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  • Summary Of My Antonia And The Land Of Little Rain

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    Willa Cather’s My Antonia and Mary Austin’s The Land of Little Rain are two literary works that effectively recreate the landscape of the stories they are telling. Their writing styles have a few similar characteristics, such as their word choice and their usage of visual elements; however, they take advantage of various writing elements that make their writing styles distinct, such as the use of figurative language, emotion, and rhetorical questioning. First and foremost, Willa Cather and Mary

  • Ta'shon Rain Little Bill Persuasive Speech

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    Ta’shon Rain Little Light, a five-year-old living on Crow Reservation in Montana, complained to her mother that she had an intense stomach ache. Her mother took her to the Indian Health Service Clinic in order to seek treatment for her daughter’s pain; however, the doctor said that her child was depressed and that the stomach ache was all in the little girl’s head. After several months of visits to the clinic with no symptom relief, Ta’shon’s lung collapsed. Ta’shon was then airlifted to the children’s

  • Pathetic Fallacy In The Great Gatsby

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    his hands still in his coat pockets he stalked by me into the hall, turned sharply as if he were on a wire, and disappeared into the living−room… Aware of the loud beating of my own heart I pulled the door to against the increasing rain. (Fitzgerald 45) The increasing rain shows the increasing anxiety Gatsby, and perhaps Nick feels in this situation and Gatsby standing in the puddle of water shows how his anxiousness is engulfing him. The use of pathetic fallacy here shows how much Gatsby cares about

  • Outline Of Action Essay : Draft

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    state of California began to decrease. Today, California is in the midst of a record drought. Not knowing when the drought will end, Californians have been pointing their fingers to the government for a solution with which they are not providing. Little do the people know, but there are a number of ways in which they can help put this drought to an end while the government is trying to find a solid solution. It has been discovered by the AGU Chapman conference that the drought is caused from a

  • What Is The Rain Essay

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    The Rain When it rains in the city most people in the city get out of sorts, the streets get waterlogged and the traffic escalates. The children cannot go out to play and we have to stay home getting bored with TV. My mother complains when we don’t clean our shoes before we get into the house, the laundry doesn’t dry and our hair frizzes. But in the mountain range, the rain is welcomed with joy and ease. It rains over there all year long. During the winter there is soft rain that can last all day

  • Precious

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    down when she doesn't respond. Cut to a fantasy sequence of her dancing in an Apollo-like stage and her boyfriend licking her ear, but it is really a dog licking her ear while she is down on the ground. She returns to her building and runs into a little girl, Ruby, who pesters her. It is another day and Precious needs money for food before leaving house. But mom is too busy in bed, pleasuring herself, but asks Precious to come up and take care of her. She says, I wish she would stop that shit

  • Theme Of Weather In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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    In the novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez symbols are used throughout the plot to develop characterization, foreshadowing and irony. Two of the most important symbols are weather and dreams. Weather is used to develop the perspective of the characters of Santiago Nasar and his death. Dreams are used to foreshadow Santiago’s death and add to the irony that everybody knew he was going to die but, no one told him. Together the two symbols work to create a theme that the decisions

  • Analysis Of Eden Falls

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    SUBTITLE FADE IN: ‘17 YEARS AGO’ EXT. EDEN FALLS - ESTABLISHING - DAY On a grey day, black clouds begin to RAIN. A thunderclap snaps as lightning shatters the morose sky. CAMERA REVEALS Eden Falls, an unassuming, forgetful town in the Central California. AIREAL SHOT OF EDEN FALLS The homes and building of a town, the only high school, churches, a funeral home, tiny downtown, a minuscule police station, fire station, library, downtown, the pet food factory and finally an abandoned baseball diamond

  • My Life - Original Writing

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    “So, it 's suppose to be sunny with few clouds, and about 75 degrees a beautiful day out today.” The weatherman on T.V.said as he flashed a fake smile on his face. I clicked the power button, and threw down the remote on the couch. And ran outside clutching the money my dad gave me for ice cream, tight in my hand. I saw the group sitting outside getting ready to go.I could see myself sitting in the back on the porch, eating the delicious flurry that I was soon to order. My brother,my best friend

  • Descriptive Essay : Kathmandu 's Summers

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    Until little girls began to fall into open sewer holes. This year, the flooding in the streets intensified, rising up a foot, drenching your knees. And lurking underneath that opaque sludge, holes feet deep looking eagerly to swallow the unwary. That one cellphone