Lucid dreams

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  • Lucid Dreams : A Lucid Dream

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    Lucid Dreaming A lucid dream is one in which the person dreaming knows that he or she is in a dream, does not wake from it, and feels in control of what is happening in the dream. Researcher Paul Tholey experimented with the induction of lucid dreams in experimental subjects in the 1980s, and wrote that he developed techniques for inducing lucid dreams that had first been tried on himself in 1959 (Tholey 875). One of these techniques was called the “reflection technique, and his experimental subjects

  • Analysis Of ' Lucid Dreams '

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    During "lucid dreams" we are remarkably wakeful—even though still asleep. We may be able to reason clearly, remember freely, signal that we are conscious, and may even change the plot if we so choose. But it takes training. I am in the middle of a riot in the classroom. Everyone is running around in some sort of struggle. Most of them are Third World Types, and one of them has a hold on me—he is huge, with a pockmarked face. I realize that I am dreaming and stop struggling. I look him in the eyes

  • Lucid Dreams. What are the possible benefits of lucid dreaming?

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    ancient times human was always interested in strange phenomenon of sleeping and especially in dreams. Dreams were described in different ways. For instance, dreams were explained psychologically like images of sub consciousness and feedback of neural processes in human’s brain. Spiritually, it was described like messages of god (C.S. Lewis, nd). Remarkable that not only human have ability to see dreams but several species of animals (Wilkerson R. 2003). For example, rat’s sleep is almost same as

  • Pros And Cons Of Lucid Dream

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    : What is lucid dream and is it has a good consequences to the dreamers or not? The curiosity towards this particular topic was challenged upon my anecdote, when one night I went to bed and fell asleep as usual but the difference was that I can realize that I was dreaming. Then, I attempted to, and did, fly. After waking up, I researched about the phenomenon on the Google and found out that it is called “Lucid dream”. The definition, according to the Oxford dictionary, defines lucid as ‘showing

  • Lucid Dreaming : Dreams And Dreams

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    Lucid Dreaming For many centuries, people would think of dreaming as curses or blessings that we can not fend off or operate. Lucid dreaming, a dream in which a dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming; they may be able to control the dream by exert amount. In this dream stage, we perform superhuman features that would be impossible when we’re awake. While a person dreams, these wonderful things become a temporality reality. Researchers says that a average person dreams four to six times a night(insert)

  • The Dream Of A Lucid Dream

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    It is said that a lucid dream is a dream that can be induced or controlled and is characterized by the dreamer being aware that he or she is dreaming (Lucid). When lucidity occurs, the dreamer “wakes up” inside the dream during fixed states of cognizance. Dreams are caused by things “…our mind knows, however which we cannot handle, is disturbing or something that we keep reiterating to ourselves” (Ganguly). This is why distinguishing significant dream symbols from ambient symbols is important for

  • Dreams : A Lucid Dream

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    what dreams represent and how they effect a person should be something everyone should understand. Dreams can be a small glimpse or feel so real that it is unbelievable. The issue people have the most is remembering. They can not remember if they spoke with another individual in actually life or if it was all apart of their dream they had. There is so much confusion that the person is almost embarrassed to ask if the event actually happened. A dream like this is considered one of many lucid dreams

  • Lucid Dream Journal

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    How to Lucid Dream Tonight Easily-5 Important Tips In this post we will see how to lucid dream tonight easily using few simple techniques. Many programs may try to trick you by offering one key method to induce lucid dream but I urge you understand the fact nothing can make you to lucid dream except your own efforts and strong intention. Of course there are supplements available that can help a person to have lucid dreams but, their effects also vary from person to person. Below, I will share few

  • Lucid Dreaming : The Aspects Of Dreams

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    had a dream was two days ago. This dream could be considered a nightmare. In the dream I was living a happy life, but there was this woman who seemed to despise me and everything that I was.This lady decided to kill me, but after being killed and pronounced dead, I would wake up again as a different person. This woman would come back into my life and would continue to kill me over and over again. I woke up abruptly and realized it was all in my mind. Many people can not recall their dreams after

  • Lucid Dream Research Paper

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    looks outward, dream; who looks inward, awakens.” Through the dreams, people can obtain the freedom and express themselves that they cannot in real life because dreams are their own. Most of the people, however, do not realize they are dreaming because dreams are so powerful, and their consciousnesses do not recognize it as dreams. However, there is some people who can control their dreams in a state of consciousness, and those dreams which are controllable, are referred as a Lucid Dream, by psychiatrist