Magnetic fields

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  • Magnetic Field Lab

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    A magnetic field is produced in the region around a wire whenever a current flow through that wire. Magnetic fields are vector fields, they have a direction and magnitude. The formula for the magnitude of the magnetic field from a wire is B=(µ_O I)/2πr. B is the magnetic field, µ_O is the permeability of free space (4πx〖10〗^(-7)Tm/A), I is the current, and r is the distance from the field sensor to the rod. In part 1A and 1B we constantly turn off the power source and ammeter after each run to eliminate

  • A Experiment On Magnetic Field

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    Theory A magnetic field is an area in which there is an electrical charge where a magnetic force acts. A magnetic field can be induced in a circular loop and it can be calculated if the radius, current, and number of turns are all known. When in the form of a coil it is directed along the axis of the coil and is usually uniform throughout the coil until it begins to fall off when it gets further away from the center. Another characteristic of magnetic field is that it can be changed to induce a

  • Maglev: Magnetic Fields

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    .INTRODUCTION Magnetic levitation is the latest in transportation technology and has been the interest of many countries around the world. The idea has been around since 1904 when Robert Goddard, an American Rocket scientist, created a theory that trains could be lifted off the tracks by the use of electromagnetic rails. Many assumptions and ideas were brought about throughout the following years, but it was not until the 1970’s that Japan and Germany showed interest in

  • The Effect Of Magnetic Permeability On The Magnetic Field

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    Theory Scalar aeromagnetic data comprise both induced and remanent magnetic fields. Induced magnetism is caused by the earth’s magnetic field and is mainly the result of the magnetic susceptibility of the rock. Magnetic susceptibility is expressed as a unit-less proportionality constant denoted by an International System of Units (SI), which reflects the susceptibility of a rock to become magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. This susceptibility is mainly a function of the rock’s magnetite

  • The Physics Of Magnetic Field

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    through it, is placed in a magnetic field a force is placed on the wire: this is the motor principle and this is the principle behind the loud speaker. Hello, My name is Michael Trevorrow and you will be learning about the loud speaker and electromagnetism. But first, if you want to understand the loud speaker you have to understand electromagnetism. Well electromagnetism is simply ‘the phenomenon of the interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields’. This will become clearer

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Magnetic Field

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    Magnetic field is the spaces in which kinetic and electrically charged particles are under influence of power and is formed following that electrons revolve around the nucleus and themselves. Magnetic field is a phenomenon which cannot be directly seen or easily felt, however its results can be seen and felt. Today, with the development of technology its measurement via devices has become possible. All substances are of magnetic fields, either living or non-living, weak or strong. Like every substance

  • Lab Report On Magnetic Fields

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    Lab Report 5 Magnetic Fields Physics 262-003 Author: A. Coughran Lab Partners: E. Ortiz, H. Barham Date: 4/12/17 Lab Report 5 A. Coughran 4/12/17 Objective: The objective in Lab 5 is to measure and determine the strength and location of magnetic fields using a coil, solenoid, and magnets. The experimental values of the strength of the magnetic fields of the solenoid and the coil will be calculated and then compared to their respective theoretical values for accuracy. Theory:

  • The Strength Of An Induced Magnetic Field

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    Magnet Drop Introduction Throughout this report the strength of an induced magnetic field will be explored, this will be achieved through dropping a rare earth magnet through an aluminum tube and testing whether the velocity of the magnet will move at a constant rate and whether the velocity of the magnet will continue to move at a constant rate once more and more weight is added to the magnet, and discovering why the magnet moves at a constant rate even when weight is added or whether the magnet

  • The Magnetic Field Of A Permanent Magnet

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    Assignment. Task 3.1 a) The magnetic field of a permanent magnet causes the atoms to move around uniformly in the same direction. This may vary depending on the electrons of the atoms causing a variety of atoms to be able to do this and few which can hold a permanent magnetic field. It is an invisible field and it is also called a vector because of the forces specified direction and magnitude. The arrow displays the direction of the force and also how the forces are. The closer the lines are

  • Determining The Measurement Of The Local Magnetic Field

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    was difficult to measure the magnetic field of the earth quantitatively, due to there were no real standard to compare it against. Geologists in that era had difficulties on navigating from point A to point B [2]. As electromagnetic theory was industrialized through the 1800s, it was found that magnetic field strength could be given a definite value using coils which carries the current. In this EEi, the aim is to determine the measurement of the local magnetic field, comparing to a known value created