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  • The Vietnam War : The Longest And Most Controversial War Essay

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    The Vietnam War was the longest and most controversial war that involved the United States and it greatly impacted the United States. Some even compare this war to that of the United States’ involvement in Afghanistan. The Vietnam War lasted from November 1, 1955 until April 30, 1975. It was a cold war that took place in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao. North Vietnam backed by the Soviet Union was on one side against the opposing side of South Vietnam backed by the US, Philippines, and other non-communist

  • Vietnam War : The Longest And Most Unpopular American War

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    Vietnam War The Vietnam War was the longest and most unpopular american war of the twentieth century (Mintz S. & S. McNeil). Resulting in roughly 58,000 american deaths and 2 million vietnamese deaths, the twenty year war was a long and bloody battle that not only impacted the soldiers, but many civilians as well (“Vietnam War”). “It’s estimated that 70,000 to 300,000 Vietnam Veterans committed suicide and around 700,000 veterans suffered psychological trauma” (Rexy). Starting in (debateably) 1955

  • The Vietnam War Was The Longest Of The 20th Century

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    The Vietnam War was the longest of the 20th century spanning over 30 years from 1945 to 1975,; it complex nature mingled the problems of colonialism, nationalism, communism and power struggles of the great powers. It is also a major war since the American failure ended the policy of containment of communism worldwide, that was started at the end of the Second World War. Following that containment policy and it impacts on the war and the world in general, we come to the question that was it actually

  • Analysis of America's Longest War: the United States in Vietnam

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    experiment in nation building assumed the form of a crusade. Private charitable agencies provided food, soap, toothbrushes and emergency medical supplies. American money and technology helped to repair the vast damages resulting from more than a decade of war. More than any other single group, American aid allowed South Vietnam to survive the first few critical years after independence. By the late 1950s it appeared as though the new nation was flourishing. <br> <br>Herring reports that this was not exactly

  • The Longest War Rebecca Solnit Analysis

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    Rebecca Solnit, addresses the issues of gender inequalities and violence against women in her essay “The Longest War.” Solnit’s purpose is to shed a light onto the inequitable and often detrimental treatment of women, and to emphasize the need for change. She utilizes a compelling, matter-of-fact tone to optimize the effect her words will have on her readers, both male and female. “The Longest War” by Rebecca Solnit employs the rhetorical strategies of substance and context to highlight gender issues

  • Analysis Of The Longest War By Rebecca Solnit

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    “The Longest War” by Rebecca Solnit convinces readers that the violence against women are in the content of the United States and the world. Solnit presented information that is regarding violence and rape statistical and personal views of gender and the inequality of male violence toward comparing women’s violence to men or women. She uses numerical facts ad provides statements of how this affects the way women perceive their surroundings. Solnit clearly makes a strong frequency and violence of

  • The Longest War By Rebecca Solnit Essay

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    In the article entitled “The Longest War” from her 2014 book “Men Explain Things to Me”, Rebecca Solnit speaks about the issues surrounding the subject of male violence. She vehemently writes about how the plethora of male violence is being directed solely at women. She explains that a multitude of innocent women around the world are being abused by men. The amount of male violence taking place around the world is staggering; so much of it is happening everywhere. Solnit states the male gender is

  • America 's Longest Internal War

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    America’s Longest Internal War In the early days of the American government, there was a long struggle between the federalist, and the anti-federalist about the ratification of a constitution for a young nation. During that time, slavery was a source of labor, and commerce for our thirteen states, but this didn’t sit well with these human properties, because they wanted their grievances to be answered. Once it was clear that African-Americans were people who deserve the same rights as others too

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Longest War By Rebecca Solnit

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    For my rhetorical analysis, I read Rebecca Solnit’s essay “The Longest War,” which shed a light on the unequal treatment of men and women and the violence that women face throughout their lives, and around the world. In analyzing this essay, I looked at the context and the substance of Solnit’s essay. In terms of context, I looked primarily at her use of examples, and where these examples come from. First off, Solnit conveyed messages of gender inequality and violence from around the globe, rather

  • The war on terrorism in Afghanistan has been the longest war in the history of the United States of

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    The war on terrorism in Afghanistan has been the longest war in the history of the United States of America, the war that nobody wanted is finally coming to an end. Ever since the September 11th attack on the twin towers in the heart of New York, the United States has led a 13 year long war on terrorism in the war-torn country, Afghanistan. The ending of the war is a major turning point in the history of America and Afghanistan. The ending of the war will be the greatest test on the people of Afghanistan