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  • The Main Approaches Of Social Responsibility

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    As the society grows the term “Social Responsibility” became increasingly important. Main reason which made social responsibility important is every entity in society has an obligation to each other as it owes its welfare and security to one another. Social responsibility is an ethical framework which suggests that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain

  • Main Theoretical Approaches to Counseling

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    In this assignment I am going to demonstrate my understanding of the main theoretical approaches to counselling exploring the three ‘main roots’ of counselling and the integrative approach. Sigmund Freud (1856-1934) was born in Vienna, Austria and is the founder of the psychodynamic approach. Psychodynamic counselling is an unconscious process which promotes self- understanding and looks at the client’s history extensively; Freud believes the understanding of behaviour is firmly rooted in the unconscious

  • The Main Approaches Of Language Essay

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    There have always been two major approaches of language. There is the prescriptive approach where the prescriptive linguist believes that there is a way that language should be spoken and written. On the other hand, there is the descriptive approach where the descriptive linguist thinks that a language is the way native speakers of the language use it and the way they agree upon. The issue of whether putting relational words toward the end is adequate or not has the two methodologies debating if

  • Three Main Approaches To Insight Therapy

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    1. Among the three main approaches to insight therapy (psychoanalysis, client-centered, or group therapy), the one that l believe has the most reasonable way to deal with psychological problems, is client-centered therapy. Client-centered therapy is an insight therapy that emphasizes providing a supportive emotional climate for clients, who play a major role in determining the pace and direction of their therapy (pg. 459). According to Carl Rogers, the man who devised client-centered therapy, three

  • Comparing and Contrasting Three of the Main Counselling Approaches

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    Three of the main forms of counselling can sometimes be confusing. In this article I hope to unravel and clarify some of the mystery surrounding these three types of counselling approaches by means of comparing and contrasting with reference to their differing theoretical rationale, therapeutic interventions and processes of change. The Person Centred Approach (Originator: Karl Rogers 1902 – 1987) focuses on the belief that we are all born with an innate ability for psychological growth if external

  • Descriptive Text My Beautiful Dog

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    straightforward descriptive text 1. The title of this text is “My beautiful dog”. 2. The main topic of the first paragraph is the writer has a beautiful dog. The dog is sweet, cute and very lovely. When the dog was puppy he is like little kitten because he doesn’t like taking bath. His size is medium, black and while like a cartoon cow. The dog has two pieces of sky blue eyes and bright like clean glasses. 3. The main topic of the second paragraph is the dog named Lobo because he is like a real wolf but

  • Essay about Three Main Approaches to Public Administration

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    The three approaches to public administration are political, managerial, and legal. In the political approach, political authority is divided between a central government and the provincial or state governments. This means that some provinces or states are accorded a substantial measure of constitutional or legal sovereignty, although they still remain subordinates of the central government in certain constitutional or legal respects. The political approach promotes the political values of military

  • The Lifecycle of a Star Essay

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    because its location is set by the skill of light to spontaneously escape from it. Thence, the protostar begins to become more opaque, less luminous, and as an outcome the radiation of light decreases. It takes a long time for the star to reach its main sequence because the decreasing luminosity and the increasing thermal energy cause the rate of shrinkage to slow dramatically. Therefore, the protostar begins its brief life as a charismatic star that diminishes in lustre on a timescale of hundreds

  • Advantages Of Model-Based Fault Detection Approach

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    the generated residual signal, potential fault conditions are identified and useful information is extracted (Ding 2008). The basic concept of a typical model-based fault detection approach is illustrated in Fig. As indicated in Fig., there are two main stages in this approach, the first of which generates the residual which is then passed to the residual evaluation stage. Throughout the fault-free operation, the magnitude of the residual signal should be approximately zero, indicating that the proposed

  • Solar Energy : Sun Based Vitality Essay

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    Texas, because of its expansive size and plentiful daylight, has the biggest sun oriented vitality assets among the states. A few different states, in any case, lead the country as far as utilizing sun based vitality, basically because of state approaches and motivations that energize the establishment of sun based vitality frameworks. Sun based vitality has numerous employments. It can be utilized to give warmth, light or to create power. Inactive sun oriented vitality alludes to the accumulation