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  • Alexander The Great, The King Of Macedonia

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    Alexander the Great, the King of Macedonia, was born in July 356 BC in Pella, Macedonia. Alexander was born around July 20, 356 B.C., in Pella, which was the administrative capital of Macedonia. His father was often away, conquering neighboring territories and putting down revolts. Alexander showed great aptitude as a child and one of his tutors was Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher. at the age of 16, Philip II decided to leave his son in charge of Macedonia while he was away on campaign. The

  • Alexander The Great: The King Of Macedonia

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    Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia. He was born in Pella, the capital of Macedonia on July 20, 356 B.C. His father was King Philip II who he barely saw as a little boy. Growing up, he watched his father rule Macedonia, turning it into a big military power. At only the age of thirteen, his father got Aristotle, the philosopher to tutor Alexander. He had great education and knowledge of the world. In 336 B.C, Alexander takes the throne at the age of twenty years old when his father was killed

  • Alexander The Great King Of Macedonia

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    The king with great war strategies as well as the conquer on the known world. Alexander the Great king of Macedonia, son of the Macedonian king philip II and Queen Olympia daughter of king Neoptolemus furthermore fourth wife of Philip II.At a young age alexander was thought many things of how to be a king how the war and the strategies worked. All of this things were thought by Aristotle ,who was not only alexander’s teacher but also a mentor and a great inspiration for philosophy,medicine, and

  • Alexander The Great: The King Alexander Of Macedonia

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    Alexander the Great King Alexander of Macedonia was considered one of the greatest military leaders and most powerful rulers of all history, earning his nickname, Alexander the Great. Alexander seemed to have everything at a young age. He was Cavalry commander at eighteen. When he was twenty, his dad died and he became king. By twenty-six he conquered the Persian Empire and after that he explored the Indian frontier at thirty. Sadly, with all these young accomplishments, he died at the age of thirty-two

  • Alexander The Great: King Of Macedonia On Ancient Greece

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    Alexander the Great A lot of people may ask: Who was Alexander the Great? Well, Alexander the Great was the King of Macedonia on Ancient Greece, he is also consider one of the greatest military commanders in all history. He was born in July 20 356 B.C in Pella, Macedonia. Like all children in Macendonia, Alexander was tutored although his father thought him how to fight, ride a horse and hunt. When he was thirteen he had the philosopher Aristole as a teacher, just like his father wanted

  • The King of Macedonia

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    Philip, Alexander's father, had been king of Macedonia and completely changed Macedonia from a backward kingdom into a strong state with a powerful army. In order to achieve this goal, he started an expansionist policy. Every year, he would wage war, and the Macedonian aristocrats benefited. Philip had to continue his conquests if he wanted to keep his monarchy intact. Shortly before the end of his life, Philip had thought about waging a war against the Persian empire, which was weak due to the

  • Alexander's Early Life

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    Early Life The Geography of Macedonia Macedonia Is a small country that borders the north of Greece. Macedonia is located in the western part of Europe. The lands of Macedonia incorporate smooth hills and deep valleys. The highest point of elevation is in the Koran mountain range. The country of Macedonia is about 10,000 square miles. Macedonia is exactly 109 miles from top to bottom(north to south). Macedonia shares borders with Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Albania. Alexander's Childhood

  • Alexander The Great Success

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    Alexander was born to Phillip II of Macedonia and Olympias, the princess of Epirus, in 356 BCE. As a young boy, Alexander did not see his father much due to the fact that Phillip II was constantly with his army in battles. Olympias managed to serve as a strong role model

  • Alexander The Great : The Legacy Of Alexander The Great

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    father, King Philip II of Macedonia. King Philip II came into power at the age of 24 in 359 BC after his brother Perdiccas III, the former king, had died in battle against the Illyrians. (Anson, pg. 43) What King Philip II inherited from the previous king was a land plagued by frequent invasions from nearly all directions. Macedonia during the start King Philip II reign was divided by powerful landowners called the hetairoi. Despite all odds, King Philip II caused Macedonia to rise up and dominate

  • Alexander The Great: A Military Genius

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    Alexander was a vigilant fighting force that greatly represented his motherland, Macedonia. Overall, Alexander was considered a military genius of the ancient world, which allowed him to earn—as well as live up to—to his eventual title of “the Great”. Wielding the knowledge of military skills and tactics, he was able to build an empire by suppressing a Greek rebellion, taking over Egypt, and finally putting an end to the Persian empire, while never losing one battle in the span of 15 years that he