London Borough of Southwark

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  • Ministry of Sound Case Study Essay

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    the early stages logistically they had to deal with the issue of the clubs location being in a high crime rate borough of Southwark situated in Elephant & Castle. Also with “Acid House” derived music, the nightclub inherited the underground rave culture that is synonymous with the designer drugs of the 90’s such as ecstasy. The national drug offences crime rate is at 4.5 were as Southwark council is 18.6 far exceeding national average, this is shown in appendix 1. These

  • Gentrification Of Death Essay

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    Gentrification of death: Behind London’s burial crisis Seven boroughs in London contain no new grave space, and a further 19 will be unable to meet expected demand for burials over the next 20 years, according to local authorities. The shortage of burial space in the capital is reaching a critical stage in many of its 32 boroughs. Data shows that the majority of them currently lack the capacity to supply enough graves to meet the level of demand suggested by mortality projections over the next

  • Taste And Cultural Opinion On Taste

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    affected issues of taste and cultural opinion along with censorship. The use of censorship in tandem with taste is an interesting link that I shall hopefully explore and discuss. FUCKOFFEE is a coffee shop on Bermondsey Street located in the borough of Southwark in London. It has recently made the headlines around the world due to the shops exterior signage. The business owners were eventually threatened by the landlord with court proceedings and a legal injunction after the sign was brought to their attention

  • Characteristics Of Communities And Housing Over The City

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    property each area to suit all financial plans. People have no end of explanations behind living in London. (PLC, 2012) It remains an energising, cosmopolitan city where everyone can meet a wide range of individuals and experience a scope of societies from a night at the theatre to a day in Brixton market, and also the media, financial, and political capital of United Kingdom. (Yeboah, 2014) Living in London has spoken to incalculable eras of British and foreign nationals alike. The city’s charms are complex

  • Role Of A Teacher In Education

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    Understanding how children learn and therefore finding the best approach in how to educate students is the fundamental role of a teacher. If a teacher can properly understand the limitations that a student has in regard to learning and what inhibits them to be able to learn and then, in theory, a teacher can give them an individual approach to their education which will mean that they thrive in a classroom to the best of their ability. There are many theories regarding how a student is able to learn

  • Urban Real Estate Economics And Juxtaposes Them With Traditional Theories

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    THEORETICAL BACKGROUND This paper discusses and analyses modern theories of urban real estate economics and juxtaposes them with traditional theories. In earlier times, city life used to revolve around a central business district (CBD) which was the nerve centre of all economic, social and cultural activity. As a result, real estate prices reflected the proximity of the site to the CBD and they dropped the further one went from it. The dichotomy is often expressed through architecture, with high-rise

  • London Docklands Essay

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    London Docklands A Case study of: q Urban redevelopment / Urban regeneration q Economic decline and regeneration q In migration into an area and its impact q An urban planning scheme Where are the London Docklands? In the East End of London. Docklands covers an area of 2200 hectares, (21 sq kms) over 5 boroughs, Newham, Tower hamlet, Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwhich. The area covered by the London Docklands Redevelopment Corporation stretches

  • E-Counting

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    the Mayor of London and the London Assembly elections will begin. This process will take place in three count centres across London: Alexandra Palace, ExCeL, and Olympia. Count centre Constituency Barnet & Camden Brent & Harrow Alexandra Palace Enfield & Haringey North East (Hackney, Islington, and Waltham Forest) ExCeL Olympia Bexley & Bromley City & East (Newham, Barking & Dagenham, Tower Hamlets, and City of London) Greenwich & Lewisham Havering & Redbridge Lambeth & Southwark Croydon & Sutton

  • Laimer V. Latimer Case Summary

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    FACTS: In 1994 Mr. Latimer was found guilty of second-degree murder of his daughter Tracy Latimer, a 12-year-old girl who had a severe form of cerebral palsy. On a leave to appeal from the Superior Court of Canada (SCC), Mr. Latimer’s imposition of mandatory minimum sentence for second-degree murder constitutes "cruel and unusual punishment" in this case, so the accused should receive a constitutional exemption from minimum sentences under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. During the second

  • Law Case Report

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    At this point of time in my life I was still happy in my first long relationship, with my Ex Partner, this was from my first arrival at Burncroft Ave dated 2003 until December 2013 when everything started to change as I was placed on police stringalent bail conditions, which ment that I was not aloud to leave my home because on the 25/06/2013 the police came to my home they arrested me for wrongful allegations of burglary which I knew I did not commit. The police charged me, why I do not know. I