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  • The Key Role Of Muscles In The Human Body

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    The spinal column, and muscles around it play a key role in our lives. Most of our structural support in our back comes from structures called vertebrae. In total the human has 33 vertebrae. The bodies of the vertebrae rest on intervertebral discs. These discs have a ring of fibrocartilage called annulus fibrosus with a substance in the center called pulposus. These tissues provide flexibility within the spinal column. The spinal cord runs through the vertebral foramen of each vertebrae. Some vertebrae

  • The Day Of Our Dissection Process

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    On the first day of our dissection process, the group before us also had the right portion of the back, which includes the following muscles: Trapezius, Latissimus dorsi, Triangle of auscultation, Lumbar triangle, Blood vessels and nerves, posterior triangle of neck, Rhomboid major, Rhomboid minor, Levator scapulae, Serratus posterior superior and inferior, Splenius capitis, Semispinalis, erector spinae, and Multifidus. Once it was our turn for the dissection process of the cadaver, the previous

  • Annotated Steak Research Paper

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    With so many ways to get it wrong, it's no wonder grilling a steak can be so hard. There are many types of steak cuts, meaning the part of the cow that the steak actually comes from. Steakhouses use cuts that come from the Longissimus dorsi and the Psoas major. The Longissimus dorsi are a pair of long, tender muscles that run down either side of the spine of the steer, outside the ribs, all the way from the neck to the hip (“High End Steaks”).There are four types of steaks that should be considered

  • Low Back Pain Essay

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    This region is important in allowing the range of motion. (14) Firstly the Multifidus, which travels almost the entire length of the back, aids with stabilization and rotation of the lumbar spine. Secondly the Longissimus, another long muscle, which originates in the middle of the lumbar spine, aids with neck and vertebral column extension. Thirdly, the Spinalis, is seen as a superficial muscle. It originates as a thick tendon from the sacrum and continues up into

  • Muscles: A Case Study

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    3. While performing the off-centre attitude in parallel different groups of muscles contract to produce movement needed to execute this balance. Beginning from the lower half of the body there are primary muscles that contract to produce dorsiflexion of the calcaneus: the tibialis anterior and pernoneous tertius are the agonists and the peroneous longus and peroneous brevis are the antagonists of this action. Although, when dorsiflexion reverses to plantaflexion the roles of agonist and antagonist

  • My Study On My Body Alignment While Sitting

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    I started my project and research by picking some research and learning goals. I decided I wanted to investigate what my own patterns of tensions were, how to release them, the relationship to the way I sit and neck tension and alignment, and what in particular causes this type of tension for me. My original hypothesis was “I would like to study my body alignment while sitting, specifically in my upper back between my two scapula and my neck. I want to study this alignment by actively journaling

  • The Anatomical Problem (FOP)

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    The anatomical problems of FOP are visibly present in all cases. The most common deformity is the curvature of the spinal column; it can be bent anteriorly at 90 degrees and also bent posteriorly at upwards to 50 degrees (raredisease.org). The arms of the human skeleton can be abducted or adducted contingent upon the position the arm is in when the muscles are ossified. The joints will become locked, most commonly the mandible (jaw bone) and coxal joint, as well as the joints of the elbow, knee,

  • Essay on Comprehensive assignment

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    1. (5 pts) Describe the metabolic process providing your energy while you were walking (at an easy pace) before the bee stung you. Include which molecules are being consumed. The metabolic process providing my energy while I was walking at an easy pace is aerobic metabolism. During aerobic metabolism, mitochondria absorb from the surrounding cytoplasm these molecules: ADP, phosphate ions, O2, and organic substances like pyruvate. These molecules go through the citric acid cycle. The electron

  • The Effect Of High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing On The Chemical Characteristics Of Different Lamb Cuts Essay

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    Effect of high hydrostatic pressure processing on the chemical characteristics of different lamb cuts Wu, Y. C.a, Hamid, N.a*, Oey, I.b, Ma, Q. L. a, Farouk, M.c aSchool of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand bDepartment of Food Science, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand cAgResearch MIRINZ, Ruakura Research Centre, Private Bag 3123, Hamilton 3240, New Zealand *Corresponding author: Dr. Nazimah Hamid

  • Helping Children with Cerebral Palsy: Locomotor Treadmill Training or Strength Training

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    INTRODUCTION Cerebral Palsy is a condition that involves the brain and nervous system which results in disorders in movement, learning, hearing, seeing and thinking. There has been a rise on the number of children who are diagnosed with CP since the 1960’s (Mattern-Baxter, 2010). After a child has been diagnosed with CP, it is important to help them regain their ability to walk. Cerebral palsy is a permanent but not unchanging condition that requires the help of medical professionals, the children