Lowest common denominator

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  • Questions On Marketing Your Business Essay

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    and deliver more value without having to make price the single most important part of the customer equation. Here’s how. 1. Make an offer. The success of any ad campaign whether online or in print is “the offer”. Price is always the lowest common denominator and does nothing other than erode margin. Think “high perceived value” in crafting your offer. “Buy a case and get a free shirt”, “Buy 9 lamps and get the 10th free” (create a “grow light card”). Bottom line, people respond to offers.

  • Why Lsd And Magic Mushrooms

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    Once again, eyes burning from exhaustion, fingers near whittled to the bone, heart pumping with caffeine and nicotine, I find myself ensnared in the vast tangles of the inter-web, each title ever more enticing than the last. Peculiarly, this time it was a Time article entitled-“Do LSD and Magic Mushrooms Have a Place In Medicine,” by Alexandra Sifferlan. Again, my natural instinctual wonder takes control and I click. I was surprised to see how many experts in disarray by its schedule-I illegality

  • Democracy : The Best Political System

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    Democracy is often portrayed as the best political system because it allows everybody to vote, and to have an opinion, regardless of social status. This is often misused when people assume what the majority wants is what everybody needs the most. Or that since everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, then all opinions are equal and there is no way one claim can be worse or better than any other claim. In reality, the rule of majority is simply promoting the most favorable option. The results of

  • Presidential Debates

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    he was up to par with his looks. Another way they make their appearance look better in comparison is to draw attention away from themselves and attack their opponent's character. This technique is referred to as ad hominem and it is one of the most common ones used in this year’s presidential debates. A prime example of this is when Donald Trump once said, “Unstable Hillary Clinton, lacks the judgment, temperament and moral character to lead this country -- and I believe that so strongly,” he then

  • Equally Consider This

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    In Peter Singer’s All Animals are Equal, he presents an argument for equal consideration for members of nonhuman species, otherwise known as animals. In this paper, I will argue that Singer’s argument does not prove that animals are deserving of equal consideration because it contains a premise that is not obviously true. The premise I believe to be inadequately supported is the premise that there is no property that all human sentient creatures have that not all sentient creatures have that would

  • This Guest Post Essay

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    where we belong and what we believe. Who see the humanity in those who take the same positions we do, and in those who are bitterly opposed. Who believe to simplify the cause is to undermine the cause. And that to reduce the issues to the lowest common denominator is to reduce the personhood of those who don’t agree with us. We are the new revolutionaries who know that nothing is as simple as it appears, that things are more murky than maybe either side feels comfortable admitting, and that the act

  • Celebrities And Consumer Culture Of Citizens

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    Celebrities and consumers alike have evolved thoroughly throughout the years, which has led to them overlapping quite exponentially. Personalities are interlinked majorly with consumers since without the other; the other would cease to exist. This is evident as celebrities livelihood relies completely upon the consumer culture of citizens, which is what makes them famous, and gives them that celebrity role. Whilst this is apparent, the links involve As stated by Graeme Turner in Understanding Celebrity

  • Basic Concept on Fractions

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    above tells how many parts are taken. * Denominator – the number below tells how many equal parts the whole is divided. * Fraction bar – line that separates the two numbers. It also indicates division. There are several kinds of fraction and they are grouped into two: INDIVIDUAL FRACTIONS and GROUP FRACTIONS Individual Fractions are taken as one. They are— 1. Proper Fraction - a fraction whose numerator is less than the denominator Examples: 34 , 78 , 57

  • Esla Rubrics

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    how 1 foot was equal to 12 inches and therefore 12 times 4 was 48. They then had to make the make division problem when we said 5/6 year = x months. One student was even able to identify that she could find the lowest common denominator and multiply both the numerator and the denominator to get 10/12. She then said that the answer was 10 months because 10 was the part and 12 was the whole. This student was able to share her thinking with the class and was praised by the teacher. As part of their

  • Synthesis Essay: Coloring Music Vs Acoustic Folk Music

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    If you took one look at my Spotify (online radio) history, you might come to the conclusion that it was not used only by me but some awkward combination of my family and friends. I don't know what stylistic similarities they have that make me enjoy them, but if the music sounds good and stirs emotion within me then I’ll listen to it. Usually one artist or song can send me into a deep dive of the genre which ends in many albums being added to the collection. While listening to Bob Dylan’s Highway