Lords of the Admiralty

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  • The Island William Clarke Analysis

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    the Admiralty Courts of Great Britain. The Kingdom of Great Britain had recently formed a coalition to fight against the newly formed French Republic. The Admiralty had decided to meet on this day to discuss planning for the war. Lord Spencer, the first lord of the admiralty, spoke first, saying “Gentlemen, I greet you. I hope we can come to a conclusion that will benefit our country in this meeting.” “I have a proposition to make,” Came a reply from Sir James Gambier, a lord of the admiralty.

  • What Are The Causes Of Ww1

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    figures in history, then First Lord

  • The Person I Chose As My Leader

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    a hero and led him into the House of Commons, where his occupation reached over 60 years. He also earned the Nobel Prize for Literature on his books. Churchill maintained the Gallipoli campaign in 1915 where his failure forced him to quit the Admiralty. He later returned to the Government as Minister of Munitions in 1917. Then future to become Secretary for War and Air and Colonial Secretary. In these roles he controlled demobilization of the army after World War I tried ineffectively to standby

  • How Did Winston Churchill Define Greatness?

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    British public on his intentions , even in his resignation speech to the commons he claimed the Dardanelles was an “legitimate gamble” and phrase which was to haunt him for along time to come. During his time out of power Churchill with the aid of Lord Fisher desperately tried to explain there own side of Dardanelles , fighting for a commission to be set-up , an commission which wouldn’t completely clear Churchill’s name but would exonerate him from some of the blame . Later Historians shocked by

  • How the French and Indian War Lead to the American Revolution

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    After the fall of Puritan rule in Massachusetts, Great Britain regained control over Massachusetts and expanded throughout North America, making it one of the greatest empires in the world. In order to maintain their power in the colonies they enacted rules and regulations regarding traded goods. However, most colonists resorted to smuggling and boycotting items. It was not until the French and Indian War did England begin to strictly enforce these restrictions due to a large war debt. The Sugar

  • Sir Winston Churchill Of Blenheim Palace Woodstock England

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    later in life Churchill enjoyed a short but active career in the British army. He joined the fourth regiment in 1895 and served in the Indian northwest, where he saw action in the fight in Omdurman in the year of 1898. While working as Lord of the Admiralty in 1911, Churchill changed the British military, making the boat builders notified that new warships had to be built with oil instead of coal engines. He was one of the first bringing up army aircraft and set up the Royal Navy Air Service

  • Winston Churchill's War: Deadlock On The Western Front

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    y early 1915 with deadlock on the Western Front and the Russian army struggling in the east, First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill became the driving force behind a grand scheme to strike at the Central Powers on a new front in south-eastern Europe, knock Turkey out of the war and open up a much needed relief route to Russia through the Dardanelles. The campaign began with an attempt to force the Dardanelles by naval power alone but early bombardments on the coastal ports failed and on 18

  • Winston Churchill Character Analysis

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    were there as a surveillance force and not a military force the spanish gave him his first of many medals. When the Great War or World War I started he was appointed the First Lord of Admiralty and was incharge of the entire United Kingdom's navy. He was trying to find a root to get into the Ottoman Empire and Winston Churchill searched all throughout the Iberian Peninsula

  • Winston Churchill As An Important Politician And War Hero From A Young Age

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    Churchill played a crucial role in influencing history. Winston Churchill was destined to be an important politician and war hero from a young age. He was born November 30, 1874 in Woodstock England into a very prominent family. He was the eldest son of Lord Randolph Churchill. His mother was

  • Lusitania Essay

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    German submarine U- 20, who had fired a single torpedo 750 yards away from the ship, later called it the most horrible sight he had ever seen. The Lusitania entered service between Liverpool and New York on September 7, 1907. Funded by the British Admiralty, the Lusitania, built by the Cunard Steamship Company, was required to double as an auxiliary cruiser in case of war. This was a secret