Louisiana State University

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  • Louisiana State University Cheermen

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    dreamers all over the United States universally favor Louisiana State University. Many young people aspire to become an LSU Tiger. Some of them aim to become a Louisiana State University football player, while others desire to become a member of the popular LSU cheerleading squad. Claire Walpole, a varsity cheerleader at Weston High School, was able to fulfill a dream that she had for an exceptionally long time. She had the chance to cheer with the Louisiana State University cheerleading squad. It was

  • Louisiana State University Job Analysis

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    Our life is based on a series of complex decisions we have to make, some right and some wrong, but even wrong decisions can motivate us. Two months before my college graduation, I personally realized I made the wrong decision. One year earlier, I decided to become an elementary school teacher. Due to tuition increasing, I decided not to change my major to education because I was paying for school out of pocket.. My plan was to graduate in business and then pursue a teaching certificate. Therefore

  • Louisiana State University Student Style Report

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    My subject for this style profile was Adele Ory a twenty-year-old student at Louisiana State University. Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, Adele lives in Baton Rouge while she attends school. She is a heterosexual, cisgender female, who is additionally a member of Delta Gamma sorority. Adele is a full time student but also works on campus as an aide in the Mass Communications Department. Adele’s look for the day featured running tennis shoes, athletic leggings, a sorority t-shirt, and a pull-over

  • The And Gold Tour Bus From Louisiana State University

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    On Losing Everything This past week I saw that purple and gold tour bus from Louisiana State University in my town, not only surprising me but also forcing me to think back on my childhood in the south. Growing up in southern Louisiana one must be prepared for major storms and flooding at less than a day’s notice. Hurricanes are powerful storms that can ravish towns and can be deadly for people and animals alike. Hurricane Katrina tore through the Gulf Coast in August of 2005, and I was in the midst

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Volunteer At Louisiana State University

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    During my freshman year at Louisiana State University (LSU), I became a member of a volunteer organization- Geaux BIG Baton Rouge. This organization is a large, one-day service experience that unites LSU students and the surrounding Baton Rouge community. Ultimately, the goal of this organization is to encourage the entire student body to serve our neighboring residents, regardless of their socioeconomic status, as well as the local organizations that work tirelessly to improve the city that we call

  • A Search For A Provost And Vice Chancellor Of Academic Affairs At Louisiana State University

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    your announcement of a search for a Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS). The announcement of this search drew my attention because I am familiar with the reputation for excellence and commitment to student success built by LSUS over the last 50 years. I have a keen interest in promoting the university’s vision of being “a premier regional university recognized for excellence in teaching, scholarly activity, and service.” I am certain

  • Education Is Not An Obligation

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    is my aspiration to attend the university of my dream and be changed into a better version of myself through the process of graduation; however, before that can happen, I must decide which school is right for me. When I first started to research colleges, I came across LSU, Louisiana State University, a large school with about 26, 156 undergraduates located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (www.collegeboard.com). Due to the fact, my family was originally from Louisiana, LSU was a household name for me

  • The Effects Of Huey Long 's Bills Affecting Our State

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    Has anyone here ever stopped and wondered why LSU is the size it is today or why there never seems to be a shortage of schools wherever you go in the state. Whether you have or not, these are both causes of Huey Long’s bills affecting our state, also known as the reign of the Kingfish. Huey Pierce Long was born on August 30, 1893, in the town of Winnfield located in Winn Parish to Mrs. Caledonia Long and Mr. Huey Long, Sr. The young Huey was the seventh of nine children (his younger siblings being

  • Student Athletes Should Be Paid Analysis

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    For student athletes at major institutions such as Louisiana State University, they offer scholarships to young men and women to apply their athletic talents. For football players a scholarship valued at eight thousand dollars per year falls pitifully short for what should be fair compensation. Louisiana State University’s football team generates millions annually. As a self supporting university, Louisiana Sate University football team generates enough funding to support all men and women’s sports

  • The Importance Of The Tower Of Pisa

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    The Tower of Pisa is a major cite in Italy due to its natural, but not intended, lean. The bell tower stands at close to one hundred ninety feet tall with one side noticeable being shorter than the other. The reason for the lean of the tower is due to the soil and weight distribution. The weight of the building is so heavy and the soil itself was not very stable. (Urban Climatology). The stair case on the inside of the bell tower is made of marble and took over three hundred years to be completely