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  • Tone, By Richard Lovelace

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    same subject but with very different tones. The way I received each poem was very different. The first, by Richard Lovelace titled “To Lucasta” had a passionate tone while the second poem by Wilfred Owen titled “Dulce et Decorum Est” had a cynical tone. The tones of these poems were created using similar literary devices but their results were very different. While short, Richard Lovelace says much through the tone in his 17th century poem “To Lucasta.” At first glance the poem seems very organized

  • The Life And Accomplishments Of Lovelace

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    Lovelace was born in 1618, his birth place is unknown, but suspected to be either Woolwich, Kent or Holland. He was born into a wealthy family that owned a considerable amount of Kent. His father, Sir William Lovelace, was a wealthy Kentish Knight. He was a soldier and died during the Spain and Holland war in the Siege of Groenlo a few days before the town fell. When his father died, Lovelace was only 9 years old. His mother Anne Barne Lovelace was a prominent merchant and public official from

  • Biography of Richard Lovelace

    565 Words  | 2 Pages Born the sibling of four brother and three sisters, Richard Lovelace a poet of the 17th century. Born with wealth and accomplish in many things. Richard was the eldest son of Sir Williams and Anne Barnes Lovelace. Richard was a Cavalier poet and a Metaphysical poet. Richard father held a big position in the military. Richard was a great poet and had a wonderful and highly family. Richard Lovelace studied as for high school was good. Richard attended Dawson high school

  • How Did Ada Lovelace Influence Literature

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    How did Ada Lovelace influence literature? Well, for starters, she was very good at writing. Her father was the famous poet, Lord Byron. She had been surrounded by literature, mathematics, and science from the time she was just a child.(Bio, page one) After spending a lot of time learning and studying math and science, the time eventually came when she met Charles Babbage. Charles Babbage had come up with an idea of an invention, but needed help it to become well known. That’s where Ada comes in

  • Augusta Ada King or Count of Lovelace was born with the name Augusta Ada Byron but who’s now known

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    Augusta Ada King or Count of Lovelace was born with the name Augusta Ada Byron but who’s now known as Ada Lovelace was born on December 10th, during the year of 1815. She was born in London and died November 27th, in 1852. She was the daughter of a famous poet known as Lord Byron. Ada is reflected to have printed instructions for the first computer program in the mid 1800s. She was best known for being a skilled mathematician. Ada Lovelace was encouraged to be a mathematician from her

  • Ada Augusta Lovelace

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    who could stand up and be noticed in the earlier years. In the early nineteenth century, Ada Augusta Byron Lovelace, made herself known among the world of men and her work still influences today's world. She is considered the "Mother of Computer Programming" and the "Enchantress of Numbers." The world of computers began with the futuristic knowledge of Charles Babbage and Lady Lovelace. She appeared to know more about Babbage's work of the Analytical Engine than he himself knew. During the time

  • Ada Lovelace Research Paper

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    Ada Lovelace: The “Enchantress of Numbers” In a world that is currently dominated by computers, it’s hard to imagine what it was like before they were invented. Though computers only began having a major influence in the last 60 years, the idea for them was first conceived almost 200 years ago. This technology would not have been possible without the work of Ada Lovelace, who is considered one of the pioneers in the field of computer programming. She had a vision of the possible benefits and capabilities

  • Ada Lovelace Obstacles

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    Ada Lovelace – born Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace in 1815 – is widely considered to the world’s first programmer. Being the daughter of the famous poet Lord Byron and Lady Byron, Ada Lovelace was afforded the ability to study math and science from a young age. This was a rare affordance, even for women from aristocratic families. At 17, Ada met another famous figure of computer science, Charles Babbage, who helped shape the work she would do. Unfortunately, Ada spent much of her life

  • Lovelace Research Paper

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    In the twentieth century, however, the source of her fame moved/changed from her family background to her own (challenging things accomplished or completed). Interested in mathematics and science from an early age, Lovelace studied the former on a mostly (driven to do things without needing pressure from others) basis, but with occasional help from many of the scientific and mathematical influential people of her day, including Charles Babbage (1791-1871) and Mary Somerville (1780-1872). Lovelace's

  • The Song Of The Md Poem Analysis

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    Throughout history, people of different backgrounds have perceived the act of going to war differently, and it was often reflected in literature in the form of poetry. Some poets, such as Richard Lovelace and Alfred Lord Tennyson, glorified and honored sacrifice; in contrast, others like Mary Borden and Wilfred Owen, condemned war and viewed it as a waste of life. The two poetry collections, while both discuss the effect of going to war, have very distinct central themes. The difference can be depicted