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  • The Little League Of The Baseball Cap

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    sports, especially baseball. In 1939 Little League Baseball was founded for anyone between the ages of 5 and 18; leading with their motto Courage, Character, and Loyalty. This idea of courage was especially true in the year 1950, when Kathryn Johnston tucker her hair under her baseball cap, took on the nickname “Tubby” and posed as a boy for her local teams tryouts. It was not until after she made the team that Kathryn revealed her true identity, leaving the local league no choice but to allow her play

  • Little League Awareness Day

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    This year, they made a more conscious effort to raise awareness and funds for the hardworking organizations and people in Central New York. Little League Awareness Day was one of the first events to show their appreciation for kids who are involved in Little League and look up to the Chiefs as role models. Over 3,000 Little Leaguers and their families from all around Central New York attended that evening. Another event the Chiefs hosted was sponsored through Upstate Hospital called

  • Case Study: The Lincoln Little League

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    The Lincoln Little League will be hosting an information session about new division that would provide children with physical or developmental challenges the opportunity to participate in baseball and softball. Lincoln Little League President Paul Miner said his passion for the addition of the division was ignited during a backyard football game with his family members. One of Miner’s nephews has cerebral palsy and cannot walk, but wanted to participate in the game. “I carried him on my back, so

  • Life Lessons From Little League

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    In his autobiography Life Lessons from Little League, Vincent Fortanasce says “Winning is never final, and losing is never fatal.” At the end of a game, one team will win and the other will lose. Failure to accept this concept has become detrimental to American youth sports organizations. Our society has become infatuated with winning, and all of the additional perks associated with it. What is considered the “best” for children as young as five years old has grown to an unrealistic extent. Parents

  • Danny Almonte Little League Baseball Scandal

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    This Little League baseball scandal took place in 2001, a little before the devastating day of the Twin Towers’ attack. Danny Almonte, a fourteen-year-old boy, was accused and for cheating in the Little League by lying about his age. The age requirements to be in these teams is 9-12 years of age, so Danny was about 2 years off. Him and his team made it to the Little League World Series, however had to forfeit before the last round, due to Sports Illustrated wanting to dig into Almonte’s information

  • Little League Research Paper

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    . I believe little league should maintain their level of competition due to the lessons that they teach adolescents. These lessons can span from being able to see where you went wrong early on so you can better yourself for future games and learning to act as a unit to achieve a goal that is desired by other teams. There is high controversy over this topic mainly around the weight competition puts on adolescents which can lead to depression. This argument can also span over to the competition stemming

  • Children Need To Play Not Compete, By Jessica Statsky

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    In “Children Need to Play, Not Compete”, Jessica Statsky talks about the different kinds of students and their approach and mental and physical ability and pressure towards Sports. Statsky differentiates between two sets of children who have physical and mental attributes and towards sports. She gives a few examples and changes that have taken place in the past decades in the sports scenario. When overzealous parents and coaches impose adult standards on children's sports, the result can be activities

  • Alexi Youngberg Invincible Analysis

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    Do you have passion, persistence, and perseverance? the TED Talk, "The key to success? Grit”, Angela Lee Duckworth stated, “Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina…. Grit is living life like it's a marathon, not a sprint.” To me, this quote means that to have grit, you have to be willing to spend all your time trying to accomplish your goal, or else it is not worth fighting for. Grit is staying with something for a long time, not giving up the first day,

  • The Beautiful Game : The Importance Of Sports Around The World

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    the United States every year millions await the Super Bowl and so on. In the United States baseball is known for the All American Sport. Every summer, wherever you go, you see boys and girls playing America’s favorite pastime. Little leagues, summer leagues and school leagues emerge every year, with kids anticipating the start date. In southern California sports are a huge deal. Especially in the summer, you will see parks all around with signup sheets to enroll in softball. South Gate Park in South

  • Personal Narrative : My Life As A Baseball Game

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    Lights blaring into my eyes, the crack of the bat, the shouting of the overly-devoted parents, the salty aroma arising off of the freshly roasted peanuts, all came together to create the overwhelming presence of a little league baseball game. This was a place where I spent most of my time on week day afternoons, in the spring, watching my brother succeed at America’s pastime. He was really quite good at this sport called baseball; he had just been granted the position of starting pitcher for the