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  • Saint Gemma Galgani Essay

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    Saint Gemma Galgani was born on March 12, 1878 in Lucca, Italy. She was baptized the day after she was born. Her mother named her Gemma because she wanted her to be a “gem” of Heaven. Gemma loved to pray at a little age. Her mother took Gemma and her siblings to mass daily and confession often. She showed Gemma the crucifix frequently and taught her that Jesus loves us and died for us on the cross. Gemma also attended school which was taught be the Sisters of Saint Zita. She was quiet, but still

  • Diction And Diction In Dante Alighieri

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    Born and raised in Florence during periods of political instability and fragmentation, Dante Alighieri, a devoted White Guelph and poet, became very familiar with the conflicts rising between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines––and between the Blacks and Whites. When the Blacks eventually overpowered the Whites, Alighieri was exiled and wrote The Inferno, in which he directly described the politics of his life and pressed on the topics of sin, treachery, and loyalty, while mentioning specific Florentine

  • Analysis Of Lucca Madonna

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    Lucca Madonna, Jan Van Eyck Description Analysis Interpretation Judgment Art Criticism The Lucca Madonna portrays Virgin Mary sitting on a throne feeding baby Jesus. Van Eyck's use of color truly draws the viewer to the painting. As soon as one sees the painting they as on looks upon the painting they are guided towards Mary and Jesus' bright skin then is soon drawn to the beautiful scarlet dress Mary is wearing. There seems to be little negative space in the paintings. The throne of which Mary

  • Saint Zita Of Lucca

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    to you before becoming canonized as a saint. Over the course of time, billions have had the ability to become this, but few have managed to succeed. Living a life to meet these standards in itself is, well let’s just say, difficult. Saint Zita of Lucca is one person who has achieved this amazing acknowledgement. Throughout our lives, the struggle to be close to God is always present and persistent. A very small percentage complete this journey and Saint Zita is that exception. Her early life was

  • How Did The Lucca Plague

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    “salaried chief executive” to enforce the laws of “no bringing or fetching of any old linen or woolen cloths” to Pistoia (Lualdi, Katharine J). Although, the rulers of Italian cities did make a smart move when they banned the right to travel to Pisa or Lucca, because the plague could have easily spread to those individuals who travelled there and back. They also declared “the bodies of the dead shall not be removed from the place of death until they have been enclosed in a wooden box, and the lid of planks

  • Lucca's Short Story 'Indomitable'

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    on Mateo!” whined Lucca. “I said no and I won’t change my mind,” I said. Lucca retorted with, “ Haunted houses are not even scary at all.” Most people would find it weird I’m the older brother. Lucca showed early on that he was far more fearless than I. Since Lucca is more prone to get into trouble my mom makes me watch him. Right now we are walking to get home before it gets too dark out. “Somebody help me!” a woman’s voice screams. Before I can even say anything, I see Lucca sprint towards the

  • Facts About Puccini

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    Born in December 1858 in Lucca (Italy). He died in November 1924 in Brussels (Belgium). Puccini is the last successor of a family that for two centuries has provided the music directors of the Cathedral of San Martino in Lucca. He was orphaned at the age of five after his father's death. The Lucca community supported the family with a small pension. He started studied music with two of his father’s old learners and Lucca started playing organs in small locals churches. After his mother's death.

  • Personal Narrative: I M Playing Basketball

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    He came into this world right as summer was starting. Family has always been one of my very top priorities. Especially what he is to me in the family. Lucca is literally the cutest baby anyone will ever meet. He can bring a smile to your face in half a second. His huge, round cheeks make me want to squeeze them so much. We all know I can’t do that though. He’s one of the happiest babies ever. He hardly

  • Madonna And Madonna Comparison

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    means to men that are solely meant to execute the role of maternal figures. Two grossly contrasting works accentuate a critical contemporary perspective on the evolution of feminine roles from early Christian ideologies. Jan Van Eyck’s 1436 painting, Lucca Madonna, and Catherine Opie’s 2004 photograph, Self-Portrait Nursing, exercise formal elements to criticize the sociocultural value of women from early 15th century Europe from a contemporary view. Although created nearly 600 years apart, both works

  • Generational Warfare In The Maze Runner And The Maze Runner

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    Some people might s that hunger and maze runner is fundamentally about generational warfare, in which high schooler is entrusted with toppling evil grown-ups and their oppressive administrations (Schager). For each film the situation, is played by crisp confronted, up-and-coming on-screen characters looking to springboard to outline through that tentpole sort series (Schager). The hunger games and maze runner are defined by their survival, government and their leader ship. The hunger games is a contest