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  • Lucky Child By Loung Ung

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    The book Lucky Child by Loung Ung tells the story about Loung who was fortunate to escape the terrifying invasion of the Khmer Rouge and escape to america.The pressure of dealing with assimilation and trying to fit in leaves Loung lost in the journey of trying to find out who she really is. “When Pol Pot’s communist Khmer Rouge stormed into the city April 17, 1975,my charmed life came to an end. On that day, Cambodia became a prison and all its citizens prisoners.”(Ung,1) That is the first flashback

  • Short Story : First They Killed My Father By Loung Ung

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    khmer rouge in 1975, forcing all of the people who lived in the city to evacuate. Loung Ung’s family was forced out of their second class home during the evacuation. Desensitization played a huge role in the loss of innocence that took place during this biography. In the biography “First They Killed My Father” written by Loung Ung, Loungs loss of innocence is destroyed due to the harsh rule of the Khmer Rouge. Loung is thrown into the midst of the war almost instantly. “Yesterday I was playing hopscotch

  • Who Is Loung Ung

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    story was Loung Ung, a 5 year old and a second last born who comes from a middle class family of eight children. She was a daughter of a former member of the Cambodian Royal secret service and they lived in Phnom Penh. Loung's father loved gambling and used to win most of the times until the day he went too far and bet all his money and house on a game to the extent of almost losing his own family. The Khmer rouge was a group of communists who stormed Phnom Penh city in 1975 which forced the Ung family

  • The Vietnam War: The Rise Of The Khmer Rouge

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    commit entirely, regardless of their orders because they believed it was in the best interest of Cambodia. An example of this in First They Killed My Father was when Loung Ung was promoted to soldier status. From there, constant propaganda against the Vietnamese was constantly used to ensure they would fight against them. Ironically, Loung Un, who always resented the Khmer Rouge, developed a fear of the Vietnamese and at one point, actually shot into foliage as she believed the Vietnamese were near due

  • First They Killed My Father Essay

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    written by Loung Ung, Ung explores the idea of survival. The story is about a middle class Cambodian family who lives in Phnom Penh. A regular morning in the life of Loung Ung suddenly turns into a tragedy and the whole tone of the story shifts. The city of Phnom Penh fleas in fear of the U.S bombing the city. The Ung family travels from camp to camp and village to village while slowly running low on food and strength,

  • Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel And First They Killed My Father

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    devices—which include symbolism, irony, and theme. Night by Elie Wiesel, and First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung are two pieces of literature that recollect the memories of the authors during traumatic events; Night is set during the Holocaust, while the latter is set in Cambodia during the harsh rule of Pol Pot. The literary devices present in each text are utilized by Wiesel and Ung in unique and similar ways to communicate the extent of what they felt . Both novels utilized symbols in order

  • Loung Ung: First They Killed My Father

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    Childhood wartime experiences have an impact on Ung’s life. Loung Ung is a Cambodian-born American human-rights activist and lecturer. She wrote a memoir called “First They Killed My Father” and talks about the war in Cambodia and experiences. As a result of the war in Cambodia, Ung’s childhood was impacted because she experienced no freedom of religion, a lack of privacy and a lack of individuality . An example is of the war, Ung having no freedom of religion since the Khmer Rouge limited this

  • First They Killed My Father By Loung Ung

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    There is a thin line between living and surviving. In the memoir, First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung, it is evident that one’s ability to live a comfortable life is often times thwarted by factors that force many to try and survive. Cambodian-born American human rights activist, Loung Ung, is a survivor of the Cambodian genocide that took place from 1975 to 1979. While under the influence of Cambodia’s new communist government, the Khmer Rouge, around 1.5 million men, women, and children died

  • Analysis Of First They Killed My Father By Loung Ung

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    In First They Killed My Father, Loung Ung talks about the downfall of Cambodia when the country is being taken over by the Angkar soldiers and Khmer Rouge during war. Loung Ung’s childhood wartime experiences in Cambodia impacted her life in multiple ways. One way Ung’s childhood experiences affected her life wasn't being able to practice a religion. In her memoir, Ung wrote, “The Khmer Rouge government also bans the practice of religion. Kim [her brother] says the Angkar does not want people worshiping

  • Personality In First They Killed My Father By Loung Ung

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    had to keep going” (Ty). This is from a survivor of the tragic Cambodian genocide that is explained by Loung Ung in her novel First They Killed My Father. The story goes in depth of her struggles during the genocide being only the age of 5. She puts on a display of strength and perseverance during her journey as a victim of the Khmer Rouge. In the book, First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung, Ung explores the idea of composure to develop the theme that composure in tense situations will help all