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  • A Utopian Society On A Small Remote

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    Thousands and thousands of years from now in a time when humans no longer walk the Earth, how will future beings know what their role in this large, vacant world should be? An imperative message that future people must discover and obey shall be their only way of knowing what once was, and what soon shall be, as long as they don’t mimic the actions of the Plutarch people. Future beings must heed the warnings of the Plutarch society and follow the guidelines set for them in this message, since the

  • Descriptive Essay On Polar Eagles

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    So, we went to Spitzbergen to see Arctic birds like the Ross’s Gull, Atlantic Puffin, Ivory Gull, Pink-legged Goose, and King Eider. But some of our most memorable moments were provided by polar bears. Spitzbergen (meaning jagged mountains) is a collection of islands northeast of Norway and halfway between the Arctic Circle and the North Pole. We cruised through these island on a former Royal Dutch Navy icebreaker which held our birding group of about a dozen and nearly 100 other passengers. Our

  • Atm Machine

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    An automated teller machine or automatic teller machine (ATM), also known as an automated banking machine (ABM) in Canada, and a Cashpoint (which is a trademark of Lloyds TSB), cash machine or sometimes a hole in the wall in British English, is a computerised telecommunications device that provides the clients of a financial institution with access to financial transactions in a public space without the need for a cashier, human clerk or bank teller. ATMs are known by various other names including ATM