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  • A Personal Narrative Essay : My Favorite Day

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    are my favorite days. The sun is shining and the wind is blowing calmly. The birds are chirping their happy songs as the sound of kids having little discussions arose in the atmosphere. I was but the smell of bacon and pancakes over through me and got me off my twin size bed full of unorganized soft warming blankets. I walked down the winding stairs to find my little sister banging pans like she was in a band, my mom didn’t like it but i just laughed and smiled. When I stepped out to enjoy the

  • The Importance Of Health Care In Arkansas

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    Health care in Arkansas is severely limited, but a few changes in the spending of the state’s funding could improve the quality and quantity of health facilities around the state. Making Arkansas’ general public more aware of the disparities involving health care within the state could open the door for filling the needed positions, as Arkansas also has a significant unemployment rate. Robert Bowman, leading researcher in rural medical education, is quoted as saying, “It is no longer about establishing

  • International Global Organization : Heifer International

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    Heifer International is a global organization that focuses on providing communities in developing counties with better farming techniques and education, allowing them to pull away from the never-ending cycle of poverty. Founder Dan West came up with the idea for Heifer International when he was an aid worker during the Spanish Civil War. During his time as an aid worker, one of his tasks was to provide hungry refugees with a single glass of milk. While doing this he suddenly had the thought “What

  • Passing On The Gift Dan West Character Analysis

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    Dan West was an exceptional man and a great leader. He graduated from Manchester College in 1917. He knew most of the students, and his classmates remember him as a friendly and social person (Yoder 22). He enjoyed thinking deeply about topics which greatly impacted his leadership skills and qualities. In Passing on the Gift: The Story of Dan West by Glee Yoder, a quotation from The Goshen News after Dan West died stated, “The Church lost a plain and simple man, who saw in every person a divine

  • My Experience In My Life

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    "Take a moment to think of just flexibility, love, and trust," has been my mantra for this whole senior year. It’s something I try to think about when I decide anything important in my life. Rather it’s setting goals for myself, procuring different interests, or choosing in right college, thinking about flexibility, love, and trust is how I try to keep my mind straight for the next couple of years. I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the future. This is why I am trying to take a moment to just

  • Hot Springs National Park

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    Pinnacle Mountain is one of seven peaks of the Ouachita Mountain Range within this 2,356-acre park, but these represent only a portion of the diverse habitat protected here. Situated just west of Little Rock, this day-use park is known for its popular hiking trails and panoramic views. Scenic vistas overlooking the Arkansas River are easily accessible near the visitor center. Those seeking a more Adventurous experience can hike one or more trails, which

  • Situation Analysis: Heifer In The Spanish Civil War

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    Situation Analysis Background In 1944, Dan West, a former farmer and aid worker in the Spanish Civil War was unsatisfied with temporary aid given to refugees and created Heifer also known as Heifer International. Heifer’s first donation was 17 heifers hence the name. For over 70 years, Heifer has distributed livestock, agricultural training to more than 125 countries in hopes of ending poverty and hunger. Heifer wants to empower impoverished communities by bringing commerce and sustainable agriculture

  • Little Rock Nine Essay

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    The Little Rock Nine The Little Rock Nine were one of the most brave groups of people to enroll in a High School ever, they were one of the most important groups of people that changed segregation and racism in schools. The nine African - American students that attended Little Rock Central High School did not have it easy. Governor Faubus did not like that they were attending High School so he sent in Arkansas National Guard on September 4, 1957. Due to the National Guard, the nine could not

  • The Little Rock Nine

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    (Stone). Ernst Green was one of the nine African Americans that were carefully chosen to take part in the desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas (Little Rock). The Nine African American students that were picked for this brave action were called the Little Rock Nine. These students were a massive part in the Civil Rights Movement. Little Rock, Arkansas, like many southern cities, was very segregated. The nine students went through a lot of hardships, but in the end it all worked out

  • The Power Of Intelligence In The Boy Next Door

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    girls on getting an education. She was put through tough times, constantly getting shouted at by men, gotten abused physically, and was faced with fear everyday for fighting but throughout those moments she never stepped down and gave up. Next The Little Rock Nine were a group of nine african americans that went to a white school, all throughout their school experience they went through harsh words being screamed at them, attacked for being colored, and bullied into leaving the school by students and