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  • Personal Narrative: My 11th Class At Los Angeles City College

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    adopt. A lifestyle full of responsible choices and a well managed schedule. After a few weeks of struggling I finally started to get the hang of it. My grades were looking great until I decided that I wanted to take a 10 hour a week college class at Los Angeles City College. My life began to fall apart as soon as the class started. Every Monday and Wednesday I was forced to rush home on the metro then make my way to class to let physics 101 lessons consume me. It was fantastic at the time. I loved every

  • Analysis Of The East Los Angeles College Transfer Center

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    The department that I reviewed using the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) was the East Los Angeles College (ELAC) Transfer Center. I am currently doing my graduate assistantship at the ELAC Transfer Center. Therefore, I thought it would be a more meaningful experience to choose this department to review using the CAS standards because it offers the opportunity to learn more about the department and probably provide my supervisor suggestions that can help improve the department to be

  • Reflection

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    a former co-worker and adviser, I decided to observe Carmen Macias from East Los Angeles College (ELAC). I wanted to interview her because I knew first hand of her impressive work ethic. In addition, she serves at an institution that services students who come from my home high school of South Gate, CA. ELAC is located in Monterey Park and is one of the nine community colleges apart of the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). The class profile consist of first year students who are a part

  • The City Hall Building Stand Out

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    been to public meeting in his or her own country, but instead went to one in the United State. The City Hall building stand out by itself given the historical look to it. It was busy as it was regular business day, people come in and out by seconds. There are also lots of public service buildings surrounded the City Hall, such as fire department, police station, city library, Hall of Justice, Los Angeles Historical Monument and much more. It was surprisingly interesting to observe public service buildings’

  • Reflection on How Master of Science in Public Administration Influenced My Opinions

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    My thoughts of public service prior to the MSPA program? My thoughts about public service before I entered the Master of Science in Public Administration (MSPA) program at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), were most likely different from those of someone who received an undergraduate degree in Public Administration. My undergraduate degree was in Criminal Justice, and my thoughts of public service were conceived from my personal interactions I had with public service agencies and

  • Case Study: Bell California

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    blue collar community which is one of the poorest cities in Los Angeles County, where the politicians had an easy time of taking advantage of the community. There are just two main streets with one having small shops and another a few blocks away with a few commercial stores. Many of the residents that live in Bell work for the city or receive public aid so not many people would speak out against any corruption that might be occurring within the city. Much of the residents are Hispanic or Latino and

  • Ethnography: UCLA Extension

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    installed City Light Pole banners in strategic areas of the San Fernando Valley to promote the new UCLA Extension campus. Twitter: @uclaextension has opened a new campus in Woodland Hills! GMM installed banners in areas of the #SFValley to promote the new campus. Instagram: UCLA Extension has opened a new campus at the Warner Center in Woodland Hills! GMM installed City Light

  • Personal Narrative: The American Dream

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    Los angles is one of the cities where people try to achieve the “American dream”. Even though the “American Dream” is different from people to people. To me, Los Angeles means a new beginning…my new beginning. I have moved to Los angles in search of success in education and life, to prove to myself that I can be independent. I am from an immigrant family from Ethiopia. And every time growing up I imagined what kind of life I would have there in Ethiopia, not even once had it crossed my mind that

  • Supremacy And Cuisines Vs San Francisco

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    “Supremacy and Cuisines, Los Angeles v. San Francisco” It is the typical rivalry that separates the fine state of California right down the middle. It tends to claim superiority between Northern California and Southern California. Something that is very prominent, and usually occurs between the different colleges and/or sports teams, such as the Giants vs. Dodgers or UCLA vs. UC-Berkeley, but does not happen to be the case this time around. As discussed in a recent debate, the battle for supremacy

  • Hunting And Fishing Industry Research Paper

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    Getting paid to go hunting and fishing sounds like a dream job, right, Well, it's a lot harder than you think. After comparing Texas A&M, The University of California - Los Angeles and Louisiana State University based on rural area, strength of program, and job opportunities, the University of Southern California - Los Angeles would be the best choice in helping me pursue my career in the outdoor industry. But as much fun as this sounds, there is allot of stress that accompanies it. I would like