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  • Netw240 Week 2 Lap Report Essay

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    Step 2: File System Navigation 2: Display a long listing of the ⁄etc directory. Enter ls -l ⁄etc. Verify that the output is from the ⁄etc directory and is a long list. What type of files may you find in this directory? Write your answer below. Various configuration files for the system 3: Display a long listing of the ⁄bin directory. Enter ls -l ⁄bin. Verify that the output is from the ⁄bin directory and is a long list. What

  • Essay about Michael

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    command line. Which of the following shells enable the use of scripts? (Choose all that apply.) A. Bash B. csh D. zsh You frequently use the command ls-a and want to save time by just entering l to do the same thing. Which of the following commands enables you to set your system to view hidden files by only entering l? D. alias l= "ls -a" You have written a script, but when

  • Linux Discovery Exercise -1

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    Chapter 1 1. Use the whatis command to determine the purpose of the ls command. Command: whatis ls Explanation: ls displays the content of a directory 2. Use the man program to find out what the -R option does when used with the date command. output date and time in RFC 2822 format. Example: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 12:34:56 -0600 3. Use the man program to determine what other commands you should also see in relation to the clear command tput(1), terminfo(5) This describes

  • Essay about Doc. Unix

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    window ls -a d. dir < display 13. You are creating a file to send over the Internet via a satellite connection that only allows you to send files under 250 KB.Which of the following commands enables you to determine the number of bytes in the file before you

  • Essay on LS Unit 521

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    Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care Learner Name: Unit Title: 521 Facilitate and development of effective group practice in health and social care or children and young people’s setting Learner statement Assessor Use Only- Assessment Criteria Met Learner to provide narrative under each statement of how they meet the criteria. You must provide answers to each question that allow your assessor to properly assess what work duties you are doing or what role you have within your

  • Target Market of Holden Monaro Essay examples

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    The Holden Monaro is a coupe sports car in the line of HSV, or Holden Sports Vehicles, made by its namesake Australian company. The car comes in a couple different specifications, but the engine is always either a V6 or a V8, making it a powerful and fast vehicle. The original Monaro was created in 1968 with different “species” of car throughout the next three years. The second generation of Holden Monaros was begun in 1971, which changed the body design of the car completely as well as made the

  • 2012 Dse Ls Paper 1 Q.2

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    2a. Identify and explain the public health risk highlighted in Source A. (4 marks) According to Source A, the public health risk highlighted is second hand smoke (SHS). In the picture, since the smokers, who are the parents, are smoking in the public area, thus lead to the people around them, who are their children, unavoidably inhale the SHS. They look very bitter and they have to wear masks to avoid the SHS. Thus, lead to poor respiratory health of both smokers and the surrounding people

  • Three Point Technique to Estimate Task Duration, Es-Ef, Ls-Lf Procedure to Indentify Critical Path.

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    The total duration of the construction project by adding the estimated task duration serially would give us 70 weeks. But some tasks within some activities can be done in parallel sequence or simultaneously, which would significantly reduce the construction project completion time using the critical path method (CPM). In this method the longest path is the critical path which runs through one of the route in the project network diagram from start to finish. This project network diagram is illustrated

  • Primary Care Providers ( Pcp )

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    a patients understanding of risk perceptions and acceptance of genetic risk associated to LS cancers, as PCP support is influential in an individual’s ability to adjust to carrier status and acceptance of surveillance regimens (Marquez et al., 2013; Marzuillo et al., 2013). PCP’s knowledge of LS screening of patients with cancers in a health care delivery organizations can be instrumental in assessing of LS, implementation, and knowledge of collaborating with a genetic team in a patients care, ensuring

  • Aggression And Its Effects On Human Behavior Essay

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    associated with aggressive behaviors, it is possible the brain may have evolved certain mechanisms to control the expression of this behavior (Wong et al., 2016). There have been many studies conducted that suggest the hypothalamus or the lateral septum (LS) are involved in the suppression of aggression (Bard, 1928; Potegal, Blau, & Glusman, 1981; Lee & Gammie, 2009). Bard (1928) conducted a series of experiments that involved the removal of different areas of the diencephalon (area above the brain stem)