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  • How Do Knights Protect Their Weapons

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    When knights needed to defend themselves in battle, using the right weapon at the right time was extremely important as well as what armour they wore. Longswords were used to slash and jab while still being viable to use with one hand, while plate armour protected against those types of attacks. Projectile based weapons could engage on the enemy from a distance, but with the sacrifice of guaranteed damage. Most knights carried at least a sword into battle, and long ranged weapons were commonly used

  • Short Story : ' Into The Deadening Mist '

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    Onward, into the deadening mist. Braving the foreboding elements with nothing but flesh, leather and steel. He has said his prayers, and now, as always, he is ready to face his gods with sword in hand. He mused to himself “If I do not return, I will be feasting in the halls of my father’s gods, if I do return, I will be feasting on the juiciest boar that gold can buy.” In either case the glory that Steiner had always dreamed of is now his for the taking. Ever since Steiner was a young man, and

  • Samurai Classes

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    metal backing. Because of this, a Katana edge can be sharped fine without any repercussions unlike the Longsword, but overall it was a less resistant blade, Samurai sword got bent, they would need it reforged, Longswords would be more flexible because of it fully tempered steel, a hit that would a Katana, would flex with the Longsword and the Longsword would bend back straight. Weight wise Longswords, were versatile enough that it could be held in one hand or two, and feel like part of the arm, while

  • Personal Narrative-Heated Tie

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    this armchair. Two opponents stand a short distance apart from each other in a wide, sandy arena. The entire arena is empty save for the two wolves sizing each other up. The wolf on the left is female; she stands about five feet, but grips her longsword with both of her delicate paws like a professional. The handle of her sword is bound with black leather, the hilt decorated yet understated, with a long, polished steel blade. She is covered head-to-toe in shiny snow white fur which has been neatly

  • Master Chief Short Story

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    This is how the legend Master Chief went MIA. It all started about a decade ago when I had to go to a planet called Exodus. It was supposed to be a simple recon mission and nothing more. I was there just to scout out the planet and see if there was any inhabitants on the planet, but it all went south when I got boots on the ground. Everything there was really bright because this system had 2 suns. The first step I took on the ground, a squad of grunts and elites ambushed me. starting with the grunts

  • Ignorance In Two-Handed Swords

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    for the real thing. Although, they are probably most misrepresented in video-games and anime/manga. When the term two-handed sword is used in this paper, it’s referring to a few different types of swords. In this paper, it will be referring to longswords, greatswords, “bastard”

  • Greek Weapons

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    Throughout the Middle Ages, the creation and the types of weapons, as well as the techniques of using them, were all different and were suited for a knight’s own needs. Since every knight had unique characteristics and fighting styles, blacksmiths had to cast weapons that met their specifications. Additionally, the knights needed to be capable of using a plethora of weapons since each had a specific purpose for different scenarios such as using projectile weapons for ranged combat. In order to best

  • Ser Kobe's Honor

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    either opponent changed their minds and wished for a peaceful resolution, when it was clear there would be none they moved into the next steps of checking the weapons. Master Vincint used his own steel rapier and ser Kobe used sera Carla’s steel longsword. After both swords were deemed safe, the duel began. The duel was formal in all accounts; the two saluted and gave reverence to their second then lunged into combat. Quickly, Master Vincint took the lead, using his years of practice to knock ser

  • Knights: An Honorable Thing In The Middle Ages

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    always had carved patterns in every area on the plate. Armor wasn't the only thing that Knights brought to battle, the sword was the most valuable weapon to a knight which is a symbols to knighthood itself. Before the 14th century the double edged longsword was used for battle. As plate armor became commonly used, Knights then preferred more pointed swords so they could jab through the armor. Another weapon of choice is a mace which is like a big mallet and can concuss the opponent. These wars were

  • Creative Writing On Cyclops

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    an incoming downward slash from the cyclops by jumping on his arm. Without sparing a second I run up the arm of the cyclops who had his axe stuck in the stone floor trying to pull it out. I jump towards the cyclops eye and prepare to thrust my longsword. I put all my weight in the attack that thrust my sword deep into the cyclops' eye, blood spurts out from the wound, I tightly grip my sword