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  • Love: Love And Love

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    Love. Friendship. Love or friendship. Why does one have to pick between one or the other? A relationship has recently ended. One full of ultimatums, broken promises, violence... emotionally and physical violence. Relationship that has, over the months, become full of lies, mistrust and toxic. It was hard to walk away from something and someone who one has gotten use, use to waking up every morning, talking to every single day, and simply their presence. How does one become so feed up to the point

  • Love In Love : My Love Of Love

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    Love - a word which can make you or break you. Maybe my story isn't heart wrenching, but every story is special. For me, he's special. A love story in which I could never find him beside me physically but I knew he’s with me. I could feel his presence. It’s been 11 months. 11 months of togetherness. 11 months with 11.000 times break up. 11 months of wait to see him, to just have a glance of him. 11 months of separation. 11 months of the long distance. 11 months of being in love with an Army Man

  • Love And Love : My Love Of Love

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    this did not stop me, and I continued my kindergarten career chasing after a boy in my class, making him hold my hand every time we went to recess. Alas, this crush continued until middle school, and I will always remember this boy as my first-first love at sight. Despite the infatuation my six year old self found herself in, there laid a sort of mystery around girls. It was not until I was in sixth grade when I started developing an inclining around

  • The Love Of Love

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    and some find love early and or easily while some will never find it. When you think about what life is truly about you’ll come to realize the grim truth of life and its true purpose. All in all life is made unfair to force people to change and the changes we choice to make effect so much of the future that we could never begin to comprehend. In life most people fight for the love that they want. Soldiers die for their love for the countries they come from, criminals kill for the love of their families

  • Love And Love

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    humans how we think and feel. Anything that someone reads from Shakespeare can see the meaning of what he is trying to say. Like “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” In this poem, he is express his feeling about love and uses nature to compare beauty. In his work, not everything is love and beauty, but also a sexual desire like “Th’ expense of spirit in a waste of shame.” Shakespeare wrote from different points of views, meaning, themes, and created an imagery as you read his work. Reading “My mistress’

  • The Love Of Love In Love And Marriage

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    because in the end you will always be my girl. No matter that we are far from each other. No matter if circumstances do keep us apart. You and I share this awesome bond that is filled with only love. And until the day that we can be in each other’s arms, you will always live in my heart. With love in your soul. Hope in your heart. Belief in yourself. A person will never feel broken again. Your breath taking smile even puts the brightness of the moon to shame. Your beautiful fragrance even

  • Love And Love: The Elements Of Love

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    The experience of love is very rare because this is not just a feeling rather than this connects two souls. Whenever we ask, “what is love?” It simply addresses the meaning to the question, which we wonder “Am I loved?” Or we ask “Do I love?” When we are loved, we tend to feel it intuitively in our guts. But he does it work? Is there an extrasensory perception in the heart that is able to read the feelings in another person’s heart, In fact? , it is really not that ethereal or supernatural. On the

  • Love On Love : The Power Of Love

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    This is about love. “Yousef came back… [Mama] with a softer disposition, her austerity perhaps conquered by delirium. I saw her that day in the fullness of motherhood, with all wounds of her life and broken mind momentarily healed,” (Abulhawa, 86). The power of love is so strong that after being delirious for days, not eating and being mentally broken, she acts with great affection to Yousef. “A tear slid from the corner of the Arab’s eye. Ismael!”,(Abulhawa, 99). This was when Ismael was face to

  • Love And Love: The Definition Of Love

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    Love & Hate I never understood what people meant when they’d say “there’s a fine line between love and hate”. I was taught love was “good” and hate was “bad”. Someone even tried to convince me that hate doesn’t exist. But just like “good” and “bad”, one cannot exist without the other. I have asked myself countless times how two words, or better yet feelings, that are supposed to be antonyms, opposites, are so similar. What is love? What is that feeling that has inspired millions of songs and films

  • Love Essay : The Love Of Love

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    don’t get why Anthony is still trying to get with me and after everything that’s happened between us you would think damn he hates her or just wow he’s finally over her. Well no he isn’t, he still “loves” me and at this point it’s exhausting being “loved” by someone that truly never cared. Young love sucks ass. It’s been so long and me and him are still fighting over the same stuff that happened a year ago. We fought everyday and night and it always just left me crying in the middle of the night