’re no more of an angel than one of these damn things that burnt up in here. In fact, I bet you’re more—” “So, I see somebody’s feeling better,” Lyanna said, raising her voice and cutting off Alex as she and Cera entered the drawing-room.

  • Short Story

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    “Hello, Angel. You're looking beautiful as always,” Angelo greets me the second I walk through the door. He hides his hands within his trouser pockets as he says, “Is that another dress your boss bought you?” while gesturing towards me with his head. Stunned by his observations and his memory of my dresses, it takes me a moment to reply. “Yes, it is as a matter of fact,” I say, flattening out the invisible wrinkles in my dress. “It's a lot like the one you wore to your audition, isn't it?” “It's