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  • Tangerine Quotes

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    killing Luis Cruz. Arthur’s dad mortify face explains to the deputies Arthur’s anecdote. The dad continues with Luis does not belong up there, he is there to pick up a fight. Arthur just gave him one good smack in the face, that is it. He keeps on looking back at his son to make sure this is correct. Arthur stands there,sullen, shaking his head up and down. Paul has enough of these lies and calls out from the crowd of people. “He belonged up there!” “The weapon he used to kill Luis Cruz was a blackjack”(284)

  • A Summary Of A Mentor In Tangerine

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    the Mentor goes to Luis Cruz because he is a positive figure towards Paul, he gives Paul advice, and acts as his conscience. One way that Luis Cruz is the Mentor is how he acts as a positive figure towards Paul. For instance, he wants to make sure that Paul is alright. When Paul goes to help fight the freeze at Tomas Cruz Groves, he got very weak and couldn’t go on. Luis sent him inside the quonset hut to lay down and sent Theresa in to get him settled. A few moments later, Luis came in to make sure

  • Not A Sidewalk By Edward Bloor

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    of Luis Cruz. On page 211 of Tangerine it states, “Arthur reached Luis, turned, and whipped the blackjack around with a loud whack against the side of Luis’s head.” Paul’s close friend Luis was smacked across the head with a blackjack by Erik and this caused Luis to have an aneurysm. Luis was smacked on the head because Erik had hit Tino, Luis’ brother in the face with a blackjack, so Luis got involved, and confronted Erik and Arthur. Paul is devastated because the aneurysm sadly caused Luis’ death

  • Archetype Of The Mentor In Tangerine By Luis Cruz

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    Mentor, “Luis Cruz”, Luis Cruz plays a big part in Paul Fisher’s life. In the novel “Tangerine”, Luis Cruz fits the mythological archetype of the mentor by being positive, aids by giving advice, and sometimes acts as the hero’s conscience. First, Luis Cruz is the mentor to Paul because he is positive towards him. For instance, when paul went to the Nursery for the first time and he wants to go back. He loved working with the crew and the smell of tangerines. They said “I walked up to luis and offered

  • Tangerine Luis Cruz Character Analysis

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    Not only does Luis Cruz’s choices substantially affect Paul’s development in Tangerine, but he impacts Paul’s personality and choices too. To explain, one of the countless choices Luis chooses is to talk to Erik about punching his younger brother: “Erik and his group had gathered up their gear and were preparing to leave. Luis stood in their path, like the brave sheriff of a town full of cowards” (Bloor 211). When Luis decides to stand up to Erik, Paul is influenced to be undaunted by his elder brother

  • Analysis Of Dylan Thomas And Elegy For My Father, Who Is Not Dead

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    Whenever reading a poem you can never really understand what the poem is trying to portray. To understand the poem, most often it needs to be read multiple times. When reading any poem, paying close attention to the grammar and rhyme schemes plays an important part in the understanding. In this essay I will be comparing the poem writing by Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gentle into that good night” and Andrew Hudgins “Elegy for My Father, Who Is Not Dead”. These two poems can be found in our lecture book

  • Celia Cruz Essay

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    Celia Cruz born Ursula Hilaria Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso, a female Cuban singer born October 21, 1925 in Havana Cuba was one of the most influential figures in Latin music. She started her musical career in her native country in the late 1940’s early 1950’s performing for various Cuban radio shows and traveling with the orchestra accompanying the dancing group “Las Mulatas del Fuego.” Her big break came in 1950 when she joined “La Sonora Matancera” the most famous orchestra in Cuba at the time.

  • The Queen Of Salsa Vs Fidel Castro

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    The Queen of Salsa vs Fidel Castro Celia Cruz was born Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso on October 21, 1925, in a working-class neighborhood of Havana, Cuba. She began singing professionally on Cuban radio and in nightclubs in the late 1940s while studying music theory and voice at a music academy in Havana from 1947 to 1950. In 1950, she began singing with the popular Cuban orchestra La Sonora Matancera. Over the next 15 years, their collaboration had many hit singles, which raised Celia to the top as

  • The Cross and the Swtichblade

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    In my opinion, I think I can partly identify with David Wilkerson because of the way he treated people. I'm a girl of my words, what ever I say, I will do. David Wilkerson said he wanted to help Nicky, and that is what he did. I'm not a 100% peace maker, but I know when to be mature and bring peace and I know when to be loud and noisy. There is a time, in a place. Also, the fact that David wanted to make someone's life better and make them realize that god/love/energy is the power of all humanity

  • A Foreign Language Course : Beneficial For Ucsc Students

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    university drop the foreign language studies rendering study as an elective class. I argue that there must be a compelling reason for colleges to require students to take such classes before entering university. At the moment University of California, Santa Cruz requires