Lithium pharmacology

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  • The Youth Health Issue Of Bi Polar Disorder

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    This essay will critically evaluate contemporary approaches that address the youth health issue of bi-polar disorder. It will first explain what bi-polar is, how it affects young people and how it is different from similar disorders. It will then explore contemporary approaches to treating and managing the disorder, going into detail on how effective each is how they are best used and if they can improve or be used in different ways. The approaches explored will not just be ones of medication, but

  • The Use Of Lithium And Benzodiazepines For Patients Based On Benefits, Risks, And Cost Of The Clinical System

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    health quality improvement project. The evaluators observed the high concurrent utilization of lithium and benzodiazepines and the face validity issues. Health Care Financing Administration (HFCA) of Louisiana contracted with the state peer-review organizations (PRO) to complete an evaluation that would address the issues pertaining to the application of clinical guidelines. After PRO reviewed the use of lithium and benzodiazepines they provided clinics with task force recommendations and clinical guidelines

  • Lithium And Its Effects On Bipolar Disorder

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    1. Provide a rationale for the use of Lithium Carbonate that Ellen is currently prescribed. Lithium Carbonate is the most commonly drug that is prescribed for treating bipolar disorder (May, Hickey, Triantis, Palazidou, & Kyriacou, 2015). It works as a mood stabilizer that significantly reduces excessive behaviors and suicidal tendencies. However, the way that lithium exerts its impact on mood is still unknown. One study suggests that key of lithium therapeutic actions are the neuroprotective effects

  • I Was Hospitalized For The First Time

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    Last March, during the spring semester of 2015, I was hospitalized for the first time, a month after attempting suicide. During my nine days in a psychiatric unit in New London, Connecticut, I experienced things that I had never in imagined seeing outside of movies. The area I was in is not the wealthiest of places, and the health care system is beyond flawed. When discharged from the hospital, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Upon returning to school

  • Medication Paper : Using Lithium Essay

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    Medication Paper: Using Lithium As a counselor works with clients, one may have to work with a client that are taking psychotropic medication. A client named Kimberly disclosed in a session that she has Bipolar Disorder. She is a 19 year old African American woman. Kimberly has been experiencing symptoms of Bipolar Disorder for three years. Before beginning to take lithium, Kimberly has run away from home, displays erratic behaviors, has using marijuana to relieve symptoms, and attempting suicide

  • Essay on Lithium and Bipolar Disorder

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    Lithium and Bipolar Disorder INTRODUCTION The drug lithium has been used for a variety of disorders such as gout, diabetes, and epilepsy for over 100 years. It was not until 1949 when John Cade discovered that lithium had a calming effect on guinea pigs that the possibilities of it being used for mania were explored (Paykel, 1992). Since then, lithium has been established as one of the primary treatments for manic depression disorder. In the body of this paper we will explore

  • We Heard the Angels of Madness

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    of the doctors seemed to give them any clue as to what was wrong with Mark. They decided it was best to look for either a psychiatrist or psychologist. They found a doctor who told them he believed Mark had Manic Depression and was to start on a lithium therapy as soon as possible. In this book, we are presented with the mental illness named ‘Manic Depression’ in which Mark was faced with as a freshman in college. Manic Depression is most commonly known as ‘Bipolar Illness’ and is usually confused

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder Essay

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    the most widely used are Lithium treatments or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). These are some of the primary treatments for bipolar disorder and even more pharmacotherapeutics and methods are being developed to ensure that patients are utilizing them properly. There are many psychotropic drugs that have been tested over the years. Some drugs with therapeutic effects aimed at the mania aspect of bipolar or the depression aspect of the disorder.  Lithium, is one of the first drugs

  • Essay about Depression and Treatments

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    Did you know in 2009 approximately 18.8 million (9.5%) of American adults 18 and older were diagnosed with having depression; 12.4 million (12.0%) are women and 6.4 million (6.6%) are men. Depression and some antidepressants are going to be the main focus of this paper. Women between ages 25-44 are the most affected by depression mainly because they have trouble handling anger which is usually associated with anxiety disorders or substance abuse. Depression can affect people of all ages and is

  • Bipolar Depression Annotated Bibliography

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    Many bipolar resources online target specific types of information such as clinical trials, support groups, bipolar education, advocacy and age groups. Some websites even offer many of these topics in one convenient location. I have broken the best websites down into categories to help you easily find the bipolar depression information you are looking for. Bipolar Depression Online Support Groups Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) Offers online support groups for bipolar disorder