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  • Project 10, Mad Lib

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    /*********************************************************************** * Program: * Project 10, Mad Lib Program * Sister Unsicker, CS124 * Author: * Harrison Bateman * Summary: * This program is a MadLib. It asks the user for a file, opens it, * reads the file and asks the user for input necessary to finish * the game. It finds certain text and replaces it with an expected * output. It then prints the story to screen so the reader can * enjoy it * Estimated: 3

  • Quiz : Mad Lib Story

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    #********************************************************** # Program : Mad Lib Story # Author : Kai Szucs # Due Date : Sunday 18th # Description : A (kind of) short mad lib story #********************************************************** #Inputing the extra math and random commands import math import random #ASCII art Title print commands #To spice up the title! #credits to for an awesome text to ASCII art generator print(" This is... ") print(" █████╗ ██╗ ██╗

  • Sample Resume : Mad Lib

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    /*********************************************************************** * Program: * Project Final, Mad Lib (e.g. Assignment 01, Hello World) * Brother Falin, CS124 * Author: * Matthew Burns * Summary: * This program reads a sudoku file the user can specify, it will * print the file and allow the user to edit it, this version * has an integrated solver. * * Estimated: 8.0 hrs * Actual: 18.0 hrs * Find possible solutions for a specified place on the grid

  • Reflective Essay On Public Speaking

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    and keep the lesson as light hearted as possible by infusing some comedy. Maybe students would not think the stakes were so high if they were expecting their peers to laugh at what they were saying. Thus, the idea of “Mad Libs Public Speaking” was born. By using an array of Mad Libs, I could give students a choice of which article they found most interesting. As I was walking around the room during my lesson, I could tell that some of the students were really getting a kick out of picking the words

  • The Pros And Cons Of The World Bank And The IMF

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    far from being the solution to global economic instability and poverty, these two international institutions are a major problem. For one thing, their lending practice deters growth because the money they loan removes incentives for governments to advance economic freedom, and breeds corruption. For these reasons, the vast majority of recipient countries have been unable to develop fully after depending on these institutions for over 40 years.2 Later in the same article she says that the World

  • Book Report : ' Wonderland '

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    It was nearing 9 p.m. on the 20th of December 2015 and a peculiar woman made her way down the snow speckled road, a sleek silver tail poked from beneath her coat and two pointed cat ears rose from her head, twitching whenever a sound echoed through the night. Her peculiarity didn’t just stop at her looks though, her homeland was like nothing any of us have seen in our terribly boring lives, her home was like a fever dream, it was fleeting and mind-boggling and beautiful and terrifying all at once

  • Alice 's Journey Down The Rabbit Hole

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    Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll endures as one of the most iconic children 's books of all time. It remains one of the most ambiguous texts to decipher as Alice 's adventures in Wonderland have created endless critical debate as to whether we can deduce any true literary meaning, or moral implication from her journey down the rabbit hole. Alice 's station as a seven year old Victorian child creates an interesting construct within the novel as she attempts to navigate this magical parallel plain

  • The Effective Language In Henry Lawson's 'Bush Undertaker'

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    extended period shapes the individual’s character. The informal colloquial language of the solitary old shepherd is an effect of long term isolation and loneliness due to the harsh reality of the Australian bush. Lawson describes the undertaker as a mad “hatter”, displaying his madness through speaking his thoughts to himself and his animal companion, Five Bob. “I likes to keep it jist on the sizzle,” he said in explanation to himself; “hard bilin’ makes it tough — I’ll keep it jist a-simmerin’.” Here

  • O A And Mad Max Analysis

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    D.O.A and Mad Max are thought provoking films with unique plots and characters who make you feel sympathetic towards their situation. Even though both films have a diverse setting and time period, similar ideas can be found between the two. That being said, with such differing plots it is also fairly easy to find contrasts between the films. D.O.A was directed by Rudolph Maté and the film was released in 1949 by United Artists. D.O.A reveals the story of Frank Bigelow, who in a police station recounts

  • Alice In Wonderland Analysis

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    Marriage has not always been about love. All throughout history, women were uprooted from their normal lives and forced into loveless relationships as ways to provide their family money or power. This is the starting for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Alice is a young woman who is proposed by Hamish, the son of Lord Ascot, per her mother’s request. After running away from the proposal, Alice falls down a rabbit hole into Underland where she meets some peculiar characters. Told that she must kill