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  • Maratha Empire and Maharashtra

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    Maharashtra -. Name itself suggests, it is varied in riches. The varied and colorful cultures, woven into one huge quilt. Its been reflected through its, forts, caves, palaces known for its rich history, its Saints, philosophers, music, handicrafts and its festivals with all their colourful rituals and traditions, all of which amalgamate together to give a true reflection of Maharashtrian Culture. The Maharashtrians are a vivacious, earthy people for whom life itself is a celebration. The state language

  • Opportunities And Opportunities In Maharashtra

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    Opportunities in Maharashtra for Make in India Make in India is an initiative of the Government of India to encourage multinational and domestic companies to manufacture their products in India. Make in Maharashtra - An initiative started by Maharashtra government. • Aims at improving the ease of doing business, increase FDI and local investment. • In the manufacturing sector, to start an industry, initially it required 76 permissions. It has been cut down to 37. This will further come down to 25

  • Sample Resume : Maharashtra Incident

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    Auro University for their kind co-operation and encouragement which help me in completion of this project. My thanks and appreciations also go to my colleague in helping me out with their abilities.   Table of Content Introduction Page 4 Maharashtra Incident Page 5   What is a cloudburst? A cloudburst is unexpected copious rainfall. It is a unexpected hostile rainstorm plummeting for a short era of period manipulated to a tiny geographical area. Meteorologists say the rain from a

  • Banning Of The State Of Maharashtra

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    Banning of Beef in India One week ago, the Indian state of Maharashtra which is located on the western part of the country banned beef consumption. The government of the region has banned both the possession as well as the consumption of meat. Muslims living on the western part of the country have criticized the move stating it will cause many people to lose their job and increase the poverty rate. On the other hand, the Hindu groups are ecstatic with the move made by the government. Hindus consider

  • The Scenario Of Sericulture

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    Scenario of sericulture industry in Maharashtra State, India Hiware Chandrashekhar Jalba Abstract Sericulture is one of the oldest industries in India and Asia. Sericulture is an agro-cottage, forest based industry, labor intensive and commercially attractive economic activity falling under the cottage and small-scale sector. The silk is the final product of this industry. It particularly suits to rural population working with agriculture, entrepreneurs and artisans as it requires low investment

  • A Report On ' Farm Suicides '

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    (INDIA REALTIME, 2013) “Farm suicides took place in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh including Chhattisgarh.” (INDIA REALTIME, 2013) “Poor health conditions, family disputes over property, domestic problems, and heavy social burden of marrying daughters coupled with alcoholism have pushed farmers towards committing suicides.” (INDIA REALTIME, 2013) Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti – According to Kishor Tiwari (President of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti) after a

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gond Tribe

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    ABSTRACT The present study aimed at exploring the subject of livelihood opportunities and challenges to Gond tribes in Gondia district of Maharashtra. Furthermore it sought to examine the socio-economic conditions of Gond tribes in same region. The study followed mixed research with both quantitative and qualitative methodologies using semi-structured interview, interview to key stake holders and non-participatory observation. Data for study was collected through closed ended as well as open ended

  • Critical Study of Animal Attacks and Government Policy

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    accepted that sustainable development and protection of environment are two side of one coin. Recent incidents shows that supporters of both the side are conflicting with each other like these are enemies of each other’s. Recent statistics from Maharashtra shows that compensation amount which is given to the victims of the animal attack is too high and that can be wisely and effectively invested into the precautionary measures and for the rehabilitation of the animals. Many animals like elephants

  • Case Study Of Bharat Vikas Group

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    FIRST PLANT RELOCATION This was Bharat Vikas Group’s first project. This is the biggest example which highlights the company’s ability to learn quickly while on the job. Bharat Vikas Group had no prior experience in this field. In fact, it had just two experienced engineers to begin with. Still, it not only shifted the entire car plant but also re-erected it in record time of 22 weeks. Approx. 820 crew members and 800 truck/trailers loads were utilized to complete the project which involved

  • Research Paper On Dharavi

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    Dharavi Dharvai located in Mumbai, is home to one of the largest slums in the world. The slum was founded in 1882 during the British colonial era. The slum grew due to growing factories and industries and due to the growing influx of migrants Initially Dharavi was predominantly a mangrove swamp and was sparsely populated by a Fisherman community called the Koli, and Dharavi came to be called Koliwadas. During the 19th century, Mumbai’s population reached half a million, 10 times the population