Lorelai Gilmore

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  • Lorelai Victoria Gilmore

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    Prenatal/Perinatal Development It’s a girl! Lorelai Victoria Gilmore was born on April 26, 1968 with no known birth defects to Emily and Richard Gilmore. She got an APGAR rating of one for appearance, two for pulse, two for grimace, a one for activity, and a two for respiration. Her mothers choose to breast-feed her because “breast milk is almost always the best food” (lecture slides). She used disposable diapers because they are easier and Lorelai would just ruin the reusable ones anyway like

  • Gilmore Girl : A Short Story : Gilmore Girl

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    Gilmore Girl It was a normal evening for Lorelai Gilmore. She was sitting on the couch of her apartment located in Hartford, Connecticut, watching tv. Her coffee table was covered of in all kinds of drive-thru foods. Lorelai may have thought she was happy, but inside, she was not the least. She had gotten everything she wanted. A Yale scholarship, a very demanding, but great job as a lawyer for one of Hartford’s most biggest law firms, and of course lots and lots of money. She had everything except

  • Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalysis and the Characters in Amy Sherman-Palladino's Gilmore Girls

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    Sherman-Palladino, the creator of Gilmore Girls, essentially wrote the show about nothing. After not having a job for years, Sherman had writer’s block. On television, everything she saw seemed the same, identical characters and paralleling plots, she desired to create something different. Once, she had visited the small town of Washington, Connecticut and loved the “everyone knows everything” idea. So she thought, “Why not make a show about it?” After tweaks by the production company, Gilmore Girls was born. Although

  • Reflection Of Fight Club

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    Reflection One: Fight Club Fight Club (1999) is a film directed by David Fincher based on the Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel of the same name. Within popular culture Fight Club is regarded as a cult-classic and, in my opinion, is both a fantastic novel and film. However, this reflection will primarily analyse Fight Club (1999) the film adaption rather than Fight Club (1996) the novel. Fight Club is subjected to several different polarising genres throughout its complicated storyline including social

  • Play Analysis: The Gilmore Girls

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    About three years ago, when my sister suggested that I begin watching Gilmore Girls, I immediately said yes. Having heard nothing about the show other than its name, I was completely basing my decision off how much I have enjoyed other shows that my sister has presented to me. Growing up with a sister eleven years older than me, I feel that I belong in her generation more than with my own. When most of her favorite shows were on air, I was too young to care or be interested in watching. However,

  • The Influence Of Fashion Codes In American Beauty Culture

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    Photos of youthful, skinny ladies (and teens) are seen all over TV, magazines, social media sites and even kids toys like Barbie and Ken, dolls and puppets. These pictures portray what the perfect women should look like in American Beauty Culture. Society today has ladies (and teens) being either skinny and starving or stout and full. I know numerous women, I included, who think they are ugly in light of the width of their clothes. According to Fatema Mernissi in “Size 6: The Western Women’s

  • Narrative Essay About Gilmore Girls

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    Lorelai raised me. Luke fed me. Emily wanted me. And above all, Richard knew me. Stars Hallow, circa 2001, stands as the place I come from. At the cusp of Autumn, it all began. The necessary foliage is sprinkled purposely around the gutters. There She Goes, is playing in the background. This is Gilmore Girls, at its best. Hold back your flashbacks. Stop thinking of Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Seventh Heaven, or any other 90’s teenage crap drama. This show is so much more than a single mom, a

  • The Democratic Party And The Republican Party

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    For centuries, two main political parties, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party, have divided the United States government. The Democrats are considered the liberal political party and can trace its roots all the way back to Thomas Jefferson when they were known as Jefferson’s Republicans and they strongly opposed the Federalist Party and their nationalist views. Republicans are considered the conservative political party and try to uphold more traditional values. The Republican Party came

  • Happy Gilmore Character Analysis

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    Happy Gilmore is a comedic 90's movie about the transition from an ineffective hockey player to a talented golfer. This is a 1996 film, Adam Sandler, who portrays Happy Gilmore faces few obstacles when learning how to play golf. The reason why he joins a golf tournament was that he needed the money to save his grandmother's house. His grandmother has not pay taxes for past 10 years so she owed $270,00 otherwise her home would be lost. Happy Gilmore is a naïve and absurd character that struggles with

  • The Most Dangerous Character Analysis

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    Picture a ballroom dance, beautiful, elegant, and intriguing. Now remove the dancers from the stage, and now the stage is empty, dull, and pointless. Much like a story without dynamic characters. In “The Most Dangerous” written by Richard Connell, dynamic characters effectively engage the audience. One character that shows this is Rainsford, a big game hunter lost on a tropical island. On the island he comes across General Zaroff who is also a hunter, but not in the conventional way. Beatrice (Tris)