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  • Assistive Technology for Computing Essay

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    Assistive Technology for Computing One thing that programmers generally don’t take into account when they’re typing out code is "How accessible is my program or website going to be for someone who’s impaired in some way?" Unfortunately, this has become a problem in our society which many people are hoping to fix. Already, there’s a huge assortment of products - software, hardware, accessories, etc. - to accommodate those with impairments or disabilities of every sort. Here, we will see the technology

  • Negative Perceptions Of People With Disabilities

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    Individuals who have disabilities are faced with a problem that several minority groups experience throughout the world. This problem relates to the negative perceptions placed on these minority groups. The perceptions becomes a reality for people inside the minority groups, including people with disabilities, and the counterparts of the minority groups begin to attach an identity on to the minority group based on the negative perceptions. For example, the society views people with disabilities as

  • The Natural Gas Production Of The United States Essay

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    them at the top of their field. Although Range Resources is a leader in the natural gas industry, there are still some who resist natural gas production for both safety and environmental concerns. Range Resources was originally started in 1976 as Lomak Petroleum Incorporated. In 1998 the name of the company changed to Range Resources. In 2004, Range Resources drilled the first successful vertical well in the Marcellus Shale. By 2007, they had five consecutive successful horizontal wells, and have