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  • Life of W. Eugene Smith Essay

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    William Eugene Smith was an American photographer who produced photographic projects that changed how photographs were portrayed. Rather than a photo being a photo, he told stories through his photographs, through a practice called photojournalism. His photographic projects depicted people in their everyday lives, but in different situations. The photographs he took did not hide anything that he saw from the audience no matter how graphic the scenery may appear to be. His photography methods differed

  • The Lifestyle Of A Documentary Photographer : Research Project

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    without those moments captured if your memory goes bad then you will not be able to relive those moments you longed to reminiscence. This project I plan to be a part of is unique in its own right and I say that because not everybody that documents a photo have envisioned it before taking it and that’s the difference between an artist and just someone that is a photographer. As far as new ideas, with documentary photography it gives a sense of pride to just go and find something to shoot but do it in

  • Climate Change Is A Very Controversial Topic, Not Only

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    their priority list, along with abortions, terrorism and other important topics circulating around the world. Magnum in Motion did a very good and detailed job of swaying people to believe that climate change needs to be a more precedent issue. The video essay portrays climate change as a pogrom, it gives an unbiased opinion, and it presents ways to combat climate change. The video done by Magnum in Motion is done in a superb fashion. It portrays climate change as a pogrom. It does a phenomenal job in

  • Analysis Of The Book ' French Photography 1800-1960 '

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    The Barnes Foundation’s newest exhibition, French Photography 1800-1960, is a collection of photographs that encapsulates life in France during the 19th and 20th centuries. The exhibit features photographs by artists including Ilse Bing, Brassai, and Henri Cartier Bresson. Entering into the exhibit is like taking a trip through time; depending on if you turn left or right at the entrance to the exhibit, you can travel forward through time from the early to the mid 1900s or you can travel backwards

  • Sebastiao Salgardo’s Activist Photography Essay

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    “I try with my pictures to raise a question, to provoke a debate, so that we can discuss problems together and come up with solutions.” In this essay I aim to address the question how does Sebastiao Salgardo’s activist photography reflect against media journalism? I will be looking into a brief history of the movement of activist photography and will also looking into Sebastian’s background. I believe that Salgardo paints a true picture of what is going on in the country’s around the world, he visits

  • Essay on Manet's Olympia

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    Art History 15 September 2008 Manet's Olympia Artist and people viewing the art work have always had a fascination with the female nude. Even when I was a child my attention was captured by the nude art not because I was a kid and I saw a nude lady , but it forced me to wonder more about why the female nude was so amazing as a tool for art and why this is repeated so many times throughout the centuries. One female nude painting in particular was the subject of controversy and exposed the

  • Cooper Bohannon Dialectical Journal

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    the group, having a very broad view of things and having the knowledge to look in places where others do not is the cause of his expertise, earning his call sign “Sharp”. Sharp sports a LR20 plasma sniper with a 6x and 2x transition scope and a .357 Magnum revolver as a secondary, definatly an ancient weapon, but it still fires true. Cooper Bohannon is the youngest and most naive of the squad, with outrageous and non-standard tactics along with non-uniform executions earned him his call

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    I woke up expecting to find the smell of cakey pancakes, maple syrup, and crispy greasy pepper seasoned bacon. But instead, I awoke to my girlfriend Jade tugging on my arm telling me “Get up get up, we're gonna die if you don't!” The Nukes dropped in California first, and then Boston leaving the rest of America in fear and wanting to evacuate as soon as they could. Jade and I ran for our lives to our neighbor's house where they had a bunker that they said they'd let us use in case of an emergency

  • Research Paper On Body Armor

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    levels. The lower levels get made from Kevlar and the stronger levels get made of ceramic. Level 1 protects from a (22 long rifle - .380 Acp). Level 2 has two sub levels 2a and 2b. Level 2a protects (9mm- .40 magnum), level 2b protects (9mm- .357 magnum). Level 3a protects (high velocity 9mm-.44 magnum). The stronger levels are level 3b and level 4. Level 3b protects (from most rifles) and level 4 protects (from armor piercing rifles) (Singh). The standard sizes are 38 long and 32 short (Bulletproof).

  • Getting Started With Reloading Research Paper

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    Getting Started With Reloading: The Basic Equipment This article will serve as a list of items needed in order to get started. Many of the items on this list can be purchased individually or as part of a reloading kit. Hornady, Lee Precision, and RCBS offer reloading kits designed for the beginning reloader. Once you decide which cartridges that you wish to reload, you will need to purchase the cartridge components; powder, primers, cases, and bullets. Required Items: Work Bench: A work bench with